The Curious Case of Donald…this is getting more strange by the second…

Trump’s comments — delivered to a newspaper he’s banned from attending his events since mid-June — capped a bizarre day on the campaign trail that also included asking for a crying baby to be removed from a rally and causing a stir over Purple Heart recipients.
In his interview with the Post, Trump criticized Ryan, saying, “We need very strong leadership.”
“We need very, very strong leadership,” Trump said. “And I’m just not quite there yet. I’m not quite there yet.”
At a rally in family-friendly suburban Northern Virginia, Trump reversed the stereotype of baby-kissing politicians when he called for a wailing infant to be ejected — spurring laughter after initially saying how much he loved babies. He also caused a stir when a military veteran gave Trump a Purple Heart, prompting Trump to say he “always wanted a Purple Heart” and this was “much easier” than serving in combat.
In another example of a scattershot campaign, Trump’s son, Eric, was drawn into a discussion about workplace behavior following the resignation of Fox News chief Roger Ailes over sexual harassment allegations.
He told CBS’ Charlie Rose that said his sister Ivanka was “strong” and “powerful” and would never allow herself to be sexually harassed by her boss
The comment drew a one-word tweet from Fox News host Megyn Kelly: “Sigh.”
Still despite the gathering chaos around Trump, lingering questions still surround his campaign and those who criticize him.
He is so unorthodox that it is sometimes tough for those caught up in the maelstrom to judge what is happening against a credible political scale. His antics often beg the question of whether Trump has so skewed campaign logic that he has tapped into a connection with voters that normal politicians don’t even recognize. That makes it far too early to write him off.
But equally, it’s possible America is currently watching the meltdown of the billionaire’s campaign. Perhaps the most unorthodox, unpredictable candidate ever has hit limits of political convention that even he can’t trump?
American political sages are not alone in trying to figure out the riotous election — the world is watching too.


And this is who the masses wanted?

In another interview elsewhere,  he was asked about abortion. “I am pro-life” he said and when pressed by the interviewer what he should or would do, all he kept saying is “they should  be punished….Oh I am pro life…” He went on and on in a circle on the same kick all throughout.

That clip is on You Tube; you can find it if you wish.

So what is he planning to do? get a list of who has had a TAB and then round them up…or something??? This is sickening. Truly sickening.

That info is highly confidential due to HIPPA rules. Who knows what he’d do to obtain it?? And what about the women who had abortions in the days when it was illegal???  (ask my bio prof about that, what he saw when he was an RA in a large well known Midwest university. The girls used Vanish and Drano and soft drinks to induce the abortion. Most died or were in poor medical shape when all was said and done)

(Possible also that he is just talking out his arse just to say something and either way, this just sucks. You wonder why other countries laugh at us — They have even more of a reason to laugh at us now, thanks to him)  

What do we do if he wins?

There is a chance, yanno: 50-50 by virtue of the fact only he and she are running (no third party will have a snowball’s steamin’ chance in hell)

How many more a-hole comments is he going to make? What’s the intent and purpose here? to further divide us all?

There is zero chance he will be pulled as a candidate: it just isn’t done.

Neither he nor she is qualified to run for President. She was under investigation and was  permitted to do so, run for President? There was no lengthy Congressional hearing — no lengthy anything — just a cameo appearance by the FBI who  swiftly concurred “nothing wrong here, folks. Let’s move along.”

And now he is asking — 2 or 3 times during one conversation — why we cannot use nukes if we have them.

Is it possible he is this stupid? This crazy??

What’s going on here, really? Why is he the candidate? Did somebody “pick” him and made sure he got the nom, or what?

That little gem of his wide-eyed and breathless-as-a-superfan innocent little question is in the link below:

Trump Asks, ‘If We Have [Nuclear Weapons], Why Can’t We Use Them?’

Who keeps the republic safe??

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  1. She is too strong and powerful to let that happen to her.

    Let me tell you guys a little story.

