The revolution certainly will not be televised. “The Coming Collapse”: Food for thought.:(

The Coming Collapse

The voters were hoodwinked.

There was never going to be a reboot of the coal mines and as for the Rust Belt and the auto industry: That goes with a nice offer of a bridge for sale. There were never going to be any school vouchers.

Buyer’s remorse is going to hit quite hard.

Face it: all of you were lied to and you bought it all, hook, line and sinker.

2 thoughts on “The revolution certainly will not be televised. “The Coming Collapse”: Food for thought.:(”

  1. Not me, I didn’t vote for that piece of trash. I’ve known about Trump for years and knew he was a con artist. He’s a bad guy and always been. Not a Clinton supporter either but Trump is downright evil.

  2. Yes, I voted for Trump. I’ve known about him for years, but came to a different conclusion from NWP. While he’s certainly a boor and a bit of a flim-flam man (but then, so is any politician), he isn’t evil. I’ve written about the carefully crafted narrative that he’s evil, or insane, or whatever, so I won’t belabor that here.

    No President can make America great again, nor even the entire Federal government. The government could reboot the coal mines and the Rust Belt and the auto industry by nationalizing them, but that would be a measure of decline, not an achievement. The best the government can do is create an environment by which we ourselves can make America great.

    And so far, it seems to be working. The economy is doing better; unemployment is down; we’ve stopped kicking the can down the road on North Korea. I’m actually a bit encouraged by the ‘resistance’ against Trump: while I don’t agree with their perspective, finding a new way forward will require us to retire from our respective echo chambers and interact with each other.

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