It is them….and not us job candidates. Nobody intelligent is doing the hiring.

This is on the job interviewer 100% of the way.

And with companies run as shoddily as this one, they are the ones who are nobody to work for. Don’t blame yourself if you never hear from them again.

I would NOT work for this company if you gave me a trillion dollars and man, I can sure use the cash. This place was worse than the last 3. Yah, it’s been some month.:(

Another interview yesterday. I was leery about attending, considering the first 3 were wild goose chases.

I found the job ad by accident while I was doing a search for something else.

I decided to attend anyway and if they asked me for my salary requirements, I decided to say it/write it with GUSTO. No way I was going to hesitate after that last silly bunch last Tuesday. Know your worth.

I got there 15 minutes ahead of time. When the interviewer, somebody by the name of Mary,  contacted me she told me I’d be there 15 minutes; it would be a screening interview.

Gee, Mary — you could have done this by phone.:(

First question I was asked by Mary: “How long did it take you to get here?”

Looks like she did not even read my resume.

She couldn’t have — anybody knows the town where I am coming from is about 11 miles and perhaps 20 minutes away!

This was already the end of the ball game but I decided to stay around.

She also asked me “Are you currently employed?”

If you looked at my resume, you’d have known the answer to that question…no, I do not think this is a “let’s see if I catch her in a lie thing.” This is somebody’s error (not reading a resume before I arrived) plain and simple.

Other questions I was asked: are you married. Do you have kids. Do you have health insurance coverage from your husband.

My goodness: why are you asking me these questions? You didn’t even say “We are not asking to be sexist but we are looking to see if you will be needing coverage for your dependents.” And even so, you can say “Coverage for employee only” or “We cover the spouse and dependents” whichever applied and SKIP asking me personal questions.

Husband? Gee, maybe I have a wife!

Not so LGBTiqq2s friendly or broad minded, I see.

A bunch of general questions followed — we got on the subject of shipping and logistics and I mentioned I did a lot of that in one of my past jobs. Again, she proved 100% she did not review or read my resume — because if she had, she’d have noted the logistics and maybe written it down.

She looked at that section of my resume and that was it.

A second interview and you’re required to bring 3 references with you. Yeah, even if you are not the choice which means more of your sensitive info is lying around. (I will only supply an email address for my references but it is still the principle: don’t ask for a list of references if you are not going to hire the candidate)

This is going to be another “I asked for too much money” thing — there is but a week’s vacation and 5 sick days and that means the pay is terrible. I have never seen it fail.

“We have been looking for awhile…”?

Why hasn’t the job been filled? The ad that I found had an August 1 date listed and I am sure that is not the first time the ad has run. Very curious. Most likely everybody wants a livable wage and this bunch is not keen on supplying it.

I know I am not “running against” another candidate. I found the job ad by accident and I sent that resume on Saturday evening. On Monday I got a call from Mary and she pushed to get me in there for an interview next day (yesterday).

Stupid and silly little people like these actually exist. And I can imagine the mistakes she makes on a daily basis…but yet they want detail oriented. Haha, probably to pick up after HER and fix her errors.

I just did a google search for her. Led me to LinkedIn and she’s got a silly little certificate in horticulture. Listed that as her “education.”

I also wonder if she is the owner’s girlfriend or maybe even his wife. She also reminds me too much of that little sneak that was the operations manager at my last company. This is all bad news and doesn’t bode well for anybody who gets the job.

I know companies like these — I worked for too many of them and all of them have ended horrendously for me. I would not accept this job if it was offered to me. I know I will only be there a handful of months or maybe a year, if I am lucky. I will guess, though, that my “big” salary requirement got me out of the running. Guessing I am safe.:)

Notice she mentioned no more benefits other than that puny week off and 5 sick days. No 401K, no profit sharing, no nothing. They don’t go for ice water.

She also left the door open and a gent who was there (who was very nice to me) got to hear the whole inerview. Gee, do I need him hearing my salary requirement? Unless he is a bookkeeper and in charge of payroll…but I doubt it.

It is them and not us. How sad for us all. Looks like all that is left are companies that want somebody for cheap. YOu will get what you pay for.

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  1. I think some do it for a joke to be honest. I’ve had every kind of interview you can imagine (you in general) and the questions were bizarre. I was asked whether I am Hispanic several times (I speak Spanish and appear Hispanic so this could be good or bad to say I am), I’ve been asked if I have kids or planning them, I’ve even been asked music I like huh? One company actually asked me on an interview who I was planning to vote for in the then upcoming election (I think this was 2008). I’ve been told I was too old several times (once directly), another guy told me he didn’t like to hire pretty because his wife gets jealous (I suspect he’s probably a guy who’s cheated or his wife is a nag).

    One interview actually wanted references from my last 10 employers! If we go back 10 employers we’re talking a good 20 years or more and at this point I don’t even remember the names of many of my bosses. I’m waiting for an employer to ask me to bring in a pregnancy test, that will be next. Then again I’m getting to the point where pregnancy isn’t as likely so who knows.

    Then employers hire the dimmest bulbs and end up hiring again months later. They never realize if you pay better you get better but they don’t care.

  2. Employers don’t care — they’ll just stick another ad in the paper and rehire and rehire and rehire.

    it costs more to train a new employee than it does to retain one.

