Keeping sane and busy in an insane world

When corona hit I basically went into self-isolation for the most part. As someone who is in the high risk category (autoimmune issues made even worse by medicine that helps my issues, asthma, etc)I knew corona could kill me or make me very sick. I mean how many people have gone to the hospital with life threatening strep? I have! Our governor (JB Pritzker) enforced strict laws because Illinois had a high rate of corona and there have been a few neighbors who died due to it. I would go to the grocery store at times but that was the extent of it, church and the library and other places were closed. So I found things to do and it has paid off in keeping me offline.

First I decided to tackle my enormous book collection. As someone who is a library trustee I love to read and would buy bags of books at the book sale. However, the last few years I’ve been in school so the majority of the books sat unread on my shelves I decided to read them all and many I am donating to a garage sale for the music department at the high school. This way they make money and I get rid of things. I’ve been going through my closets and have bags of clothes and other items to donate ad well. I’ve also recycled a lot of things as well. I also finally went through my logic puzzles and finished all of those. My mom bought me about 100 around 10 years ago and still had about 20 so I finished all of these.

I’m not much of a cook but bought the Goldbergs cookbook. As a huge fan of the show i decided what better way to cook than with a show I am fanatical about? It worked great, I’ve made several recipes that were great! Speaking of learning new things I got a free membership to an online education program called Coursera and completed classes in instructional design, HTML, ans CSS and I’m just getting started. I also updated my resume and am getting calls for jobs, mostly remote now but that’s great. I even updated my portfolio and happen about that. What next? I figure now’s a great time to finally work on the Spanish certificate I want. Hopefully this will lead to jobs or maybe freelance options.

I am feeling better about all of this because people are arguing online and I am so sick of it. This way it keeps me busy without reading the insanity and complaining.

2 thoughts on “Keeping sane and busy in an insane world”

  1. It is great to hear how you have used your time so productively. I am glad so many jobs are going online. It should have happened sooner. But now with “Zoom”, and other online meeting-apps, people do not mind working from home so much. Also, the companies do not mind because they save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on office-space, and travel for their employees. This world now benefits people who have to work from home. I am glad it is benefiting you. :-)!

    1. Yeah, I think in general working from home is a good thing because it lessens the risk. Not to mention all the other benefits. For example, I’ve mentioned how so many people are offered counseling jobs in bad areas but with corona, many are now remote. This will help fill those counselor jobs because people can talk to a counselor via Zoom or Google or whatever works. I am so stressed in general with the world and basically doing my own thing is helping me stay away from the drama. Besides, I’m looking at the positive side, more certificates and skills, and less clutter and more money will be made by the organization I am donating to. All win situations.

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