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Where do I begin with this.

I resuscitated the job search late this April.

I signed up for Indeed. At first, there were many posts…I got a lot of interviews but no offers and then the posts dried up at the end of June and has been dry since then.

As for me, I got a swift shock when I sat down and toted up my monthly — and then yearly expenses for my cost of living.

I am still here at this crummy crummy apartment — the rent is almost $1400 — there is a 5.5% increase yearly, as mandated by, I think, the county — and I am still tied to that bin, that is holding all of the furniture and my belongings for the past 3 years.

In essence, my monthly rent is over $1800, counting the bin and the rent for this apartment.

I do not go out, I do not go on vacations and I don’t buy clothes, unless it is a necessity.

The rest of my expenses are food, car insurance, the 3-way-phone/internet/cable bill, gas and electric.

I am being swamped and back in August, when I saw how much per year I am spending, just to live… I nearly shit my pants.

If I got a $38,000 per year job?

I won’t be able to cut it financially.

After taxes, that job will net me about 26 grand…I need about 50 grand to stay in the black and there is no job that I will be able to get that will pay me 50K per year.

The part time jobs don’t even seem to be available anymore. To make up the deficit…I’d have to work a solid chunk of hours per week and that chunk of hours has to be guaranteed indefinitely. And we all know part timers are always the first to go when a company wants to tighten its belt.

You no longer work to earn a living — in NJ you are working to feed an economic monster. You have little money for your own disposal

The money just is not here anymore. The jobs are not here anymore — I think New Jersey is done for, cost of living wise. The cost of living goes up each year and salaries are not keeping up with the cost of living. Nobody gets a raise anymore. I never got a raise at my last 3 jobs.:( Nothing — open up my check on the last pay period of the year and I have the same damn amount looking me in the face.:(

I am nearly 61. Like it or not, I haven’t got many years left in the workforce.

We have lost nearly 64,000 jobs in this area between 1993 and December of 2014 — those 64,000  jobs  were concentrated in a radius that comprised 3 towns. This is the hub that was Passaic-Clifton-Nutley.

Roche closed for good in December of 2014. Genentech, the company that owns them, decided they did not want a NJ campus. They were phased out over 3 years’ time.

2 hospitals closed; went out of business — I can’t see how — business was booming there and always was —  and the third one that’s left isn’t so great.

One of the hospitals that closed had a residency program and was a leader in heart surgery.

Roche closed, Givudan is gone, both ADPs were absorbed by Roseland and Shulton is gone — gone after Cyanamid was bought out by some other company. ITT was a goner when the  Iron Curtain fell in 1991; ITT no longer exists because of that.

64,000 jobs and nothing at all to replace them.:(

In their place: retail, housing and a mixed-use commercial building where Givudan stood.

Nothing is where one of the former hospitals was…and the former St. Mary’s is vacant. No buyer for the property.

Mary’s took over the Passaic General building; Passaic Gen went out of business.

Why do we need a medical school and start-up companies? that is what is there now on the former Roche campus.:( That’s not going to bring us 31,000 jobs for all skill sets and every education level.

I guess my only choice is to relocate to a cheaper state. If I stay here, I will be slaughtered financially. I can’t and won’t blame myself: I am what I am and what I did for a living I did for a living. it is what it is and I have to find somewhere else to live.:( Not this state — I am finished here.:(

Who thinks this is going to happen to them — and who thinks this state is going to more or less be only for the high earners???:(

You know how property taxes are here — effing sky high — and landlords are greedy. The least expensive 3 bedroom is perhaps about what I am paying, maybe $800 less per month than what I pay, if you are lucky. And most of these people are multiple property owners, like the one who owns my building. I never even got a stove when I moved in here! he never told me “Stove is yours to take care of.”

When I first saw these rooms, there was a stove here. he was  busy pulling up the old carpet…I came here 2 weeks ahead of my move-in date to paint and no stove. I figured he’d have it here by April 1, which was my official first day here; 4-1 comes and no stove. I call him asking “”Where’s the stove” and that is when he tells me I have to provide it MYSELF.

I have one of those old stovetop ranges….this is a 1960 apartment that was never updated…but no stove. Buy it myuself? NO…because I’d be stuck with it. I have a countertop oven…and I think it is packing it in.:(

Not what we agreed upona nd nowhere in the lease does it say “provide your own stove.” Guy downstairs…same thing….and that other apartment downstairs where the screaming tenant was…that stove got thrown out. New tenant is there and I am 100% sure the landlord provided a stove for him.:( I would LOVE to find out somehow.


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  1. Sell, or donate your ‘stuff ‘ from the storage place. And, then move out to where your relatives live. Northern New Jersey, and a number of other places—are only for the ‘momied’ people, anymore. You could try, and get a ‘work from home job’ by using the “FlexJobs” website. It is a legitimate site. If I was not suffering from health problems, then I would be using it myself. Our world is ‘falling apart’, and we are suffering because of that. You are right not to ‘blame’ yourself. It really is very-beyond your control. And, will remain so for the foreseeable-future. Q

    1. Everybody is being slammed in this state. Out of control and not our fault. *Who* decided rents should be this high and the general cost of living so steep for the middle class people?:(

      Everyday things like auto insurance. My vehicle is 21 years old but I am still paying $1600 per year and that’s the least expensive insurance I could find.

