This election and my official endorsement

While watching the debates and all the media I am reminded of so many things but mostly the issues with racism and sexism. like it or not, this election is a reflection of our values, good or bad.  This election is such a horrible situation that I was inclined at one time to vote third party. However, that would be a poor choice.

Before I official announce who I endorse let me state: I don’t like either one but I hate one and think that person is the most unqualified person to ever run.  Therefore, I am endorsing Hillary Clinton.  Quite frankly, Trump scares me. Do I have questions about the emails? yes but I have more questions about Trump’s hatred towards others, especially women. He is demeaning too many women. I was leaning towards Gary Johnson but he stands little chance.

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  1. i respect your decision.

    Although I think Trump is the least bad of the Presidential candidates and I’ll probably vote for him, I can’t recommend him to others. It isn’t the latest bimbo eruption (which serves to demonstrate that Trump is, well, male), but that his campaign has set unrealistic expectations that go far beyond the usual campaign promises: all people need to do is vote for Trump and their problems will be over. Even in the best of circumstances, it’s never that easy.

    1. I’m trying to figure out why people think he’s better than Clinton. His hatred of women is disgusting and implying rape is never cool. I don’t like Clinton but Trump is such a dangerous candidate. Here’s a guy who never ran for any political office, who exposes hatred against so many, and thinks of women as objects. If you are reluctant to vote at all, please consider Gary Johnson. He’s the best but stands little chance. As a woman, if any guy told me they were voting for Trump I wouldn’t date them, they would be branded as a sexist.

      No, the latest thing does not show he is male, it shows he believes he thinks he is superior to women. I’ve dealt with those type of guys and it’s partly why I struggled career wise. Many guys think like that. If a guy grabbed me (and a few have)I punched, and have been known to break jaws and noses.

      1. My first boss was like this.

        He would say “come over here and give me a kiss” or if you were having a conversation with other people in the lab, he’d come up to you and hold your hand. Told dirty jokes, belittled you if you got upset.

        He would come over and hug you. All of this unasked for and unbidden.

        He was awful…and it was plain to see that he was carrying on with at least one person in that group. You could see it, just from the preferential treatment she was given; the third person in that department (he also was considered the section head of that department) was somebody he was a student with, way back in the day, so this was a woman well into her 50s.

        Married guy with 5 kids and this is how he acted. That place was a wasteland; he hired a tech to be section head for another lab section and “Tom” was awful — cursed at you if you displeased him and he thought nothing at screaming at the woman who worked in there on a full time basis.

        I used to call him “Ticked Off Tom” because he was always mad. They all looked the other way when it came to Tom’s behavior. What Tom needed: to be fired the second he opened his mouth the first time.

        He was working there for 5 years, I think, when we got there as students.

        1. I was lucky I didn’t have a boss like that but have been sexually assaulted by men before in that matter. These men think they are superior to women. It’s scary that men like him believe this, which is why I could never vote for him.

  2. As I said, I respect your decision, and I don’t want to argue with you. And in fact, I’ll agree with you: Trump thinks he’s superior to women. He also thinks he’s superior to most men: in fact, anyone who isn’t a spectacular real estate baron or an A-list celebrity. This includes most of the politicians with which he will have to collaborate as President.

    On the other hand, I have a major problem with a candidate who effectively got a pass from the FBI and who calls ‘deplorable’ those of us who believe that we need to secure our borders and that we can no longer play Lady Bountiful hosting tens of thousands of refugees when we are, in fact, broke.

    1. Of course we need to secure our borders but Trump won’t do that. He has a rep for hiring foreign workers. That’s the thing people don’t get, he won’t do a damn thing to stop the immigration problem. As for the emails, well other politicians have done that too so blaming her only is blaming her for something they all do. I don’t like Clinton and have written about how Bill Clinton did many things to hurt the middle class but Trump is worse.

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