My life, now.

It has been a while since I have posted. I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 22 years now, and I have a better understanding of the disease process. Recently, I realized I had not had a Vitamin B-12 Level, nor a Folic Acid level ever done. So, I had them done—and both were below-normal levels, respectively. I have been getting B-12 shots now for about 9 months, and my energy level is better than it has been since 10 years ago. I tried taking Folic Acid, but I got diarrhea when I took it. So, I will have to ask my physician if I can have the injections of Folic Acid instead. My IBS started in 1997. I do not know when my hypothyroidism, and low vitamin levels stated—but I would say it was at the same time. The lesson here is that despite all the money spent on healthcare in the USA, we really do not have a system that can properly diagnose, using low-cost blood-tests, diseases correctly. I have suffered unnecessary pain because of the failure of this system. I got my correct diagnosis from ‘Dr. Google’. I, for one, look forward to A.I. -powered ‘medical diagnosis and treatment plans’. Recently, I had a hemorrhoid ‘banded’—and that was a complete failure. As the little ‘rubber band’ came off, I experienced the worst physical pain of my life. It was like my root-canal infections, but worse. I am now thinking that most things cannot be fixed because they are due to the degenerative diseases of aging. Everyone should be aware of this reality. I certainly am. OUCH!

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  1. I had prescription folic acid last year because I needed it for my medicine and apparently it helped manage my disease. I’ve been looking in that hemorrhoid surgery and now I wonder because of your experience. Why banded and not removal?

  2. “Banded’ has less problems. Especially, considering ‘hemorrhoid removal surgery’ can lead to permanent-incontinence. My hemorrhoids were prolapsed, but the reason my banding failed was because the hemorrhoid ruptured after I got home. This allowed the ‘rubber-band’ to slide-off, in a very-painful manner. Be aware, that if you do decide to get your hemorrhoid(s) dealt with—then you should make sure you have plenty of ‘OxyContin’ in your house in case the ‘banding’ fails. That is the medicine you have to take—for the pain that you will feel, when a ‘banding’ fails! Does your ‘Rheumatic Disease’ run on your mother’s, and/or father’s side of your family? I inherited mine from both my British mother, and Austrian-Jewish father.

    1. It runs on my dad’s side and ironically his mother (who I inherited it from) was British and apparently it ran in her family. I was on Oxy a few years ago and when I started my internship they told me it was very addictive and people were coming to treatment for it.

  3. Who knew! Britain is full of ‘hemorrhoids’! So, does that mean that the British are experts on ‘pains in the butts’—-because they are surrounded by them?! “‘Enquiring Minds’ Want To Know”, and so does mine! LOL! :-)!

  4. Genetics plays a big part in in a respective individuals health. So, yes—you probably inherited them from your father’s side of the family. This would be more likely if your mother did not have them. Especially, since she gave birth to both you, and your brother. Have you made any decisions about the procedure?

  5. I thought that you would be covered by Medicaid because of your low income? But, even when you are covered—beware that procedure! OUCH!

    1. Sadly, they cut people off medicaid and I was one. Luckily I just finished my masters program and am almost complete with my teaching certificate so I am hoping to find a full time job soon.

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