Reverse Discrimination Alive and Well

In 2016 I went back to become a drug counselor. They asked me if I planned to go for the advanced program or the basic and I said advanced. They said I needed to maintain a 3.5 GPA to even be accepted. A year later I was finished with the main part and applied for the advanced program. I have a 4.0 GPA, and serve in various capacities including as a library trustee. I thought I was a sure thing, but nope. In fact, they claimed I didn’t have the right personality for that program or something stupid. I almost dropped out of the program because I was very clear what I wanted when I started and with a 4.0 GPA should have gotten it. Most of the people accepted into the program have lower GPA’a than me, some don’t even hit that number. I received a $10,000 for this summer, otherwise I would have dropped out.

Well, turns out I think I know why I was rejected. I found out I was rejected because the coordinator hates Catholics and anyone right of, well, a communist. They found out I mentioned I didn’t want to work in the ghetto and their snowflake brains were offended. Also, need I mention everyone accepted was African American? Yep. So now, I find out with just the certification the jobs are garbage to be blunt and I could make more in other fields. I’m looking into going for a doctorate in psychology instead because at least this will get me into those programs but apparently not much else.

The only good thing is the grant means I have to attend all expense paid conferences and get additional certification in integrated care so who knows. I’m also taking online teaching certificate and Spanish classes so this should help.

6 thoughts on “Reverse Discrimination Alive and Well”

  1. What a scam.

    A total, profound and complete scam.

    Wow, they could get into a great deal of legal trouble if you decide to go after them in court. I know of a woman whose brother proved age discrimination against a life insurance giant, wow, nearly 30 years ago.

    1. I’m going to the head of the department then the president of the school, then the media. There was no reason to rejected a 4.0 GPA student, especially when they let in less qualified. If I didn’t get this grant I would have dropped out. It was hurtful, I did everything and more because the one professor said I needed more.

      1. And you spent your time on this program.:(

        Too bad you can’t find an attorney who will represent you on a pro bono basis. Programs like these need to have broad minded and qualified people.

        How in heck did he find out what religion you are? Just curious.

        1. She had each of us write a paper on your religious views and how they pertain to the program. I mentioned being Catholic and how it plays a part in my life. She gave me a low score for the paper (I still got an A for the class).

          1. Wow!!!

            This is a little unfair. Suppose you are an atheist or haven’t been to a house of worship in years?

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