12:31 EST and not looking so good for HRC

Holy God.

it’s like a bomb hit the Javits Center — those people are silent, blank eyed and devastated.

What happened here?

This jerkoff broke every rule and pissed off everybody from here to Alpha Centauri. He’s insulted everybody he can find and stopped at nothing to say everything and anything disgusting and stomach turning.

It’s like everybody in the states “nobody really lives in” voted for him.

All of a sudden, this was….just gone, for her. When they announced Florida swung in his direction, it was over after that.

I will be up for awhile, probably until about 3 am.

Unfuckingbelievable. The Big Tangerine Pussy Snatcher has won the election.

Three people have told me they are shit scared — told me this all along and said so again, this morning — both of them don’t know what to do or where to go.

And now we have to “wait for Wisconsin.” Another stupid state that’s like some kind of a joke – what happened here??

This is the end of everything as we know it. Simply because a nonpolitician won — and because this fruitcake won.

244 to 215. I can’t see how she can win. 5 states are on the map that can go any way.

God help us all. What a sad sad thing for us and what a travesty and heartbreaker. You and I know he has no intention of keeping any promise he has made.

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  1. I told people going into the election, “Don’t underestimate the Hillary Hate.” I thought that Hillary would win narrowly., but I was wrong. I’ll look for the backlash in two years. Trump doesn’t have a filibuster-proof, veto-proof majority, so what he can do is more limited than people think. He can cancel all of Obama’s executive orders immediately.

    Private prison stocks are up 40% this morning on the prospect that the proposal by the Department of Justice will cancel their plan to cut back on the use of private prisons. Most of the contract cells are used for so-called “criminal alien requirements”, or aliens who have been convicted of a crime.

  2. I actually have pretty low expectations for Trump. If he undoes some of Obama’s executive orders, and shifts the debate toward securing the border and away from playing Madam Bountiful when we’re broke, he will have done his job. The rest of remaking the US into the genuinely prosperous nation we used to be is up to us.

    I feel rather like I did when I signed the papers to get divorced many years ago. The anxiety of making the decision was over; I knew that I would face hardships, the dimensions of which were still unknown, but I’d be better off in the longer run.

    The Daily News was genuinely entertaining yesterday, greeting Trump’s election as if it were the End of the World. Maybe. At worst, he’ll turn out to be Yet Another Useless Politician. And we’ll be treated to endless bad puns when something or other gets ‘Trumped up.’

    The real scandal with private prisons seems to be at the state level. I surmise that states sign contracts believing that they will save money over operating the prisons themselves, but in order for the prison contractor to turn a profit, there has to be a constant volume of prisoners. And if there aren’t enough real convicts, the state ends up finding a way to finagle some more.

    But if we’re to be serious about imprisoning and eventually deporting criminal illegal immigrants, we will need a place to put them.

    1. I should have noted that private prison stocks had declined about 60% over the last few months due to the prospect that the Department of Justice would cut back on the use of contract prisons. So, even with yesterday’s 40% increase (and today’s 2% or so decline), the stocks are still down 40%.

      What people might not understand is that prison contracts are structured to pay the owner of the prison a flat amount plus so much per inmate beyond a certain number, and the price per inmate is on the order of $15-20 per day. They also have an initial performance period of a few years plus option periods. Should DoJ or ICE decide to use fewer contract cells, they would not exercise the option to renew, but they would still be on the hook for the current contract duration. Consequently, it is not a case where people would be suddenly released from prison, but the number of cells would be reduced as the number of inmates declined.

      Much is made of the fact that contract prisons are usually guaranteed 90% occupancy. That is not exactly true. They are PAID for 90% occupancy, so it makes sense to use it. Prisons are high fixed cost businesses. Presuming some reasonable planning, one would not contract for vastly more cells than they need. For instance, it costs my city $60 per inmate per day to send prisoners to the county jail when the city jail is too crowded. This is a higher cost than they might pay than if they guaranteed the county 50 inmates per day.

    2. “Unfuckingbelievable. The Big Tangerine Pussy Snatcher has won the election.”

      That is really funny because it is so descriptive of him! LOL! Thanks for the laugh!

      1. Somebody from the UK called him that.

        After they announced the projected winner — this was 1:15 am — I hung around on FB.

        I was up for quite awhile and read maybe 150 replies on various news site’s theads about the election.

        All of the messages were of disbelief, disappointment, sorrow or anger.

        There were no congratulatory messages in the entire lot.

        If this is how the “world” feels then we have a very rough road ahead. He has given people the permission to hate and hate openly.
        I call him the orange banana.:(

  3. I do not like Trump and do not feel he is qualified. He is inciting race more than I have ever seen. I hope he gets impeached but then we get Pence who is an even bigger misogynist than Trump and is probably squeaky clean. I just hope the more moderate Supreme Court Justices remain alive until 2 years or longer because if he’s as bad as I think the Democrats will have a better chance then.

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