What say do I have in any of this?

This has to do with that neighbor.:(

2 weeks ago the cops were here to see her (I heard the whole conversation; I was on the inside decorating my tree).

Seems as though somebody down at that shopping center complained Neighbor tried to touch her child.

First she denied being there. Then she sort of said she was ther and the cops said “If you do it again we will arrest you.” they asked her for the current date and she said “December 5, 1916 – 17.”

I spoke to the cops about this I got the same song and dance as last time. They more or less poo pooed the whole thing.

I told Landlord what happened. He claimed he spoke to the cops and he says there is no way she can be evicted.

Today I heard a commotion outside at 9 am; I heard a lot of metal and clanking and guys’ voices raised. I thought it was a truck unloading. And then I heard loud banging.

I decided to go see what was going on — I heard a guy say “you can’t get in that way” — there’s the front door shaking and pounding.

I said “Who is it?” “Police!”

Christ…was this an emergency??? I opened the door and guess what:

They were breaking the door down because she is locked out.

I’ve never heard of anything so bent. Oh? The cops come a running because she is locked out? Nice waste of taxpayer money.

He claims she cannot be evicted so long as “she” is paying ‘her” rent. She isn’t paying the rent. Allegedly she is here due to some public mental health program that’s placed her here. I don’t think that is it — there’d be a conservator and social workers and site visits: she has had none of that.

I cannot be out of here until fall. Very long story and I am upset about that — and until then, I have to put up with this potentially unsafe little geek that lives on the same floor as I do. When do they remove her? When an incident occurs and somebody gets harmed, like a child???

I cannot believe that the cops let that go. Wonder what they told the child’s mother? WOW, if this was my child I’d have stormed that mayor’s office demanding their removal!

Catering to her, yet — I said something to that effect when the cops said “We are here because she’s locked out” — and I capped it with “Unbelieveable!” and stormed upstairs.

No way at all I can complain about her to some county agency and see if they can’t remove her? I am sure the police report is there for the record — and by rights, that incident should have been reported to that agency, IF there is an agency responsible for her being here in the first place.

How lousy. All of it. And nobody cares. All he wants is her rent money.

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  1. First: focus on your ‘move’ to be with your cousins. This will make you feel like your life is heading in the right direction. Second: call the local mental health department, and ask to speak with her social worker. They probably have not heard of her problems. Especially, the alleged ‘child touching incident’. This is probably due to the police not issuing a formal report. The police probably have never reported her other ‘incidents’ to her social worker, either. This happens a lot, and is why our society is so ‘dysfunctional’ when dealing with the mentally ill. It is all so very sad because it is unnecessary.

    1. I do not know who is in charge of her mental health problems.

      She may not even be under any care at all. She is ecolalic and she is never warmly dressed.

      Maybe I should call or see the town social worker and speak to her about this.

      Nobody seems to care. Landlord only wants the rent; he claims some sort of agency is paying for her rent — it is all tied in to the county, the same people who are in charge of the Section 8s.

      It is ghastly.

      It’s the same with the guy on the other side of the building: he screams a lot and I hear him banging stuff around. He’s probably thrown here and abandoned too, like she is.

  2. If you can find out who her social worker is or make some sort of complaint about her and the other tenant to the social services agency. you might have a chance of having her removed on the basis that the apartment is no longer a suitable placement for her.

    I’d call a locksmith before I’d call the police were I locked out, but the police is free. If the effort to get her into the apartment did sufficient damage, it might spur the landlord to complain to the social service agency, If there is any sort of tenants’s rights organization in your area, you might contact them as well. It might also be worthwhile to investigate any of the state tenancy laws.

    It also might be worthwhile to make a complaint against the police, who appear to be violating state law: Section 2A:39-1 Unlawful entry prohibited.

    2A:39-1. No person shall enter upon or into any real property or estate therein and detain and hold the same, except where entry is given by law, and then only in a peaceable manner. With regard to any real property occupied solely as a residence by the party in possession, such entry shall not be made in any manner without the consent of the party in possession unless the entry and detention is made pursuant to legal process as set out in N.J.S.2A:18-53 et seq., as amended and supplemented; P.L.1974, c.49 (C.2A:18-61.1 et al.), as amended and supplemented; P.L.1975, c.311 (C.2A:18-61.6 et al.), as amended and supplemented; P.L.1978, c.139 (C.2A:18-61.6 et al.), as amended and supplemented; the “Tenant Protection Act of 1992,” P.L.1991, c.509 (C.2A:18-61.40 et al.); or N.J.S.2A:35-1 et seq. and “The Fair Eviction Notice Act,” P.L.1974, c.47 (C.2A:42-10.15 et al.). A person violating this section regarding entry of rental property occupied solely as a residence by a party in possession shall be a disorderly person.

