An Update on my life


Well it’s a New Year—2021, and so I am giving an update on my life. To begin with, I had to buy a new handle for my outside-faucet. The plumber supplied it, and the price was $72 for a basic plastic knob to turn on the water. My original faucet-handle was stolen, and so I was forced to pay this amount. I could not just use a standard faucet handle because, well—it’s a specialty product, I suppose. I can’t imagine it cost more than two dollars to make, and so the company that makes it made a good profit on me—thanks to the creepy neighbor who stole my faucet handle. The plumber had to come and service some two-other-things, and so I divided the plumbing-service-call by three. One of those other things was that the plumber had to replace a part inside the faucet because it had been damaged by the painter—who came out to power-wash the house. The amount that the power-washing cost will have the amount of plumbing-service-call, and the replacement part for the faucet-interior-part, subtracted from the total power-washing bill. I should note that the power-washing needs to be redone because it was not done properly. UGH! I also had a new ‘flapper’ installed in the toilet in the main-bathroom, but the problem may be that the fill-valve is sticking. I will have to monitor the situation. The kitchen faucet is dripping, but I will have to order the parts. The plumber wrote down the parts-numbers on the bill. He will come back, minus the trip-charge, to install them.

“Thanksgiving”, “Christmas“, And “NewYear’s Day“.

I FaceTimed My sister and brother-in-law and nephew for Thanksgiving. For Christmas they came to my house, but on Wednesday, 12/23/2020. This was because of poor weather predicted for Friday, 12/25/2020. It was again my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew who celebrated Christmas with me. We had roast beef, and mashed potatoes— but no Yorkshire puddings because my sister forgot to pack ‘the mix‘ before they came up. On Friday they made the Yorkshire puddings, and they turned out well. I was able to FaceTime them to observe this as a factual event. Last years Yorkshire puddings did not turn out so well! LOL! :-)! I also FaceTimed them on New Year’s Day. They had ‘Pork, and Sauerkraut‘. It, like all of the food they cook—looked delicious. My nephew was spending New Year’s with a friend, and so missed out on what was a very-delicious New Year’s Day meal. I wish I could have had some of that meal. :-)!


My nephew had recovered from “Covid-19” before he came up for our Christmas dinner. But, his sense of taste-and-smell are only at the 50% -level according to him. I am glad he is as healthy as he is, but I do hope he is able to recover his sense of taste-and-smell to 100%.


I use an Apple iPad. My sister got it for me so that I could have a newer version of the iPad. My previous iPad, that my sister paid for, had 64 GB of memory. This one has 32. The problem is 58% of that 32 GB is taken up by the operating-system (iOS). This is ridiculous! My general view is that when it comes to operating systems they should take-up no more than 30% of the total-memory, of any respective device. If I look at this operating-system-me,overy-usage, then that means that “Apple” should only sell any respective “Apple” device with at least 64 GB of memory on it. Needless to say, I am now going to probably buy a different type of smart-phone—when I finally get one—then an “Apple” smart-phone. This isn’t the only problem I have with “Apple”. I went to upgrade my software at the “Apple Store”, and I found that there was also a problem with how long it would take to download the software-upgrade. It would take four hours. I would have to sit in the mall for four hours! Please! This is nuts! Fortunately for me, my “Apple iPad“ had not downloaded enough of the operating-system-update that it would cause me a problem if I stopped downloading it, then-and-there. So that is what I did. I just stopped downloading it. I did order an external-drive to store my photographs on, while I was at the Apple store. It took a few days to get here, and now I’m finally going to download my photographs, and sundry—from my iPad. I was rather upset to find out, while I was at the “Apple Store“, that I could not delete photos from the “iCloud”. They are there—Forever! I do not know what to think about this ‘rule’ that “Apple” has made concerning the “iCloud”.

My Health.

I have scheduled my hemorrhoid -surgery for Monday, 03/01/2021. I will try to have the same person who drove-and-accompanied me to my colonoscopy appointment, to also take me to my Hemorrhoid-surgery. I am also having my generic-Synthroid dosage lowered. I will see if it has a negative-effect on my daily-functioning. I was supposed to have lowered it sooner, but I forgot. I should note that I have memory problems. So now my endocrinologist is probably having a heart-attack, because she believes my TSH-Level is really low in spite of taking a lower-dosage of generic-Synthroid. I have to tell her that I have not taken a lower-dosage. This is in order to stop her from, well, freaking out. I wish I had a better memory.

My Lawn-mowing Person.

I’m going to have to find a new person to mow my lawn. A friend of my late-mother’s has a person who may be able to mow my lawn. I hope so. First, my lawn-mowing person didn’t send me two-invoices (via-email) so I could keep track of how many times he had mowed my lawn. This is because I always pay in advance for about six lawn-mowings. Well, I still owe him $60.00, but I emailed him and said that unless he emails me the two-invoices he will not get the $60.00 I owe him. If there’s one thing I don’t like it is ‘sloppiness‘. Especially sloppiness in billing. It doesn’t take a genius to do good-billing, but in spite of that it does seem that very many people in my area do not have the talent to do proper billing. I think we have, as a society, become very sloppy. I would say that’s the big problem with America today. I should note, near the end of the season I had to have his people come back and mow areas that they chose not to do. This was in spite of the fact that they’ve been mowing the lawn all summer long. As I said, I have to just get a new lawn-mowing person to mow my yard.

‘Dude’, and ‘IAM’.

I often wonder what happened to ‘Dude’, and “It’s All Madness”. I wonder, is there any way someone could contact them? I would love to hear what they have been up to.

A special thank-you, to you “Brooklyn Guy”, for having this ‘blog’. “Happy New Year” to you, “New Wave Princess”, and anyone else who reads this! :-)!

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  1. Reading your comments on plumbling brings to mind something that I did. I replaced the whole kitchen faucet, incuduing the supply hoses, then sold the house about three months later.

    A problem with changing out toilet seats and flush mechanisms is that it’s easy to get overzealous and overtighten the fixture and crack the toilet. I did this in 1996.

    Not much is happening with me. I retired from federal service in late 2015 and sold my house in Colorado in July 2021, so I stayed on there for a while. I reduced the amount of stuff that I moved to two carloads. I’m renting an apartment while I figure out where to go next.

    1. It is good to hear from you. I have a friend who sold her house, and is now renting. Another friend moved from his apartment to another one. His old neighbors were noisy ‘party animals’. I wish there was a rental that was near a university. I would like to be close to that academic-environment. A ‘High School’-classmate just moved from Colorado, to South Carolina. She has friends down there. She had lived in Colorado for quite some time.

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