    The lab manager at the hospital where I had my student internship was a pig. A PIG in every way.

    He would punctuate every sentence with “honey” and “darling” and “sweetheart” if a woman was speaking to him. he would say stuff like “come over here and give me a kiss.” He would hold your hand if you were speaking to somebody and you were there.

    Nobody ever stopped this guy and at age 21 you are not apt to speak up for yourself.

    He thought nothing of telling dirty jokes…and he seemed to be infatuated with this one girl who was in our student class.

    [So do you think YOU can stop this “cute” thing with the honey and darling and hand holding???


    Sexual harrassers very rarely get fired and a “cut it out” will mean nothing. you are powerless to do anything about it, except get another job elsewhere and resign]

    Rumor was out that he was bedding somebody in the section he liked to work in. I wouldn’t doubt it. She was more or less the queen bee even though another woman 20 years older was part of the staff in that section. By rights, she should have been the queen bee: she was the section head but this other younger woman was unofficially in charge.

    Don’t ask what he did to all of us when it was time for raises. The raise would officially be 10% — in a memo that was released from HR — but we’d open up our checks and see far less than 10%. If you made $8.50 an hour, you got an 85 cent raise…you’d see 45 cents or another amount far less than the 10%. “I gave everybody a figure for each person” is what he told us.

    He was VILE. The biggest cheat and loser I ever worked FOR.

  2. I’m not thrilled with this election but I have to vote for her. I prefer the Libertarian Gary Johnson but he won’t win. I would have liked Sanders but he didn’t win (or did her? we’ll never really know). Trump is the biggest pig ever and my issue with him goes back many years. I have seen comments he’s made many years back but gave it no thought because he was just a goofball. However when that goofball got closer to the Republican nomination I was so sure one of the others would have won. I couldn’t believe they didn’t and that he did.

    Here’s the reality and most of his supporters like him because of his sexism and racism. I am not saying Republicans, I’m saying his fans. I’ve spoken to many actual Republicans and most of them don’t like him. Some will vote and hope he gets impeached, others have told me they are voting Johnson, Clinton or not at all. Mainstream party Republicans aren’t happy. What saddens me is how many people have blocked and/or unfriended on Facebook me since I made it known I hate him. People take it seriously that I can’t support a racist/sexist pig. I think some of the things he’s saying without thinking but he does have a history of racism and sexism.

    I can’t really speak for racism being that I’m white (though have been discriminated for that but probably not as much as black people are discriminated). However I can speak for sexism and have been the victim many times. I’ve lost jobs because employers felt I would get pregnant and quit. Others would make comments that I should marry a man with money or “girls like you don’t need to work”. I’ve been paid less for the same job, with the excuse that a man has to support his family. And on and on. As a pretty girl I suspect it made it worse (and it could be hard dealing with pigs when I walked somewhere.). I don’t get it as bad as I did but even so, I know I have had a hard time finding jobs partly due to my gender.

  3. How die hard dedicated to a cause he is:

    He sold the AC Taj Mahal to somebody else and bailed.

    The Taj is closing. They cannot settle the strike.

    When the Taj was not doing well, did he dedicate 100% to finding out what was going on?

    First thing you do is audit everything, including the books. You go through all the invoices with 10 fine tooth combs! Maybe you have employees on the take! maybe that is where the money is going!

    you try to settle the strike (if there was one going on before he sold it and bailed; I dunno if there was a strike then or not).

    You do something new: appeal to a new demographic or group. Maybe turn it into a family place! Give discounts and incentives.

    Bring in concerts that appeal to the millennials — Millennials and Generation X do not gamble or go to the track.

    You try everything in creation and if none of those ideas work, THEN see what you can do about selling the place to somebody who can fix what is wrong.

    He has zero dedication and he simply bails when something goes wrong. Frig him if he thinks he can do that to our country and people if he is elected.

