One thought on “The future of New York city”

  1. Dead… forever?

    I’ve been wrestling with this question for the last few months. I live here, my work is here, and my wife is a bigger NYC chauvinist than I am. Beyond that, I once lived in the suburbs: I ended up divorced and was literally bored to tears.

    The city was whomped by Covid, perhaps worse than anywhere else on Earth. But we survived.

    There’s a viral video making the rounds, taken at the beginning of June after the worst of the riots, showing the shops on Fifth Avenue all boarded up. It does not reflect the current reality: Fifth Avenue, and most of the rest of the city, is very much back in business.

    New York City wants to come back. It can come back, better than before, if Uncle Andy and Uncle Bill would Just Shut Up and let us get back to business.

    Well, almost. If the election doesn’t happen calmly and fairly, with all of the parties abiding by the results, there will be vast civil unrest. But then, we all will be in trouble, not just NYC.

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