Ten Reasons

I’ve become disgusted with the Daily News of late.  The newspaper has become a fount of left-wing propaganda, and they seem to believe that there is a special place in Hell set aside for Donald Trump.  The other day, Trump surrendered to the reality that running around and deporting all 11,424,767 illegal immigrants is probably not a practical course of action.  The News ran an editorial calling him out for flip-flopping on what had been his signature issue.

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m ready to stop reading the News, and it was in that frame of mind that I read the headline on last Friday’s paper:

Here's what I have to lose...

I was hoping for some cogent analysis of what was wrong with Trump: was there something I was missing?

Well, maybe.

The article is basically list of the things that the author believes he would be giving up by supporting Trump.  The top ten:

  1. My dignity.
  2. My self-respect.
  3. My standing among family and friends, black or white, and anyone who has ever held me in high regard.
  4. My future.
  5. My children’s future.
  6. Their children’s future.
  7. My mind.
  8. My soul.
  9. All rational thought.
  10. My lunch.

While it would be fun to ridicule this list, that isn’t my point.  The items that the author believes that he will lose by supporting Trump all relate to his feelings, and only very indirectly, if at all, to the candidate’s policy positions.  The author has come to believe that Trump is a dangerous bigot, and there is probably nothing that Trump could do or say to change his mind.

In fairness, it’s probably true that Trump’s candidacy, by going beyond the bounds of politically correct discourse, has encouraged the genuine bigots who are out there: they believe they’ve found a friend.  But that can’t be helped: if not for Trump, the bigots might have latched onto Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush.

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Yesterday’s News put forward the notion that ISIS would rather see Trump become President, because they believe that a President Trump wouldn’t know what to do with them.

OK, this one I will ridicule:

  • ISIS is, supposedly, the enemy. Why would we seriously believe their opinions on the American political process?  There is such a thing as disinformation.
  • Our ‘strong and competent’ leadership has been running around and chasing their tails for three years or so now, with very little to show for it.
  • The solution to ISIS is, in fact, simple. We created ISIS when we wanted to go after the Syrian government, but there was no political appetite for direct military action.  So we armed ‘the moderate rebels’ instead.  We need to stop doing things like that.

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  1. Let me me be clear: I’m not fan of Hillary Clinton. Having said that, yes I do think Trump is dangerous and yes I do think he’s a bigot. If he was just about being more careful about who we let in I would gladly vote for him. However, he’s fine with European immigrants coming here. He hires mostly immigrants and his factories are overseas. That makes him a hypocrite. No onto the bigot part, he has said horrible things about women, blacks and even Jewish. He’s a full blown sexist even if one disregards his racist ramblings. I’ve known about his sexism for years and what he really thinks of women. Now, he is encouraging the full blown racists out of the woodwork in a way that no candidate has as long as I can remember. Some of the people endorsing him are dangerous.

    He could have distanced himself from them but he has not. However, to be fair, the Republican Party has sought out these poorly educated morons since LBJ signed the Civil Right Act. LBJ even apparently (going by what I read since I wasn’t born yet)that lost the Democrats many white southerners (read: racists). Traditionally the Democrats were the party of racists and the KKK was started by Democrat. However after the Civil Rights Act they started going over to the Republicans. The Republicans to be fair really kept them under control until now but they are coming out and it’s scary.

    Most of the people I know who are supporting Trump are racist. That’s why they like him, Oh a few like that he’s allegedly an “outsider” but most of them hate the fact that a black man was in power and now a woman has the strong possibility to be in power. I’m not talking traditional Republicans who will vote no matter the nominee. Most of them have told me they aren’t happy. The small town I’m located in recently made news because they don’t allow huge flags to be flown from cars for safety reasons and do not allow Confederate flags. I’ll probably write about this later but am bringing it up because the fact that parents are mad kids can’t have Confederate flags in a northern town tells one a lot. Need I say most worship Trump?

    1. Factories?

      He has no canoodling with any factories or mills overseas.

      Ivanka yeah — but him, no. His money’s now being made in TV appearances and licensing his name for golf courses and who knows what all.

      He’s got no interaction with anything overseas that makes anything for him to sell.

      I wonder what they paid him to be a big part of those shows.

      I do not like him for many reasons. He is a cult of personality and a pop culture figure and sorry: either one or both does not make you qualified for the job.

      He needs to be yanked and somebody else brought in. Mickey Mouse or Flipper or Buck the Dog — I don’t care who.

