Well, I got a Full Time Job, BUT….

After way too many years of underemployment, unemployment and the like I finally got a full time job but there are red flags galore. To summarize my job life since 2007, I lost my high paying but high stress, job where I was bullied. In general I liked when I did what I was hired to do but often “duties as needed” meant things like counting pencils. HR bullied me so badly and when my boss was fired so was I and anyone connected to him. At first I was happy because I hated the job (liked my boss) and figured with my impressive skills and my masters I’d find a job soon and even had an interview the day I was fired. Looked good, but it became a nightmare that continued from December 2007 (yes almost 12 years) until now.

So from December 2007 until September 2016 I tried everything. I got a job waitressing but both me and the restaurant owner mutually agreed I couldn’t hack it anymore due to arthritis and psoriasis. I did a variety of temp jobs and whatever I could find. I went on interviews and sent out hundreds, if not thousands of resumes. I dealt with everything you can imagine, being told I was too old at 37, told I wasn’t smart, taking test after test and still being rejected. I would cry and so depressed. It was a nightmare and couldn’t figure out why I was being rejected. I knew then I had to go back and get another degree so I chose substance abuse.

In general, I wasn’t crazy about substance abuse but knew there was a shortage in the field. I got a 4.0 my first semester but the second semester was rough, because I lost my mother unexpectedly, my grandfather expectedly, and I got very sick where I was bedridden for months. Luckily my classes were mostly online (and the one in person class wasn’t long when we met in person and had online sessions). Even so, I graduated with a 4.0. I then applied for the advanced program and was rejected. I don’t know why but it was known the department was angry I didn’t want to work with low income clients in the “hood”. No, I didn’t want to get shot for a barely above minimum wage job. I’ve discussed my issue with the addictions program in another thread so it’s another topic. I then started the online teaching program and that has been a positive experience.

I finished the degree, and continued with my online teaching certificate. I started getting job interviews with my instructional design experience (what I did in my job I mentioned earlier) and thought it would be cool if I went back to doing it and ironic after spending two years in addictions but nope. So I decided to bite the bullet and take the drug counseling certification test. I did this and passed and since then I’ve been getting interviews. One place gave me bad vibes when I interviewed but I figured they wouldn’t call me but then they offered me the job.

I should be happy, right? Nope, they told me the wage, which was 16 bucks an hour and change (16.82 I think). However, they didn’t mention benefits and when I asked they told me they would tell me when I started. This is fishy. In the past I would have never considered this offer but here I am. I am going to help the online teaching program give presentations about the program and love this field, but they can’t afford to pay much, or anything right now. So yeah here we go again where I am going to take a job I don’t want and still hope something better comes along.

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  1. I would turn down the job. If they are already withholding information from you, then you are better-off running in the opposite direction of them. If you work at a company with a ‘bad reputation’, then that will stay with you for the rest of your career. It is best to keep your personal-reputation as pristine as possible.

    1. Normally I would but I need a job and haven’t been offered anything else. Otherwise I’ll run out of money. I hate being in this position, I need a job so badly.

    1. Haven’t started yet, ugh. I had to jump through so many hoops, from background checks to a second set of background checks to employer references. I passed all of it but still no start date. I did get an email last week that the papers made it to Springfield so no idea.

      1. Haha after I posted I got an email stating they need my DD-214. What? I stated I was discharged from boot due to medical reasons and this is annoying.

        1. The world is ‘a wacky place’, nowadays. They keep saying there are so many jobs that are infilled, but then they make it hard to fill them! UGH! Indeed!

          1. Yeah, I always see jobs on website for months and I question why. Usually if they are jobs I qualify for (and apply) I never get a response. I suspect these jobs are too ridiculous then wonder why they can’t fill the position. Like this job, the salary isn’t amazing by any means (Made more 15 years ago), yet require this advanced background check, while not telling me anything. I get a background check but to me it should be limited to my criminal background check (nothing there) and references. This one is beyond that. I wouldn’t be surprised if at this point they actually reject me just because they are so bizarre. Not that I care, I am not getting answers I want such as benefits. And the danger (it’s counseling for recently released inmates). They sent me a paper all about prison asking me if I ever got a tattoo and if I own a gun (and registration). I’m wondering now if it requires me to go to the prison and counsel. There are three prisons in use I think, one is maximum, one is minimum and the third is a work camp (not sure if people stay there at night). The maximum has some very bad people, serial killers and people like that. I have to ask if I am expected to go there. Also, on their description on their page, it says the duties and many are not counselor jobs such as bookkeeping. From reading the reviews it sounds like they hire one person to do several jobs and requires mandatory overtime. They also say they travel to cater to clients and makes me think about prisons or homes where people live, which could be dangerous. I have several questions about this and I refuse to take the job before I know. I am seeing jobs I am qualified for and applying (and truth be told would rather do). Granted I may not get any of these jobs but what if they call me and I can’t do it because of this job? So many questions. As of now I’m getting interviews but not that many, and is it because it’s the holidays or because I’m just not going to get anything else? So many things to consider.

  2. Update: rejected!

    Back around the age of 18 I had this friend who was low class. She was a welfare parasite (sold food stamps for drugs for example) who had an equally trashy boyfriend who was her mom’s boyfriend (he was around 50, she was 19). Yes I should have dumped her being a friend but at the time II didn’t. Long story short he was abusive and he hit her and others. He hit me and I pushed him. I was arrested but released with no bail. We go to court, he shows up drunk and the judge says as long as we avoid each other no charges will be filed. I stopped speaking to them after that. Since then I have had no issues with the law, graduated from college and graduate school twice, etc. I have had to run background checks on myself and have no criminal record including misdemeanors.

    Fast forward to now. I was offered a job pending a background check. I passed the first one perfectly, and passed my employment check too. No problem with any of this. They then started sending me more papers including asking me if I have tattoos, or own a gun. Some of the questions were offensive but didn’t think much of it. They asked if I was on court supervision now and of course I stated no. Anyway I get a rejection! The paper stated I was rejected due to that.

  3. I was offered yet another job (oddly about two blocks from the other place) and am going to turn it down. The hourly pay is slightly better but only 4 hours a day and I would have to drive about 30-45 minutes each way. Plus the one guy in the second interview started yelling at me telling me I was answering things wrong. Plus it would be 6-10am so early too. I’m concerned because I have a cold or flu now and I would either lose money for not coming in or be fired, not to mention if we get snow.

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