The Rules

Harder World is a Web site about our changing world.  We start with the premise that the world is becoming a harder place, and that the demons we thought we had chased away in the latter half of the 20th Century are back with us.  However, we welcome opposing viewpoints.

You are invited to read the posts on and comment either to support or oppose them.

You must register on the site in order to comment.  Once you register, you must write a comment within 72 hours, or your registration will be deleted.  If this happens to you, and you still want to send in a comment, feel free to register again.  The site gets piles of spam registrations, and deleting the non-commenters is the only way to keep things clean.

Opposing comments are welcome: one of the things that’s wrong with the world is that opposing another’s viewpoint has become somehow offensive, so that each side has its own echo chamber of supporting viewpoints.

When writing comments, some common-sense rules apply:

  • Be relevant to the topic of the post, or to previous comments.
  • Avoid profanities/obscenities.  Using one or two for rhetorical effect is OK; being potty-mouthed is not.
  • Avoid ad hominem /ad feminam comments.  Address the issues, not the people.
  • If you feel the need to point out a shortcoming of a post author, or a previous commenter, do so briefly, addressing the facts at hand, and move on.  Don’t belabor the point.
  • Don’t be inflammatory.  Don’t evoke emotion without facts or logic to support it.

Comment moderation is an all-or-nothing process.  After some soul-searching, I’ve come to the conclusion that while it’s possible to edit comments before publishing them, it opens up a bigger can of worms.  So comments are either approved or deleted: nothing in between.

Thanks for your interest in, and happy reading!

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