  2. I’ve clearly hit a nerve. Thank you for answering back.

    First of all, I respect your decision. It’s not the decision that I would make, but I understand where you’re coming from.

    In fact, one of the reasons I wrote that post was the realization that many people choose political candidates on feelings or perceptions, rather than policy positions. And that’s OK: each person’s reasons for choosing one candidate over another are, well, personal.

    For my part, I consider what the candidate would actually do if elected, which turns on the candidate’s policy positions, the environment the candidate would face if elected, the candidate’s record, and, yes, a little bit of feelings and perceptions.

    Some other thoughts:

    • The Civil Rights Act had bi-partisan support, but was more strongly supported by Republicans than Democrats. (Although, in fairness, the division was more geographical than political.)
    • While I’m sure there are still plenty of racists out there, I don’t believe the Republican party (or anyone else) has the power to keep a lid on them. I’ll grant that Trump’s position, merely suggesting that we need to keep some people out of the US, has resonated with the racists more than any candidate in recent memory.
    • But the racists vote, too, even when they’re not encouraged. I’m sure that they favored Reagan over Carter, Bush (41) over Dukakis, Bush (43) over Gore, and McCain over Obama.
    • I’m not sure that Trump, short of reversing his position on immigration, can usefully do anything to discourage the racists. My mother observed, ‘Don’t touch shit: it stinks;’ and I don’t believe that Trump, or any candidate, can accomplish anything useful by saying , ‘I’m don’t stand with the Evil Bigots.’ It only gives the Evil Bigots more publicity.
    • A rotten economy encourages bigotry.
    1. And a rotten economy encourages other rotten things — we still do not have full consumerism and that is going on now for nearly 9 years!

      The economy was going downhill right about this time 9 years ago: I saw the supply line dry up. None of it looked good then.

      In December that recession happened and it came to blows the following early fall. I still don’t know how they flim flamed us into discontinuing Pontiacs and Saturns and I still don’t know how they decided anything else.

      We got screwed and I think a columnist who wrote this article is right: something is coming and it won’t be good and those who are now in deep shit will see their own personal Somme.


      Somebody I know well is petrified of Trump. She wants no part of him and I am scared myself, considering what she told me.

      None of this bodes well for any of us and I cannot see how either candidate will benefit the middle class and those who are not filthy rich. Who ever heard of $600 for a fairly common medication??? Who the F lets these pharmcos get away with gouging prices until they can gouge and gouge some more — and nobody can do anything. In essence, they do it because they can. We will protest and Twitter and FB and Reddit away about how unfair the price is….but the price will not be rolled back. And our fearless leader and prospective FLs ain’t got diddly squat to say, to us the people they intend to lead???

      Housing prices are out of control. How much for a modest Cape Cod on a medium sized lot??? How much for that stupid apartment you’re renting? You need to shell out big now if you food shop! the essentials are now out of control — can’t anybody see where this is going?

      “They” do not care about us and “They” do not like us. This is all part of “Their” plan.

    2. With Trump, image always counted for more that substance. At least with a building, you can figure out whether or not the design is sound, even if the decoration isn’t to your taste.

      Anything seems possible to the person who doesn’t actually have to make the event happen. Trump has been more about marketing than actually building new businesses for at least 20 years.

  3. That’s the problem, neither one of them likes us. The candidates I would have voted for are those who would never get the nomination because they aren’t part of the group: Sanders, Ron Paul (probably Rand Paul too) and anyone running as a third party candidate. The fact of the matter when it comes to racism the Republican Party has attracted them and it has gotten worse this election. This isn’t ignoring the Democratic position on racism but when discussing the Civil Rights Act one has to remember the South then was mainly Democrats and were racists and the Republicans still had a lot of sane moderate Republicans (mainly in the East and Midwest). Of course there are still sane moderate Republicans but they are increasingly being voted out of office. There are still racist Democrats but the Dems are aiming more for minorities.

    Yes Trump has products and they are made overseas. He mostly hires immigrants too. These are facts that people are ignoring. However, to be fair President Bill Clinton signed NAFTA.

    As for the economy being bad, I would argue the bad economy started as far back as the mid 90’s. I remember the pre Nafta world because I lived in 1994 near a television production plant. Most of my neighbors worked there and most didn’t have much education but made good money. After NAFTA this production plant went to Mexico. I’ve spoken about my friend Lennie who saw his good paying job at a railroad foundry go to Mexico too (his company was down the street from the tv production company). I’ve long moved from that area but I know now it’s full of crime and low employment.