    This chick who spoke to me was about 4 feet tall and was an uglier Paula Abdul. I didn’t even like “her”. And feeling a click with somebody who is a possible boss is IMPORTANT.

    10 employers? This jus sucks. Companies close, companies merge and yes, bosses die off. Or you no longer stay in touch with that person.

    I am saved by the bell — again, this is too much money for them to shell out.

    I guess they expect all of us to say we will work for $12 or $13 an hour?

    1. Yeah when I told them I’m not in contact with most of my former bosses they think that’s weird. The strangest was when the person told me to just contact my boss at my former employer. Great but he was downsized long before I was and if he was still there so would I. Why would I stay in touch with bosses? I liked most of them but what we have in common? They were old enough to be my parents and in a position of authority.

      Yeah they do think we’ll work cheap. I’ve seen some of the places around here wanting certain skilled professionals and the salary wasn’t livable. One job was a master degreed person and the salary was something like $22, 000. That’s basically minimum wage.

      1. It kills me that these people think we can live on next to nothing.

        This is the 4th unacceptable hiring entity. I can’t believe people are this shallow. Even if it was a case of “she did not know how to interview” how does this help me? How do you hire a decent person if you do not know how to interview?

        What a rotten summer.

        Over this past year, I’ve learned who matters and who does not. I’ve had other people clear out and leave the scene, over this past year.

        I will see some of them at our local supermarket (lots from my former town come here because there is no supermarket there) and my goodness, they certainly do NOT seem friendly. “I have to go, I have Janice waiting for me in the car.” You can’t stop and talk for maybe a few minutes??? Geez. and this is somebody I have known for wow, many decades???

        I am having a very difficult time with isolation. I will not and cannot mix with this neighborhood. Every one of them is a Section 8. I had NO idea how bad this neighborhood — and section of town — was until I moved to this building. I had an aunt who lived up the road a bit and about 8 or 9 blocks from here. That section of town isn’t like THIS one!

        My circle of friends has dropped to perhaps 2 people and now I am wondering “what is in this state and area, for me?”

        Maybe I am better off moving to California where my cousins are. I have not seen anyone in ages and I’d say with honesty my 2 cousins in California and another one 60 miles away are the only family I have, at this point.

        The rest were always stand offish, or an entity unto themselves, or much older than I [and I never had much communication with them, as a result] — that bunch was dust in the wind decades ago.

        I will be 59 in under 2 months from now. I dread the thought of my birthday — who is going to be here to share it with me? Nobody. I might get a call from either friend…

        But that is all I will get. It sucks and I am powerless to be able to fix this.

  3. When I was a manager in the 1990s, I used to conduct interviews. It isn’t terribly difficult: ask the candidate to ‘tell me a little about yourself;’ walk through one or two of the tasks the candidate will be expected to do; and (the one insight that I got from a book on the subject) ask the candidate about a challenge that he faced in his work or personal life, and how he addressed it. If the job turns on any certifications the candidate is required to hold (not an issue where I worked in the 1990s but more of a concern today), you’d need to verify those, too. It takes maybe 10-15 minutes. (In fairness, the organization where I worked took care of the administrative details, so I didn’t need to worry about salary requirements or checking references, but those things should be fairly straightforward.)

    Are people taking stupid pills now? (But I could make that observation on many fronts besides job interviews.)

    There was a piece on 60 Minutes some years ago about a guy who ran a factory and couldn’t find employees. But it turned out that he was looking for people to run fairly complex machinery who had some understanding of trigonometry, and he was paying… $12/hour.

    1. I saw one of the labs not far from me (there are two I think) was hiring some kind of scientist requiring a Ph.D. The salary was around $12 and one of the labs (I think it was the same one)came up with the brilliant idea of bringing in unpaid interns or college students. Yeah great idea there. I took trig in college and I’m no math whiz but if I was required to use it I want more than $12.

      The interviews you are talking about make sense. I remember at some having to show my degree or my transcripts. I prefer this actually. Instead they waste my time and theirs on dumb questions.

      1. They had the unmitigated gall to pay a doctorate holder how much???

        that sucks….That REALLY sucks.

        Either the owners/managers simply don’t have a clue what a person with that education level commands or they think all of us are desparate.

        I sent my resume to a well known fragrance and flavor manufacturer; they were looking for a food scientist. They stated they wanted a doctorate and the salary was over 70 grand.

        I sent my resume anyway; I was surprised when they called. I was asked about 10 general questions; I am guessing their goal was to find out what education level I had — even so, it’s on my resume.

        I spoke to the HR person for about 20 minutes, she rang off and I never heard from them again. Gee, I remember the day when a hiring manager stepped outside the box and hired the person, on the basis that they “had” something, even if the education level, experience required, etc wasn’t what they were originally asking for. 🙁 Too bad.

        1. The sad thing is, this was a major science lab that was doing this and several years ago announced they were going to internships (unpaid of course)and low pay. Yes a Ph.D really wants $12 an hour. Unreal but it’s obviously a way to hire visa workers. You know when employers claim they can’t hire people in a field? they mean they want as cheap as possible and since most doctoral candidates or Ph.D want more they want cheaper. Ironically, I did have an interview at a food lab for a marketing job. i didn’t get it but it was a pleasant interview.

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