      I also am not ‘attached’ to a husband or significant other or a parent.

      The only ones in luck in this state are the double income earners with no kids who have a home paid off, have bullet proof jobs and a nice thick pension awaiting them. That sure was not me.

      I am who I am and I majored in what I majored in…and I was employed in those jobs I had. I was never looking to be a millionaire or have a big career. I had a middle class job; what is wrong with that? Nothing.

      The problem is that everything here costs too much. 55 or 60 grand a year, just to support an economic monster? Shit. We are working to pay the system! Not to earn a living.:(

  2. It’s easy to tell people to get rid of their stuff, because it’s always easier to throw out someone else’s stuff. The incentive would be the ability to save the $400 (?) a month that you are spending on storage. I don’t know how much of the stuff is worth keeping and could be moved to your apartment. There are people who buy estates who might be willing to buy the contents of your storage locker in one fell swoop.

    It’s hard to leave the familiar. I grew up in New Jersey, but I left in 1988, returning only for weddings and funerals. Even in southern New Jersey, housing prices were high back in 1988. I live in a city that used to be one of the cheapest for cost of living, but the pot industry came to town, driving up real estate prices. Even so, property taxes are about $600 per year on a house assessed at $80K and the income tax rate is 4.62%. Now the cheapest are places like Richmond, IN, which I think is the hometown of Mike Pence, and places in southern Texas. Low cost of living also correlates with low wages, so there’s that to consider.

    1. I plan to move that stuff to my new place. So what good is selling it? I’d have to pay to start over in refurnishing it, if I sell all of my stuff…

      And 3 years ago, I barely got rid of items I was not going to be taking with me. There were things nobody wanted, not even at a cutrate price.:(

      1. Saving on storage and moving costs matters when you are broke, though how much that matters is up to you. Used goods are not worth much, but they are expensive to move. You probably have a moving bill from leaving your house. Now add however many miles of shipping costs to it, unless you plan to drive the U-Haul truck yourself.

        I bought my desk for $25 at Goodwill. It weighs at least 250 pounds. I rented a truck to get it and a new box spring for my bed home, so the effective cost is about $60. I’ll drop it off at Goodwill on my way out of town because it is too heavy for me to move up a couple of flights of steps. If you are paying $400 a month for storage, getting rid of everything would give you $4800 over the course of a year to put toward moving expenses. How much of what is in storage could you move to your apartment to reduce storage costs?

        BklynGuy is right about the stove. Usually the lease calls out what appliances are to be supplied by the landlord. There is also a warrantee of implied habitability that New Jersey landlords must obey.

        1. I am going to move to a state where cost of living is much lower.

          For me to move to an apartment that has enough room to accommodate what’s in that bin, I’d be paying the same in rent for those rooms that is equivalent to the rent here plus the bin.

          There’s no way I can win this round.:( The least expensive 2 bedroom apartment is about $1800 and it will not be the best of digs.:(

          I am still wondering who or what decided to make life so costly in this state. All of this began in 2005. As I said it is necessities that stretch everybody to the breaking point.

          I don’t go on vacations, or go out at night, or buy fancy clothes: all of my expenses are for necessities.

  3. I am not a lawyer, but:

    If there was a stove in the apartment when you viewed it and signed the lease, and the landlord didn’t specifically tell you that the stove would be removed and you’d have to provide one, the landlord needs to provide a stove.

    He represented the apartment as having a stove, and so needs to follow through. Alternately, he could reduce the rent to compensate.

    1. I refused to buy a stove…because I will be stuck with it when I eventually move.

      I should have complained about everything when I got here: the screamer down stairs (he finally moved out in May), the woman next door who is evidently unbalanced mentally (she is still here and they claim they cannot oust her), the condition of the walls, the floors and no smoke alarm or CO alarm.

      I didn’t even want this apartment but I took it because I was afraid I’d be stuck where I was staying.:( Apartments seem to be hard to come by for the “self employed” -they all want proof they will be paid monthly!:(

    2. I finally got the stove, after hollering for it.

      I finally got him to send up some workmen to fix the 2 lights in the kitchen — he will not replace the ceiling fan. Said if I want it, I pay for it…and I said no…

      And then I find out that the same 2 workmen are here to fix something next door — the ceiling in the living room has caved in, due to a leak in the roof.

      It is a 3′ x 3′ foot hole — one you and I and itsallmadness can fit through together.:( I am pretty shaken up.

      Suppose the woman who lives there was killed or hurt when that ceiling fell in?

      She is not there now; she is in hospital again; I told her granddaughter to not permit her grandmother to return to that apartment — how could he even do this to somebody???

      That roof is likely structurally unsound and I find out that the chiropractor in this building says he is getting water damage. I will bet you that that water is running down the inside of that wall and that is where his water damage is coming from.

      I called the county building department — I would like them to come out here to see this building: I think it needs to be condemned.

      I am hearing that the other side of the building is full of other beasties also.:( Up to him to provide a pest free building…he told me to get lost when I had the Invasion of The Ants, back here in April.:( (they are gone….but chances are that they will be back again)

    3. I made enough noise where he said he’d get me a stove…but where it is coming from…he claims it is a store not far from here and the owner will call me.

      This likely is a hand me down stove. Hope Depot, Sears and PC Richards would have had that stove here next day and no “call from the owner.”

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