    It wasn’t just NAFTA though that caused the recession, it was the dot com bust. I remember even as far back as high school that computers were called the wave of the future. I had several teachers encourage me to get a degree in computers. This was before the world wide web and internet itself was just text. I know a few who learned HTML when it was first becoming popular and I knew people getting jobs without degrees. The problem though became that the world wide web couldn’t sustain everything that was going online and many companies of course failed. Then came the second part of technology and that was with technology how many jobs disappeared. Some went overseas of course but many were eliminated because one person could now do several jobs. With computers one person could do administration, and graphics and typing and many more. We’ve all talked about how employers have become so greedy that they are requiring people with two unrelated skills for one job.

    Trump is dangerous and does have a connection with racist groups. This is true. I know all about his past and it’s not pretty. We need an uniter not a divider.

    1. They don’t like us and the rich fat cats who are actually running the show hate us.

      Whoever gets elected will be a figurehead. You know and I know somebody else is the one running the country.

      They have forgotten who else has lost their jobs: the whole automobile industry was hit hard; cars are now made everywhere. Those who worked in the steel business are out of luck; we do not do steel anymore. Anybody whose job can be “shipped across” the internet are out of jobs…and will be! No sense in us hiring or training any more radiologists — just send the clinical data to some other country and let a radiologist physician over thee do the interpretation and then send back the findings.

      And there are the jobs that are hiring less personnel due to sign of the times: less nurses — lots of surgery is outpatient based and not located in a hospital setting. Same goes for lab people: trickle down effect. Less inpatients means you need less med techs — fewer lab tests to run each morning — and outpatient lab work? Doesn’t exist in a hospital setting much anymore — all of that work goes to a reference lab.

      It ls less of everything needed in a hospital, in the way of personnel, thanks to outpatient surgeries. There have been outpatient radiology facilities in existence for years. No need to go to a hospital to get your x ray now.

      We don’t even know what to train people for. There are no more growing fields. Very difficult to tell now what you should major in — and if you are in one of these now outmoded jobs, what are you being trained for??? Steel and auto is all those people knew! It’s not a college educated bunch; likely they didn’t need formal schooling for those jobs.

      1. There are fields growing but one has to figure out what they are. Apparently addictions counseling is a good field as is anything that is considered a service job in the medical world such as physical therapists. However, who really knows?

  4. Dude, thanks for the link to the essay re looking back over history. It has helped to clarify for me why some see Trump as evil, although I’m not quite buying it myself. But the election is still two months away, and I’ll need to see more than the bits and pieces of policy directions that have come out so far.

    It’s one thing–and totally normal–to prefer one candidate over another. That’s what politics is. What is jaw-droppingly weird this year is the notion in the media that Trump is not only not the preferred candidate, but is evil, and you, dear reader/viewer, must be evil too to think otherwise.

    Donald Trump has been a public figure in NYC for 40 years. He and his operations have generally been free of scandal all that time. He has succeeded in some ventures and failed at others, and hasn’t asked for government help for the failures. In all that time, I can’t remember anything that suggested that he might be a racist. I respect him more than anyone who has run for President in many years.

    Well, we’ll see.

    1. Actually he has been sued for not renting to minorities so he’s not a class act. Let’s not forget he has been been three times and five kids. Can you imagine if Obama has three wives? Yet it’s fine for a rich white guy to have it.

      1. And we remember when a B-movie actor was elected President.

        Married twice and the second wife was quite the talk for the gossip columnists and the public.

  5. NWP, you’re right: Trump and his organization were indeed sued for housing discrimination… over 40 years ago. But Trump inherited the organization from his father, and not that long before, housing discrimination was not only legal but considered a best practice.

    As far as the three wives, Trump is 70, while Obama was 47 (easy for me to reckon as he’s three days younger than me!) when he was first elected. Trump was married a good few years each time, and divorced a good few years before marrying the next time. For Obama, at 47, to have had three wives, he would have been bouncing around rather more, and it would be fair to suggest that he wasn’t quite stable as a result.

