Two sides to every story

I have been watching the Kavanaugh hearings with interest, not because I support or oppose anyone, but rather because we have become a country of they said this and those said other things. Right now I am deal with an issue that could get me expelled from graduate school. I have a 4.0 GPA, on scholarship but could lose all of it to a bully my temper. My professor has been bullying me severely since March. He attacked me via email but the worst came in July where he heard me having a private conversation with a classmate about the admissions policy and how so many don’t belong in school. Instead of ignoring a private conversation he was not involved (and which didn’t pertain to him) he decided to bring this conversation in class and attack me, saying I have no right saying this about my classmates and he then told my classmates I was talking about them when I wasn’t, and they knew I didn’t mean them. He then asked me to stay afterwards where he called me worthless and how he was going to get me expelled from school. I reported this to the head of the program and she is aware and aid he would be nicer. Well, he was nicer, only because his comments weren’t as mean, and ignored.

Anyway, last Thursday he started telling us our degrees were worthless and he recommended we go for the advanced program. He then looked at me and said “not you, you’re worthless”. Needless to say I started to go and he continued as did a classmate who bullied me for not going into bad areas for an internship. This classmate (a Nation of Islam member) made it about race, and I started to walk towards him to confront him and my teacher pushed me. He then told me to leave and started harassing me. As I was leaving I made a comment like “I hope you die”. Well, long story short he pressed charges against me and the school suspended me until a hearing. I could get a warning, suspension for a semester or expelled or many other things. I am hoping since I am almost done with the program (55 hours at my internship where they like me)they will allow me to continue with another professor. I am terrified because the one time I erupted (after months of abuse) is now going to cause trouble. Forget the fact that I am a 4.0 GPA library trustee, active in the Legion Auxiliary and church, nope the professor (who has a history of abuse towards women) is the one they might believe. The reality is this, people believe the person in power over someone else and it is sickening. It’s why people (especially women) don’t come forward and victims suffer.

5 thoughts on “Two sides to every story”

  1. Terrible.

    There needs to be a law on the books: if you have a boss, a professor, a superior of any kind…or a coworker that harasses you, that person should be subject to penalty by law.

    I hope it works out for you. Wishing you luck and swift resolution in your favor.

  2. An employer can be held liable for hostile conditions or harassment by an employee’s superiors, colleagues, or even subordinates. But the aggrieved employee has to sue. That’s as close to a ‘penalty by law’ as you can get these days.

    I don’t know what rules apply to students. I believe schools generally have policies that forbid harassment, but they may be conveniently ignored if you don’t agree with the prevailing mindset. I don’t know what the laws are for civil or criminal liability, though.

  3. Here’s the update, I can finish my program but can have no contact with the professor or the classmate. The head of the program took over my internship and once I finish the 55 hours I am done. Also, this part is stupid but I have to attend anger management classes and cultural sensitivity classes. Basically, because I got angry (after months of being bullied) I’m the one to blame. The other classmate is black and at this school the underlying rule is “white people suck”. The cultural class is because I refuse to work in areas where I could get shot, killed, raped or robbed. Yeah apparently I have to be open to working anywhere but am not. Honestly, I’m doing the counseling and anger classes and just finishing my internship (where I like people). That way I will never have to deal with the program again. I wish I hadn’t taken this degree but too late now.

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