A decision to make

On Sunday, I returned from a visit with cousins. I was there for about a week.

They live in a much different part of the country; very large distance from here.

It is a whole new way of life. it is considered country and rural; the nearest large city is about 3 hours away.

Living is pretty cheap there; you can rent for next to nothing –half of what the rent is here — or buy a home at a fraction of the cost (and a fraction of the property taxes) of a home purchased out here. There is no urban sprawl and no infiltration of developers. There are homes here where the norm is 2 acres of land with a real nice ranch that goes for maybe 200K. No way can you touch a deal like that in New Jersey.

The thing is this: where does everyone work? I saw no companies, no office parks.

The towns themselves are large — a hundred square miles each in most cases. There are houses and then stretches of land with nothing on them. it’s desert.

If I could find a job out there, I’d be there in no time flat.

I would consider moving to that area in another 2 or 3 years to be sure.

What have I got here? Who have I got here, that is in my corner?

I never heard from Bro again. To be expected. To tell the truth, he could be anywhere; that lease on that apartment was up in September; they could have moved away, maybe not.

I am having a hard time finding good places and good situations where I can meet a bona fide friend. The silence now is deafening. This is now over 7 months of this nonsense where I am completely on my own and alone. It is bothering me now and bothering me greatly.

If I was 30 or even 40, there would be groups to join where I could meet somebody in my age category; where does a 59 year old go, to make a bona fide good friend? Who will you meet that is in the same boat as you — that is not on the hubby track and the grandkiddo track? That shit’s not for me.

I had an art show about a month ago; it was a large contingency of local artists that display every year in this one locale. 6 of us were in the room where we showed art; I know one guy slightly, another guy kind of kept to himself and there was a Hispanic couple who did not speak much English.

The other 3 artists I kind of got to know are good to keep in touch with for art shows and anything art but as bona fide friends I can do things and go places with: no.

(What I am looking for: a group of women and men that I can more or less have as an ‘extended family’ — all of us in the same category and those of us who are more or less free of family. No egos, no hangups, no phonies, no temper tantrums; this would be broad-minded, fun and smart adults) 

I haven’t got that many relatives left: one cousin is 50 miles away and the other 2 are the 2 I visited for Thanksgiving week. I had the time of my life out there.

To pick up and just move there: to me, right now, it is mind blowing. I haven’t got a job here; as I said, where are the jobs out there? I asked about it awhile back and my cousin said nobody was really hiring out there.

I still don’t know how you transcend having no job. How do you move on and get on with life? A therapist helps you get it off your chest but you are still left with the fact that there is no job you are working at.

And in July it looked like things were picking up. Nope. The ads dried up again and the last interview I had was 4 months ago.

I am disappointed with everyone and everything. There were things that didn’t pan out and acquaintances that didn’t deepen into a real friendship. I am better off with new people — people who do not know what happened to me — maybe I can start over with a clean slate.

A friend of mine said “move to a locale that brings nothing  but a smile to your face.” He was talking to a group of us about where he lives, which is New Mexico.

And also a factor, regarding how unsettled I feel right now: the fact those 2 friends took off: now it’s really starting to make me angry. I think I glossed it over when it happened but now I’m mad as hell. And I guarantee you Miss Broadway Tickets is disclosing every confidence of mine and she hasn’t got one nice thing to say about me.

This is real ambivalence: when I think about the 2 of them, I wonder “what the heck was really in this for me, either one of these 2 ‘friendships’?” How often did I see them? Where did we go? what kind of concessions were made for me?

I suggest a really cool trip and I get “I haven’t thought that far ahead right now…” Not the first time she has said it, when I suggest a really cool trip we can take. That is her-ese for “No. I don’t want to go on an exciting vacation.” Bully to her.

In fact, last year in June, I mentioned to her that my cousin was somebody I was planning to visit and she retorted, “Somebody sure must have a lot of money if they are talking about taking all of these trips.”:(

I replied, “he has offered to fly me out and pay my fare.” She shut her damn jealous mouth.

Maybe I should have bidden her adieu months ago. Geez…you are going to be 60 soon and you are acting like you are SIX??? Who makes a comment like that, really?

But still you are mad the 2 of them took off, and rightfully so. When will somebody come along to fill the void? We need people and we all need friends. We need them: but never again 2 “friends” like the  2 who took off on me.  And I will be damned if I make the same mistake and decide to have more sticks in the mud as friends: NO MORE.

All of this is why I am really tempted to move to the area where my cousins are…but as I said: what about a job???

I would at least have next of kin nearby: how do you think I feel about that? I have no next of kin. Not out here .

Don’t kid yourself — bro would NEVER come to my aid and he would give a fuck less what happened to me. You don’t think I am not scared of that? What about me: who have I got? There is nobody I can call if I have an emergency.

And shit: Remember the episode last year where my heart sped up?

When I told the both of them what happened to me, neither one of these 2 friends said to me “I will leave my cell phone on. If you need somebody to help, you can call me.”

And back in  May, right after I had that nosebleed that I wound up going to the emergency room for — I told my other friend what happened.

At the conclusion of the story, she did not say to me “call me if you need somebody in case of an emergency.”

So how much did either one of them care? Perhaps I should have been the one to take the high road in a hurry…a long long time ago.

But I “had” to be available when Miss Tickets had trouble with that asshole boyfriend 2 years back (The one she resumed seeing this past October: this is the one she claimed chased her car and banged on the windows, that time 2 years ago) — she called me on a Sunday morning in August, 2 years ago, crying  about how scared she was and that she needed somebody to talk to and somewhere to go.

Guess who said “come on over.” Now I regret it deeply.

