The building, the neighborhood and the dog.:(

I’ve come to the conclusion I cannot stay in this building.

Some backstory: I took this apartment on half a moment’s notice because where I was staying was a king’s ransom. It was a do or die thing and I looked at a few apartments before this one and had no success. Too expensive.

This is a commercial building that consists of 10 apartments and a chiropractor. I am in the rear on the second floor. I have a back entry and a front entryway.

3 apartments are in this third of the  building. I and another resident are on the top floor; a youngish guy lives in the apartment at the front.

There is another neighbor who resides in a ground floor apartment; he is right under my apartment.

This neighborhood and building are not good.

I have had relatives living in this town for decades — my aunt and grandmother lived about 10 blocks west of here — and I had no idea that this quadrant of town was flat busted.

Most of the residents are Section 8. You can see it in the houses and you can see how seedy things are…and this whole building is Section 8.

I was more or less desperate to get out of where I was.

So I moved here…and I thought I’d be out and gone by September (very long story and my plans are not going to pan out where I can be out of here by fall) Not going to be out in September.

It is questionable and dangerous here, I believe:

1-Drunken kids arguing under my window. One of the drunk punks lives across the street. Funny how one of his parents never came outside and told him to get into the house.

2-Some Hispanic guy in a car, parked under my window. I could not see him but I cold hear him, screaming at somebody in murderous Spanish. I heard “pinga” and “mericon” and I heard thumping and banging, all this while he screamed blue murder in Spanish. Was he hitting somebody or was he banging something in that car out of anger??? I did not know.

The screaming went on for 3 minutes; I called the cops. I should have dialed the local cops directly; I called 911 and got a switchboard that Iguess is for the group of towns here. by the time the cops came, they were 10 seconds too late — the guy started the car and left and 10 seconds later, the cops got here.

3-People across the street had a party on 4th of July weekend and at midnight as the guests were leaving, the departure of the guests turned into a screaming match between a guy and a girl. He kept screaming at her to “get in this car…” And it went on for a good half hour. No lack of four letter words, either.

4-Odd neighbor that lives here, in this building. I avoid her like the plague. My thought is she is dangerous, too.

5-And the guy under me in the other ground floor apartment screams. Loudly. And I hear him possibly banging or throwing furniture. I think he is in there alone; he seems to be disadvantage. Why this guy is living on his own, I have no idea.

More backstory why this place is just the pits:

Back in April, there was a bag of trash and a chewed up box in the vestibule.  The box was flat and behind the vestibule door.

Nobody laid claim to any of the items; we are 3 residents in this section of the building that uses that front vestibule.

That trash has been here since I looked at this apartment and that was February 29. I suspect it was there for years.

Nobody has claimed it or thrown it away. Apparently they jut walk around it and past it.  Lots easier than tossing it out. (and also a big box of gadgets from Verizon — unopened — with the name of a former female resident on the shipping label.)

About a month after I got here, I asked Landlord if I could toss the stuff out.  He said yes.

Odd neighbor didn’t like this; she cornered me outside as i was taking out the trash — and claimed that the chewed up box was hers and gave me hell about “how can you just move in here and just throw things away.”

I was outside of the  building when she said all of this. I reached for my house keys — they were in my pocket — and she asked me “Do you have a weapon in there?”

I reported this to nobody. Because I would look like the bad guy. that’s why.

After the “have you got a weapon” inquiry, she huffed and puffed and then  vanished into the apartment next to mine and called me wow, about a thousand different names, including “helldog.” What the  hell is a helldog??? anyone know???

After that, I avoided the front entrance; I enter and leave using the back entry — she is always here; she lives in the other half of the  building but she is a fixture with some guy who is my next door neighbor.  I don’t know if this is his girlfriend or what but no matter: I avoid her like the plague.

When I’d leave out my front door that leads to the street, she’d be on it in a flash: that door to the apartment next to mine would slam open and she’d watch me leave. She’d do the same upon my arrival…

And did the same when I had Verizon here and a furniture delivery here: the door opened and she’d stand there and watch me and whoever it is.

See why I avoid her?

I justr asked Landlord if I could have a dog for protection and I told him there were questionable happenings here. He got kind of rude about it and said “No. Not here. Insurance purposes…”

But he’s got a stress fracture a good inch wide and a good 3 feet long, in the front vestibule…and the back steps that I am now using to enter and leave is…scary. Needs a painting and he fixes nothing.

That front hall was a pigsty. I had to be the one to vacuum it (Odd neighbor asked me why  I was vaccuming it. WHY as in “Why are you doing it” or why as in “It’s hella clean, why bother?” Good grief, chick…go away!) and this hall reeks of smoke, courtesy of Odd Neighbor.

It took me weeks to get him to get me moulding — the wall to wall was replaced with vinyl tile and there were actual holes in the wall where the carpet was, after the carpet was torn out .

His handimen are not the best. They are no shows or they don’t answer their cells.

Nor are the people in this building.

And I really really want a dog. I can’t go without one.

I am giving serious thought to looking for another place to live, starting in January — it will take me awhile to find a better place.

It would have to be relatively cheap, in a good neighborhood and a dog would have to be permitted and NONE of this pet fee shit, either. Bastards all think every dog is dangerous or bites? Bullshit….CATS are not the greatest to keep around: the apartment will never be free of that cat stink, even long after the cat people are gone. No matter how scrupulous you are about a litter box, you still get that cat smell.

So sorry I came here. And let me guess….

