So, As things return to normal (possibly)

It’s been so long since I’ve been here, I’ve been through so much in the last few years. I had to see when I last wrote and it’s been since August last year. Anyway, in the last year since Covid, things have been crazy, and one strange update. First, let’s discuss job hunting. As I previously mentioned back in 2016 I returned to school to become a drug counselor. I had a lot of problems (including being discriminated against) but finished in October 2018. While still in school, I pursued an online teaching certificate and completed the requirements in December 2019. In the meantime, I passed the state exam for the CADC in September 2019. Right after I did so, I was offered several jobs and was on track to finally work a full-time job but then along came Covid. Once that came, my interviewing has been poor, but the good thing is most of my interviews have been online so that’s been great. I am now fully vaccinated and have been since April so I feel better going out. I hear things are getting better in treatment centers so hopefully, that will be on an upswing.

I promised a strange twist and here it is. Many years ago I used to mention a man who someone coined “Fred A Stare” because he would sit and stare at me and would then giggle. It was the weirdest thing ever because I truly had no idea what he was doing. He would stare and do things like walk into walls. He told people he liked me but then never did anything. He then started drinking heavily, and for a few years, we didn’t speak as much. Plus with me being in school and sick for 6 months in 2017 I didn’t have time to talk much. He moved away in December 2019 around the time I was finishing up school and I thought that was the end of that. Nope, in fact, we’ve been texting and phoning more than we have in a long time. He is working and in recovery and doing better. He wants me to move to where he is and has been showing me jobs as drug counselors around him within a 20 miles radius. I am considering it not just because of him but I want a fresh start, especially if I find jobs. I started sending resumes to near where he lives to see what I find. The result? I have been getting calls and I am going to visit “Fred” (not his name) in July to see what I want to do. I personally am so sick of it here. I ran again as a library trustee and have been having issues with a group of moms in town who resent that someone without kids is a library trustee. I’m waiting to see what happens but am not happy about the interviews I get and this might be a chance to spread my wings. I still apply near me as well and even in other parts of the state (I have to work in this state for 2 years before I can go to another state apparently).

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  1. I am glad you are having a better time of it than you were. Didn’t Fred’s mother own a pet-supply store? As for where you live, I think a new-place would give you a chance of expanding-your-world. 🙂

    1. Yes, they owned a pet supply store but due to many reasons ended up closing it. They all moved downstate and he got his own apartment. I like the idea of moving, I am so burnt where I live and there are more mental health/drug treatment centers where he is. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to see him yet due to Covid (we are experiencing a huge setback) but plan to as soon as possible. Around here the anti-masker crowd are harassing people who wear masks and the insanity is horrible. I get it, no one wants to wear a mask but sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to keep ourselves healthy.

      My goal (which could change due to Covid) is to move down there either next year 2022 or 2023, whether it works out for us or not. I need a fresh start.

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