    1. But there are many to look at who managed to stay married. Even the Clintons who had their share of infidelities are still married. George W Bush and Laura Bush are still married as is George HW Bush. Even Reagan stay married to his second wife until his death. Let’s not forget that while Nancy Reagan was an actress she wasn’t considerably younger than Reagan and wasn’t known for being dumb. She was also American. Compare that to Melania Trump who has a lot of questionable things, like did she even attend college? I won’t bash her for being a model because I was a model but many models aren’t known for being smart, many are known for marrying the first rich guy. This is something I saw, not a stereotype. This isn’t talking about supermodels, to get to that point you have to be smart to some extent. Most models don’t get to that level so they need to either think of future ideas or married well. My point being the marriage could very well likely be a scam and that’s the same or even worse than the Clintons.

      As for racism, Trump has a history of saying horrific things. He’s also said things about women and others. In fact I’m more terrified of the things he’s said about women.

      1. Maybe the Clintons have an open marriage or somebody polyamorous is in the picture and the public doesn’t see that person.

        Anything is likely these days. There are all kinds of arrangements out there.

        Melania left high school after one year. Yet she is being toted as a college grad. Already bad news for him. It’s not like this is a typo and even so if it is, you remove it from the website.

        And the website is unaccessible unless you contribute a donation to his campaign first.:( That was how it was when I tried to have a look at it about 2 weeks ago.

        We can’t let Trump win this election.

        But it would also be a tragedy if Clinton won.

        Where do we win here? We can’t — we are stuck, as I said.

        I know somebody who is petrified of the thought of Trump winning — to the extent she thinks he will destroy society as it is thanks to a nuke or biowarfare or something that will wipe most of us out.:( Geezos — do we plan an escape route, or what?

        The big hoopla has been dragged away from Clinton and away from Trump…and the hoopla now belongs to that Kaepernick guy.:( Everybody is hollering for his head, screaming he’s a piece of bleep, saying they hate his guts… Ugh. And the falsehoods that are circulating — this is what is making it worse; the information simply is not true yet people are buying it.

        Of course “he is a Muslim” got into the circle of hate. I find no info on line that states he is a Muslim. According to Wikipedia he is Lutheran and apparently a devout one, at that, with many pro-faith tattoos. (I am guessing that if he converted to Islam, he would have to have every single tattoo removed. There are full sleeves and also tats on his back, from what I have read. That’s a lot of tattoo removal)

        And the vitriol is being circulating it on line to others. It’s the same thing with Trump: false information is being supported and circulated. False info like “Melania is a college grad.”

        We were much better off without the net. I often wonder if that actress who was in female Ghostbusters would have gotten that degree of hate if there was no internet or massive media involved… and would she have gotten the same hate if Trump didn’t somehow bring all of these horrible people out of the shadows?? it’s like it is now okay to violently hate a minority! These are things you would not say to somebody in the public domain or in a social setting.:(

        As for me, I am awaiting the tropical storm. No idea if this part of town floods, though from what I read a couple weeks ago, this section of town is now in a flood zone.

        1. That’s my problem with Trump, he brought out the full blown racists. Where I live now is very racist and you see Confederate flags of all things. People are mad about that, believe it or not. There’s no reason for people in the northern part of Illinois to be pro Confederate flag unless they are from the south or (less likely)they look at it as the flag on top of the General Lee. I bring that up because as a kid I would see the flag and say “hey there’s the General Lee flag” until my parents told me what it really is. Racists were the most part silent until recently and Facebook has shown me how many people I know are racists. I’m talking KKK racist. I’ve had to delete messages using the n word or threatening violence against someone of color.

          People think it’s no big deal to have a First Lady who is uneducated but it really is. Our last three First Ladies all had advanced degrees and were educated. Melania doesn’t strike me as intelligent and that’s a problem. Trump himself doesn’t strike me as intelligent either. Yes he’s rich but he inherited from his father so it doesn’t matter whether he was smart or not. I firmly believe she is a trophy wife and in a few years Trump will get rid of her.

          It is possible the Clintons have an open marriage, this wouldn’t surprise me. Many people do actually. I’ve met a few who do and yes have been asked to join in (I declined). Not my thing but whatever floats your boat.

          1. I have no idea whether Melania is a college graduate or not. I do know that Melania didn’t grow up in the US, so even if she had gone to college, it wouldn’t be a school that we would recognize.

            If you want to examine the candidate’s spouse for insight into things the candidate won’t say out loud, that’s cool. I do that too, but our criteria are different. (That’s cool, too.) For my part, I’d rather have a candidate married for several years to a trophy wife than one with an open marriage.