The best place for her was down at the police station, across the street from her apartment building: not at my house: suppose he followed her?

And 7 years ago, I had to be available for her at nearly midnight, when her other boyfriend was dying and she needed somebody to drive her 40 miles up the road to his hospital.

I guess I am a damn dunce, then. And a sucker for everyone.:(

Nobody returns the favor for me when I am the one who needs somebody in case of an emergency.

I just wonder when it is that I get out from under.

As for the one who stiffed me when it came to that Broadway show: she would never come to my apartment building — I think I mentioned this — I gave her 5 sets of directions in April, right after I moved in — and she put up a fuss with all of them, claiming they put her into too much traffic or the directions were tough to follow, etc.

Something was very wrong there. I even went as far as to conclude — a month after she was out of my life — that she must have gotten into a pack of trouble with somebody or something from this town: maybe it’s a RO or an arrest or she was banned from coming to this town? That is my only conclusion.

I am 15 minutes from her apartment. Closer than my old locale…yet she would not come here. Very strange.

There is no way she told me what happened to her, when it happened. If she got into some kind of trouble, then I sure don’t need a friend like this. Makes you wonder what she did with her time that she got into a pickle like that one which possibly can be a legal one indeed. C’mon: why else is she refusing to COME here?

So that is where I stand right now.

I guess I am still trying to get my bearings. 🙁

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  1. You do have to look out for yourself. Did you ask your cousins where they work or what industries are in the area? Did you look at what the chamber of commerce advertises for industries or get their relocation packet? Look up the name of the town and some nearby towns on wikipedia. That will often tell you what companies are in the area.

    I can tell you that the cost of living drops to very little when your house is paid off. I live in an area where hailstorms destroy the roof of one’s house every 8-10 years, so my homeowner’s insurance is a little over double my property tax, but the sum is about $2100 per year. Add to that an average of $800 a month for electricity, water, gas, phone, internet, car insurance, food and health insurance. If you buy in California, one issue that you will have is a big hike in your property tax due to proposition 13 (?) which caps the growth rate of one’s property tax regardless of the value of the home, so the current owner of the house or condo might be paying only half of what you will pay, or even less for a long-time owner, but on the sale, the property tax will be assessed based on the value of the property at the time of the sale, though you do have the advantage of the cap in the future.

    Inertia is a real force. You know what your costs are in the current apartment, though you are less than pleased with living there. Suppose that you move and decide to rent fora while. My guess is that the difference in rent between New Jersey and other place will pay for your moving expenses if you are going the U-Haul route. You can find out how much U-Haul charges under different plans, to include one where they pack for you, at uhaul.com.

    I can tell you from experience that it is difficult to decide to move when you have nothing to keep you where you are. Where I have an advantage over most people is that I brought back only 3300 pounds of household goods from Germany, and I have probably reduced that to 2000 pounds or less. I can also tolerate moving to the wrong place, where you may not be able to bear the cost of a second move.

    It is also hard to know what you want when you have been wrapped up in pleasing other people, as you have been for a long time. Imagine that they have all moved to Europe or Antarctica. What would you do in their absence, because that’s how you have to make the decision. What THEY want doesn’t matter. Another consideration is husbanding the money that you got from the house to last you at least until Social Security eligibility, preferably buying a house for cash in the process.

    1. 🙁

      At 11:30 this morning, the cops paid a little visit to the neighbor next door. Not happy with what I heard (I was on the inside decorating my tree and heard the whole thing) — she is somebody who should be in a group setting.

      She could not even give the correct date to the cops when she was asked. She said “December 5, 1916…17,” How sad.:(

      I will be free from this place in June or a bit later. You can bet I called the landlord and told him what I heard (he called me anyway to see how the hot water issue was working out — I was the only one in this place who said there was no hot water; gee, don’t any of the rest of you even use hot water — and he made excuses for her.

      Especially the no phone issue; she hasn’t got a phone and I wonder if she was banned from using one.

      I said to him “Suppose there is a fire in her place? who does she call?” He attributed the no phone for her due to “maybe she didn’t pay her bill.”

      There are free phones available for the disadvantaged and those on public assistance. If she hasn’t got even that, there is something up with her having no phone.

      M cousin is in real estate; his wife is retired. She was a school teacher there, in the 3 towns that are nearby where they live.

      I would be getting away from the sprawl and the rising cost of living and property taxes here are mind blowing. It’s also mostl an area for families; nothing for single people like me.

      I have a couple months or 3 or maybe 4 to think about it.

      1. Are there really any places that cater to singles? My guess is that such places would tend have a population that is transient because people will move somewhere else once they want to settle down. because they will need more space. People marry and/or have children in most cases, and I have found that the only useful strategy is to be a good neighbor in a neighborhood that I like. I’ve had 14 addresses in six states and two other countries since graduating from college. My personal worst was moving three times in a 16-month period.

        Having lived in my current house for almost five years, it is harder to consider moving to be an attractive option. I get along with my neighbors and like where I live well enough. The main downsides of where I live it is that it is a semi-arid climate where people are trying to keep the kind of lawns that can be grown in a climate that gets at least 20 inches of rain per year more than here and the winters are cold, though not as cold as they might be.

        That you have relatives in the new town might help with the new home search. I know that in most places where I am likely to rent, I face the need to pay pet rent and possibly pet fees or deposits for my cat. An odd restriction that I have made to where I will consider living is that the town has to be within a reasonable taxi or bus ride to a Greyhound station, because I don’t like to tow a car behind my truck, and have no one to help me. I’d drive the truck and get a one-way bus ticket to come back and get my car.

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