    Years ago, somebody told me the Taj was a hit with Filipinos and Chinese. I do not know if it is still that way — but wow, a local hospital saw the Koreans as their ace in the hole — the hospital now is almost exclusively Korean in client-load — they have Korean nurses, Korean food and everything Korean is said and done in one specific patient floor, dedicated to everything Korean.

    They couldn’t do the same thing with the Taj???

    he’d have had no problem NOT making money, in that case!

    1. I heard he pretty much destroyed Atlantic City and that’s what he does. He’s not sane, he’s kooky and he has no business being president. He’s also attracting the worst of the worst.

      1. Give at least some credit for the decline in Atlantic City to having Pennsylvania legalize casino gambling and a change in the law that allowed casinos to spend the 1.5% of profits that should have gone to Atlantic City revitalization on upkeep of casinos themselves. The addition of casino gambling in Maryland put another few nails in the coffin of Atlantic City. All else equal, people are not going to put up with a 3 hour drive (from Baltimore) or an hour and fifteen minutes (from Philadelphia) when they can travel 30 minutes or less to a local casino.

        Another factor that probably hurt Atlantic City was the rise of penny slots. Twenty years ago, it used to be possible to play for a couple of hours for about $50 on quarter slots. On the multi-line penny slots, that money is gone in minutes. You can beat people up only so much before they give up. When you rely on day trippers for your revenue rather than make a big chunk of your profits on hotels, restaurants, and shopping, as Las Vegas does. that has to hurt.

        I’ll agree with you that Trump was usually under-capitalized for his casino ventures.

  4. Well, maybe….

    We’re told that Donald Trump is a sexist and a bigot. But he has been a public figure in NYC for many years, and I can say that Trump is no more of a racist or sexist than I am. He differs from the other Presidential candidates in that he will not bend to political correctness, i.e. an exaggerated–and patently phony–deference to those who aren’t able white heterosexual men. Is that what makes him evil?

    In this group, we’ve railed against immigrants coming here and either taking up jobs or using up social services. Donald Trump, alone among the Presidential candidates, has proposed doing something about it. Is that what makes him evil?

    We’ve also noted how the economy has changed, and middle-class jobs that one can start and maintain a family on are few and far between. Trump and, oddly, Bernie Sanders, are the only ones who proposed doing something about it. Is that what makes him evil?

    I would have been honored to vote for Hillary as the first female candidate for President from a major party. But she disqualified herself with her private e-mail server. She did it because she wanted any correspondence that might potentially be private out of the public record. Most of us do that by having one e-mail address for work, and another for our personal lives. In running a private server for her official correspondence as Secretary of State, she upended the whole concept, excluding all her official correspondence from the public record until she deigned to submit it. It doesn’t matter whether it was illegal or ‘careless:’ her actions evince a disdain for the office and, by extension, the American people.

    I have my own theory about why Trump is the way he is, and will write about it in another post. In the meantime:

    – No, he did not ‘call for a wailing infant to be ejected’ from the venue. He politely suggested that the mother take the infant outside, and she did.

    – Nobody is going to look up the records of women who have had abortions and chase after them. Even if some (state or Federal) passes a law prohibiting abortion and positing penalties on the woman who asks for it, the Constitution still forbids retroactive law. (It may be a dead letter in some respects, but this should, at least, hold up.)

    – I’m sure Trump knows damn right well why we don’t use nuclear weapons. Have we lost the understanding of what is a rhetorical question?

    – There is such a thing in business as not throwing good money after bad. I don’t know the particulars of the Trump Taj Mahal, but ‘bailing’ in that context is not necessarily the dishonorable thing to do.

    1. To say that somebody is irrational because she has her period is just wrong.

      To say “She can’t speak because she’s Muslim” is wrong.

      To say “if she wasn’t my daughter, I’d date her” is… strange.

      When a Republican comes in, no jobs come in: jobs LEAVE. I can’t see how he will bring back the jobs and I sure ain’t holding my breath.