            I don’t believe that Trump can single-handedly ‘make America great again,’ and it seems likely that once elected, he will turn into yet another useless politician. But I don’t see any reason to fear Trump becoming President. The media has sown that fear, giving Trump a hatchet job the likes of which I’ve never seen before.

            Colin Kaepernick is a fool. Let’s just leave it at that.

            As far as Trump bringing the racists out of the woodwork, thereby hangs another tale. But I’ll note for now that if the racists agree with something, that doesn’t necessarily make it wrong.

  6. I guess I’m a counterexample: I’m skeptical of the virtues of staying in an unhappy marriage. My mother realized that she was unhappy with my father when she was expecting me, and resolved to ‘swallow the bitter pill’ and stay married. They did indeed stay married, and kept up the pretense very well, but I started to notice that something was wrong about the time that I began to think about relationships between men and women for myself.

    Trump’s marriages have lasted 14, 6, and 11 (so far) years, long enough that I’ll believe they were for real. For my part, I don’t particularly care where or whether his wives went to college. If the two of them find happiness and peace with each other, that’s enough.

    And yes, Trump runs off at the mouth and says many impolite things. He has certainly made rude sexist remarks, and said things that many people consider racist. It’s not that I believe that Trump is wonderful for running off at the mouth: I really wish he wouldn’t, and I wish he’d stop making stupid remarks on Twitter. But his wisecracks count against him (for me) far less than the industrial-strength disdain for the American people (and even the government she proposes to lead) evinced by Hillary Clinton and her private e-mail server, or the policy positions of most of the major candidates for more war, more surveillance, and looking after global interests at the expense of actual Americans.

    But if your decision is otherwise, I respect it.

    1. I had this friend — even as a youngster, I got the idea that her parents never really got along. Kids can and will pick up on that.

      And it was the same thing with my parents. I think my mother married because she wanted a couple of kids. She was already 31 when she got married.:(

    2. But we don’t know who has an open marriage or not. For all we know Trump might cheat on Melania like he did with his previous wives. None of this matters to me but what does matter is intelligence. I don’t think she’s intelligent and I think that is dangerous. Hillary Clinton, for all her faults is intelligence, and so are the previous two First Ladies. I don’t know about the others, but many came from an era where it wasn’t important for a woman to get a degree.

      1. Jackie had one.

        Maybe Ladybird.

        Pat Nixon is a college grad, I think.

        Mrs. Ford might have been one.

        Not sure about Mrs. Carter.

        Nancy and Maureen, likely not.

        Barbara Bush was a schoolteacher; she might have gone to a normal school — back in the day, a college education was not required for a teacher.

        Laura Bush has a college degree.

        Michelle has one.

        I think that brings us up to speed on who is/who might have one. Remember: women only went to college way back in the day if they were from a well to do family. M.R.S degree and all that other kind of thing.

        1. Maureen? Not sure who that is but Nancy Reagan did graduate college. Barbara Bush attended Smith but from what I read dropped out before graduating (though have heard she graduated so this could be wrong) but like mentioned was from an era where women went to receive a MRS degree. It’s hard to realize now but yeah women went to marry a professional man. Interesting to note that Jackie became a career woman after Onassis died. Pat Nixon had a masters in teaching I believe. The last three First Ladies all had advanced degrees.

          The last few First Ladies of course are from a different generation and a different income level. Laura Bush’s family wasn’t rich I don’t think, and neither was Hillary Clinton’s. Clinton’s family was upper middle class and perhaps so was Laura Bush’s but not what we would consider wealthy. Michelle Obama’s family was middle class going by where she was raised. All three ladies were educated and none were trophy wives. Melania is younger than all of them (she’s my age I think) and now it’s common to have a degree. Interesting to note I made this same thing with Marco Rubio’s wife, who didn’t finish college and was a housewife. I want an accomplished person as First Lady and Melania isn’t it.

          1. I meant Jane Wyman. His first wife. Got her mixed up with the daughter.:(

            I think Melania is about 45 now.

      2. If Trump had an open marriage, we’d never hear the end of it. It would be yet another club with which to bash him over the head… unless they’re saving it for an October surprise.

  7. You can read the list of “US First Ladies” by going to the “Wikipedia” entry on them. All of the Post WWII First Ladies have been college educated except for Mrs. Truman, and Mrs. Eisenhower. They both graduated from their respective ‘finishing school’. I do not mind the current Mrs. Trump. She seems like a nice person. In fact, I often think that the ‘average’ “First Lady” often has more leadership ability than the respective President of the USA that she is married to.

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