Can somebody here assure me that hospitality and etiquette at a job interview is not dead???

Somebody, anybody, tell me that hospitality and etiquette is not dead at a job interview.

Nobody seems to offer you a drink or if they can get you anything — not anymore — I mentioned this to a job coach (I have one now and that is a story in itself) and she  laughed.

Laughed like this was a joke.

I reminded her that we were told to always make a client or an interviewee at home– “Oh that was a long time ago. This is why you are having a problem finding a job…. this was a long time ago…a glass of water, really?” And she kept laughing.:(

10 years ago at my last “corporate” job is not a long time ago.

And niceties and hospitality never go out of style.

As for the job search itself:

Oh, the jobs are there, on indeed. Dozens of them. That’s not the problem now, scarcity of jobs — the day of the hard copy “help wanted” news paper ad is done.

And done because it’s easier and quicker to post an ad as long as you wish it to be, on indeed. There is no per-word price like there is with a hard copy ad. Last I heard a newspaper help wanted ad was a couple hundred bucks for a smallish ad.

Though every once in awhile, a giant in an industry will publish a newspaper help wanted ad.

I restarted my job search about a month ago. “For the real” — I still have been looking in the meanwhile. Not much success.

I have sent close to 80 resumes in the past 3 weeks — I got several “the employer has seen your resume” and got perhaps 4 phone interviews. Only one phone interview has resulted in a face to face interview.

I have attended one interview this past Friday and it was at a small mom and pop electrical company — this is the bunch that didn’t offer me a drink or anything else — that wasn’t for me and they ended the interview after 4 minutes, anyway. This is much ado about nothing — they want to speak to other candidates for the next 3 weeks and then call back the candidates for a second interview.

The mother of the bunch sat in on that interview with me and the other person. The mother did not introduce herself. I had to ask her name.:(

So is etiquette dead? When did the rule change?:(

4 thoughts on “Can somebody here assure me that hospitality and etiquette at a job interview is not dead???”

  1. Job interviews have become downright nasty. I have had so many interviews in the last couple of years that have made me shake my head in disgust. Like you, I was always offered a bottle of water (especially when it was hot) but now? Not so much. I’ve been asked many offensive questions. I’m out of the job market until Christmas (basically, I received a $10,000 grant to allow me to do my internship without another job), but when I do return to the interviewing process then I shudder. Granted by then I’ll have my drug and alcohol counselor certification, and my new master’s, and close to finishing my online teaching certificate, and hopefully my Spanish certificate so that might make a difference. Not to mention working the last two years as a writing instructor and with my internship.

    1. The lack of intelligence is what has slayed me, all the way.

      Who comes into an interview and sits way at the end of the conference table? Uh, I’m over here.

      Who comes into an interview and sits and does not introduce herself? Uh, hello…and your name is…?:(

      Are people this dumb and this socially backwards? Socially retarded, as somebody I know always called it.

      1. I think part of it is the employer already knows who they are going to hire (hint: it’s not the person they are interviewing). I’ll never forget when I went to an interview and I overheard them discussing the person they hired who was going to do the job they were interviewing me for. Apparently they were only interviewing me to make it look like they were open to hiring. In reality it was someone who already worked there.

        1. I told you about the time a job ad appeared in the papers for our boss’ job.

          Nobody was ever interviewed and a guy that was more or less my supervisor from my part time job’s lab applied for the job. He asked me what was happening with the interview process. Imagine how pissed he was when I told him nobody was interviewed at all. The job was never open and I still don’t know why they ran an ad.

          I don’t know what makes these people tick. I am convinced the last hiring manager only called me in for curiosity sake and that the whole time I spent there was to fuel his curiosity.

          I would have walked out if I were you; you will be wasting your time by partaking in something that is not going to benefit you.

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