IF I had my dog, I wouldn’t get this shit apartment, either?

I am sad enough he is gone — there is a hole that exists — these people do not get it a dog is a family member.

Going to start looking. Enough is enough and I’ve had it with this place…

And oh yeah, I am not getting all of my mail and nobody can seem to figure that one out, either…

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  1. It is also difficult to get out of the driveway. there is a very popular restaurant right next door and across the street and customers park on the yellow line and pack in like sardines while they stop in to get their order.

    A guy here also parks on the tiny sliver of curb that is between both entrances to our driveway. How come that’s permissible? he blocks the driveway and it is TIGHT to get out of there when he parks there.

    And further reason I can’t stay here: When I called him, I told him I was wondering about security because the guy next door is gone.

    He rang back and said to me, “If you knock on the door, right to your right, there is a Joyce in there…”

    Confused? You bet I am. A Joyce? The only 2 I know of are the guy I never see and that girl who goes in and out. I said that exactly and he said “She lives in the other end of the building.” I replied, “That’s the only female I see going in and out of that apartment…”

    Now we have a guy I don’t see and a Joyce, in that apartment???

    Who else is lving in here that I do not know about??? Again: how do I know>?! Is this an authorized person or is this not, coming and going — and if that girl who comes and goes does not belong here he should ban her from this building or evict her for being somewhere she should not BE!

    This is crazy…

    1. Your mail might be getting stolen! Someone could then use it for ‘identity theft’. I would get a “Post Office Box”! ‘If I were you’! And, do it very soon. As for the dog vs. cat situation: the reason, from what I can tell with regards to your apartment building for the “No Dogs Allowed” rule, is to keep out ‘drug dealers’! They like “big, aggressive dogs’—for ‘personal protection’. When is your lease up? You should move ‘as soon as possible’!

      1. I came here because I was on a short term lease. Long story why I wanted it; my plans didn’t pan out just yet.

        Sheesh….I just chased kids from this neighborhood; they were riding bikes in my driveway.

        “Fellas, do you live here?” “No, we live over there. ” “Then you don’t live here. Can you please move on? I don’t want a broken window on my car” and they reluctantly got moving.

        I am up in October. I called a realtor today; I told her I needed the place for October.

        It is odd here. A “Joyce” is in there, too? What else is in there? (now this is 2 people I neither see nor hear, 10 feet away from me. This is crazy shit)

  2. One of my neighbors was convinced that my current house was vacant for years despite seeing a car in the driveway occasionally. The previous owners had built an 8 foot high fence that I demolished recently, replacing it with a 6 foot high privacy fence on two sides of my backyard, leaving a decorative border in place so that the neighbor on that side could get to his swamp cooler.

    I lived in a hotel that had been converted to apartments about 20 years ago . I came out of my apartment at the same time as the neighbors next door, and they expressed their shock at finding out that someone lived next door. I had been there for several months at the time. It is possible to the quiet and clean enough that no one knows that you are there, particularly if the walls are thick.

    Getting a post office box is a great idea. They are fairly cheap, somewhere around $30 for six months depending on the size. Most post offices allow 24-hour access to the post office boxes, but it could be different in your neighborhood. I had one when I moved back to the U.S. It’s also a good idea to have as many of your bills sent electronically as possible to reduce the amount of mail. that you receive. You should also renew your mail forwarding order from the address that you had with Bro as well as any temporary addresses since then. You can do this online at They forward first class mail for a year.

    I live in a house, and I get at least one piece of mail for one of my neighbors weekly. I just walk down the street and drop it in their mailbox, which is the sort where the slot drops mail directly into the house. The jumble of mail in the sort of mailboxes typically use din apartment buildings, which looks like a bank of very similar mailboxes that are opened with a key, has to be worse than what I experience.

    There is Cerberus, the three- (or multi-) headed dog that is supposed to guard the gates of Hades. Maybe that’s what she means by helldog.

    I can understand not wanting to move far away from your family, but if they aren’t much help to you, you can move anywhere you want.

    1. I have about 3 family members left, the ones I speak to.

      One is 60 miles from here and the other 2 are in California.

      I still have the PO box. it’s at the town where I used to live. I’d have to drive in to get my mail…. Maybe I will change the address back.

      Guy around the back told me he was moving at the end of the month….and said “somebody went through my mail, I think — the girl in the other side of the building.” Gee, wonder who that is….:(

      Enough is enough. I want a dog and that sot won’t permit me to have one. The thing is they all think the dog will bite somebody and they’ll be sued.

      …Update….those kids from across the street came back to the driveway about 8:30 pm and wre playing in it. I kindly reminded them that they were told about that already and out came the mom. Said “This driveway belongs to everyone; it is free and open.” I said something like “Not what we learned as we were growing up; that’s what we did as kids; if we didn’t have permission we did not play there” She replied “oh but they won’t break any windows” I said “well how do I know that for sure” and then that’s when she started the screaming fit. 🙁

      At this point I walked away and she was yelling and saying what-all, in English and in Spanish. I moved to this bedroom so I wouldn’t have to hear any of it.

      They can also break my window in this apartment or damage something in the drivweway…and if they get hurt, it’s on the owner.

      I am still waiting for the driveway painters. They shold include a “NO TRESSPASSING” sign, right across the whole thing.:(

      So what do I do? Tell them “could you guys please move along” every time they are here?

      Landlord says no kids in the driveway. “You have him come talk to me” she huffily said.

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