    L.1951 (1st SS), c.344; amended 1971, c.227, s.1; 2005,c.319,s.1.

    Banging on the door in an effort to break the lock does not appear to be a “peaceable manner” of entry, even with the tenant’s permission. There are exceptions for when the person INSIDE the dwelling is believed to be in danger, but she was OUTSIDE the apartment with the police, based on what you have stated.

    1. Who do you think managed to let her into her apartment door in July that time she bothered me at quarter of 4: the cops.

      NO right to do this. At the very least I should complain to the mayor and take this issue to the town council.

      And I am reluctant to get involved because you know how small towns around here work: they will be right and I will be way in the wrong. I’ve seen it happen once before.

      She has no phone but she most certainly has Landlord’s phone number: somebody in that mayor’s office or down at the police station could have called him FOR HER, if there’s some kind of ruling stating she is banned from using a phone. What the tully is wrong with them???

      He’s have been prompted to remove her from this building if his door wound up unrepairable?

      Nope. All he’d do is call in one of his tenants to fix the thing. This is what he has as “handyman” and other aid: his own tenants — he has them come to do the repairs. And that’s another story in itself.

      For some reason he wants to keep her here. That’s how I interpret it: he’s not making a move to remove her, even after she bothered me at quarter of four that time. To me, that’s grounds for eviction, no matter who you are or “who” it is that placed you here. I’d be concerned with the tenants in the building, not whether or not she gets to stay.

      Aiyiyiyiyi.:( When I told Landlord that the cops tried to break the door down — HIS front door — he didn’t say much.

      The door was being KICKED, by looks of it — Shit, even if he huffed and puffed in order to blow the door down, a forced entry is a forced entry!

      And it’s like that old Zebra song used to go: “Who’s Behind Those Doors…” 3 days ago a smoke alarm went off in this building. At first I thought there was an emergency at that deli across the way and it was their alarm — but after 10 minutes, nobody from the FD was coming to the deli.

      I went to the kitchen; I smell something burning. I opened the door; the smell is coming from the back apartment — ther is a smoke detector in the ceiling on the enclosed back porch and in the front hall in the ceiling right outside my door. (both the smoke alarms were activated and howling away merrily)

      The door to the back door apartment opens — the door is next to mine — and out comes a little girl, maybe 8 years old She apologized; said she was trying to cook bacon.

      This was 11am on Thursday: Why isn’t this child in school?


      Who is this kid???

      To my knowledge, only 2 old ladies live in that apartment. Some young fellow maybe 22 comes in every so often — he brings some girl with him and probably it is his girlfriend — I have been told by Landlord he is a nephew of one of the ladies.

      This fellow doesn’t look like he has black features to me, for lack of way of putting it, so I do not think he is her father — so who is caretaking that 8 year old girl? I got the idea she was not visiting.

      Even if he is her father, where the heck is her mother??? Does one of these old ladies have legal custody of that kid?

      I have seen both those ladies exactly once since I have moved into this apartment. One is black and one is Hispanic. So who is this little girl and who the heck else is living in that apartment?

      I see no little girls from that apartment, coming and going on the way to school or coming home from school.

      It makes me sick that I wound up at this place.

      And no, the cops had no right to break down that door. I was shocked as hell and I finally said to them “Great; this one locks herself out and you break down the door???” To this they said nothing.

      Part 2 of this mess:

      I called the town hall the next day and asked for social services. This town has nobody full time; somebody from the county comes in once a week. They gave me the number.

      I called and to make it short, no agency in charge of county mental health can come here “on behalf” of Neighbor unless she is suicidal, having an episode or some other mental health crisis.

      I told them she is never dressed right, she is echolalic and so forth. No dice. They won’t even come and check up on her.

      And even if they did, she’d be taken to that horrid county hospital and evaluated and then brought back, no doubt. Landlord has to evict her. That’s the only way out of this mess. Where there is a will there is a way. They can relocate her elsewhere. And the county can send him another person. Or he can put an ad in the paper.

      I even told that agency she has no phone and I am worried and yeah, petrified about that simply because if there is an emergency in there, no way can Neighbor call the FD.

      Totally insane….and I can’t do a thing about it except move. Great.

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