      To say “Why can’t we use nuclear weapons” not once but 3 times in one conversation — who does that? What do you mean why don’t we use them???

      1. Dude, same thing here. Our Democratic governor was really sucky so Illinois figured we should vote for a Republican with no experience. He was worse than the Democratic governor and made the budget worse. Yes he was cutting but it was things like education and things that are questionable.

    2. BklynGuy if he was actually honest about the immigrants I would vote for him. However, he’s not. He hires immigrants and his jobs are sent overseas. That makes him a hypocrite.

      1. Everything made overseas and I still believe sweatshops are the majority of the outfits (so to speak) that make those garments.

        Wow, I remember when the ILGWU used to carry such authority — they were important. Our distribution center was a member of that union — even those working in receiving and the computer room were members of the union.

        We had far better benefits than the management did. When our place closed, we got severance pay — a week for every year we were there; I heard the management group got nothing.

    3. In all fairness, I have heard crying babies at weddings and at church services. The parent needs to remove the inkling asap.

      I was being facetious about the ‘chase them’ — you and I know full well ther are HIPPA laws. He thought before he spoke. AS USUAL.

      1. Dude, I cantor at church and there is a few couples (one in particular)who seek attention and will stand in the middle of the aisles showing off their babies. The church has a crying room attached to the side where people with babies are supposed to sit during mass. Think these couples do it? nope, they wouldn’t get attention. Anyway a few weeks ago I was singing and the one baby was crying during the song. it was distracting.

  5. Some things to consider are what Donald Trump can do on the first day of his administration, such as cancel the DACA program, which was created by executive order, not by legislation.

    There is a tendency to want “pure” candidates. To do what the law allows is not necessarily hypocritical. Atlantic City casinos got hammered by the growth of casinos in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Caesars Entertainment opted to close the Showboat, and it was purchased by Atlantic County Community College to use as another campus for their culinary program. Revel failed within months of its opening. Arguably, Trump should have gotten out of the casino business when it looked like the proposal to have casinos in Pennsylvania would pass, and that was about a decade ago. They never built enough hotel rooms in Atlantic City to make it into a destination resort like Las Vegas. The minimum number of rooms that a casino had to have to be licensed was only 300. When the business model relies on day trips. they have to expect to lose out to casinos that don’t require as long of a trip.

    There always is a market for labor at some price. I doubt that many of Trump’s white collar employees are H-1Bs. From what I’ve read, most of his visaed employees are groundskeepers. Even though there is an upfront cost to get the visas., it works our cheaper overall to use them. Even if you have tractors and other mechanical equipment to help you do the work, how much would you want to earn to make it worthwhile to you to go heavy physical labor 8-10 hours a day seasonally, maybe six months per year?

  6. I’m planning to write a post about why I believe Trump runs off at the mouth, but there are a couple of other items ahead of it. In the meantime, as a teaser, let’s consider the ‘why can’t we use nuclear weapons?’ kerfluffle.

    As far as I can resolve, Joe Scarborough on MSNBC reported last week that several months ago, Trump met with an unnamed foreign policy expert, and three times he asked that expert why we couldn’t use nuclear weapons.

    When I was a kid, we used to call such things ‘rumors,’ and unworthy of further consideration. But since it’s what passes for investigative reporting these days, let’s continue. That Trump had this meeting several months ago and it’s being reported on now suggests that it has been dredged up by the media as part of an effort to discredit Trump.

    We don’t know the exact question Trump asked, nor the context in which he asked it. ‘Why can’t we use nuclear weapons?’ is in fact a fair question. It has several obvious answers: if nothing else, one could gain useful insights from the specific answer (or priority of answers, if more than one) given in response.

    Without understanding what actually transpired during this meeting, we have no way of knowing from this report whether Trump is being insightful or insane.

    Yes, there is always a market for labor at some price. But visaed workers and illegal immigrants depress wages for everyone.

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