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So I have recently discussed my job hunting, which has its highs and low. I discussed a questionable job that was eventually rescinded and after that I was offered a job I turned down because it was part time with no benefits, not many hours a week, and required a round trip of over an hour to work 3-4 hours. Even though I need money, something doesn’t seem right so I turned it down. Plus in the second interview the one guy yelled at me for answering something what he considered wrong.

Brings me up to now. I got a call for a marketing job and am going on my third interview on Friday where she wants me to meet her boss. It’s looking good plus they reached out to me and on top of it she told me another department wants me too! The place has good benefits for the most part (no pension but who does anymore?). However, the salary is so-so. I mean it’s not bad, but I’m not entry level and it’s less than I made 15 years ago. This is my big issue with almost all jobs now, most seem to be paying what I saw many years ago. One job that interviewed me 15 years ago wanted to interviewed me now and are actually paying LESS than 15 years ago! I see this often, I don’t see jobs even paying $40,000 now, heck I am happy to interview for jobs paying $32,0000 now, though I made more years ago. Years ago I hung up on places offering me “just” $35,000 and now would be jumping through hoops to make that. if I am offered this job (which does pay more then $32,000 plus benefits) of course I’ll take it, but it seems we are regressing with salaries which is sad.

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  1. A relative of mine finally got a ‘raise’. But it was not that much, and does not make up for all the years my relative did not get a salary-increase. When one reaches 45 years old, the income drops over time. This is a problem that has been going on for some time, now. You are seeing it firsthand.

    1. I would say it happens even earlier. As you probably know, I lost my high paying college degreed job when I was 37 and have gone between underemployment and unemployment. I then returned to school in a field that I’m not crazy about but which there are jobs (drug counseling). In an ironic sort of way, I am getting interviews in my previous jobs (marketing and training) but as of yet no job. Btw this job didn’t offer me the job, but I was offered a job a week later paying more but it was in a questionable location (where I grew up, but that area is basically high crime slum areas now) and weird hours (3-12am everyday except Monday and Tuesday). I turned down that one because the place looked filthy and the reviews online aren’t good at all (too many patients, too little counselors for one).

  2. It sounds like you made the correct-decision about that job. You are also correct about salary declines starting earlier than at the age of 45 years old. 35 years old seems to be when people are screened-out for ‘real jobs’. It is a very-strange ‘economic’- world that we now inhabit.

    1. Yeah the job I was offered was a completely different job but it had so many questions like why was I offered a job on the spot? The interview was more along textbook questions as in “name a drug used to treat bipolar”. Huh? Just all around weird. The job I mentioned first is one I wanted.

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