Popping the Bubble

Fire Hydrant

Perhaps.  But you could say the same thing about Hillary Clinton.

Last night, I was watching election returns in a restaurant with some friends in the Upper East Side.  It was a little before 9:00: early returns put Trump and Clinton about even.  We had just paid the check.

“Do I want to see the 9:00 projections?  No, I don’t.” I told the group, and left.

I headed down Second Avenue, got a Citibike, rode it across the Queensborough Bridge to Long Island City, and got a G train home.  The ride cleared my head.

But I’ve had a bellyful of this election, and I didn’t want any more.  When I got home, I finished some paperwork—studiously avoiding anything that even smelled like a news report—took a shower, and went to bed.

And now it’s 5:09 Wednesday morning, and I still don’t know who won.

But having lived through a few Presidential elections, I can tell when my preferred candidate is about to lose.  It’s not that I think Trump is a great guy.  But we need a new direction in this country, and Clinton, as far as I can tell, will continue the policies of her predecessor and keep us limping along for another few years.

I actually bought a copy of Stronger Together, the Clinton campaign book, to try and understand where she was coming from.  While the description of our problems in the first chapter is spot-on, the solutions she proposes are either vague, ineffective, or will make the problem worse.  I realized just last night that the vague policy prescriptions are a feature, not a bug: if you don’t put forward specific policies, people won’t be able to object to them.

Yesterday, I discussed the vote at some length with my son.  He voted for Clinton.  His reactions to events were almost the opposite of mine: Clinton’s private e-mail server, which hit me like a punch in the gut (she’s disrespecting her office and the American people!), seemed a bit of abstract technological trivia to him.  And Trump’s offhand remarks, which struck me as the mark of a man given to running off at the mouth, hit my son like a punch in the gut (how dare Trump even consider messing with a woman’s right to choose?).

In any case, it’s time to pop the bubble.

Trump won!

My sense of ‘a candidate about to lose’ was off this year.

There may be hope for us, after all….

3 thoughts on “Popping the Bubble”

  1. Any “solution” will cost money, and that’s not something that the government can spare. I expected Colorado to be carried by Hillary, and it was. I concentrated on the ballot issues. For instance, there was a proposal to form a single-payer health insurance plan, ColoradoCare. It sounds good until you dig into the details. It would cost 10% of payroll, split 3.3% to employee and 6.7% to employer, plus 10% of all non-payroll income, but retirees and sole proprietors would pay the full 10%, without any details about how to opt out if you already have insurance. One would have been forced to buy “family coverage” regardless of the size of their family or how many people were working. The tax would have applied up to $350K. It was voted down by a 4:1 margin. The income tax rate in Colorado is only 4.62%

    Perhaps the lesson to take away from the failure of ColoradoCare to be enacted into law is that if you show people the actual cost of providing coverage to everyone. and warn them that the costs are likely to go up from there. such a proposal will never pass.

  2. And that is why politicians are assholes, or more accurately, why the political process favors them. The person who discusses problems and the costs of addressing them will get hosed by the guy who says that everything is wonderful, and we should all get a tax cut. If you can sweep the costs under the rug, you can enact most anything.

  3. As someone who has been sexually assaulted, his comments were offensive. Sure we need a different direction but not Trump. Think about, would you hire a recent college graduate to be a CEO? Of course not yet people thought it was a good idea to elect him. There have been reports on increasing racism and that scares me because the racists came up to vote for Trump and will expect good treatment in return.

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