Just a Friday Morning Observation

Isn’t it funny how absolutely nobody is talking about “Steve from Virginia”….

But everybody wants to hear what the Kardashians or Taylor Swift or Kanye have to say.

Isn’t it funny how the topic of “Steve From Virginia” left the scene the second the news coverage ended. Nobody is even discussing amongst themselves who he is, whee he came from, why he did it or anything else.

Poof…. just gone.

The owner of the building didn’t even mention the climber.

How odd. He didn’t weigh in with the press or issue a statement…and you can bet your hat he didn’t meet with “Steve from Virginia,” either

(He no doubt is in a federal prison and not likely we will hear from him, or about him, again. I watched his youTube video; he didn’t have much to say. He’s a youngish guy, about 25 maybe)

My point is this: we have become brainwashed. We no longer demand answers nor do we have a quest for any kind of knowledge, nor do we ask “what was really behind that climb? What’s his game?”

3 thoughts on “Just a Friday Morning Observation”

  1. It took me a while to realize that ‘Steve from Virginia’ was the guy who climbed the Trump Tower a few days ago.

    In the past, daredevils had a fairly short shelf life as a news item. After the act itself, the perpetrator would be arraigned, and then a few months later he’d get a trivial punishment: it was, after all, in good sport.

    But this time, the authorities seem to believe that he’s crazy. The last I heard, Steve was being held for psychiatric observation. But from what little I can tell, nothing suggests mental illness. If you’re a guy and you don’t want to be at least a bit of a daredevil in your twenties, something is wrong with you!

    I wouldn’t expect Trump to comment one way or the other: there’s nothing useful he can say.

    I hope the Feds haven’t conveniently ‘disappeared’ him. But until he gets arraigned, there really isn’t anything to report.

    1. A few years back, a 14 year old kid from Weehawken simply waltzed into Freedom Tower, took the elevator as far up as he could go… and then climbed to the spire. I think he took photos also.

      He said he walked past a sleeping guard.

      He probably went to juvenile court, spoke his piece, and that was it. I don’t think the kid was formally arrested. B ut just goes to show ya nothing is battened down these days.

  2. I think because perhaps people are in an area with tall buildings or are so removed they don’t care. I didn’t see it much on the local news but I think part of it is because there are closer and taller buildings. Tall skyscrapers have always fascinated me and I used to doodle one of them that was easy to draw. I used to roller skate and on the way there could see the outline of what was the world’s tallest building at the time. Oddly, I have never gone into the building (and at one time even worked across the street). I have gone into the other tall buildings. There have been people who tried to climb these but I believe they got arrested before they got far. It’s dangerous that far up.

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