So back to school

So I have come to the conclusion that I have two worthless degrees in communication. I have been unemployed a long time and the fields I do have experience are increasingly harder to get into and notorious ageist. Okay so I decide to go back to become a counselor because there are jobs in this field (I am specializing in addictions which interests me and I know). I am waiting to see if I get a scholarship and I can get a possible job at a social service agency that pays horrible but gives me some money and experience.

Great you say? Mostly but I’ve run into a snag. Because my undergraduate was communications I have to take 9 credits of undergraduate credits that won’t transfer into the degree. Okay since I don’t have my degree I get this. However, I found out that I have to take an undergraduate research class. Did I mention I took a GRADUATE research class? yeah apparently that’s not accepted but the undergraduate class (where I won’t get credit)is. At least it’s only 12 credits which can be done in one semester. I originally checked into being a teacher and would have had to take another math class, two science classes and a few other classes amounting to an extra year of school. I think most of these can be taken online so I don’t have to deal with other students. The school originally was mostly older students (the average age was around 40) but now takes undergrads and quite simply younger people often annoy me. I know, once I take these classes I can go onto the other classes but having to take 4 classes is going to drive me crazy.

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  1. Wishing you luck.

    No idea what the sources are for grants or what not where this degree will cost you next to nothing.

    Somebody I know had to get a student loan.:(

    You will still have to do fieldwork, I think.

    Someday I might go to cook school, since everything out there is nothing but a scam, or so it seems.

    1. Thanks. Luckily I got accepted for work study which will take care of the majority. If I get a scholarship that should take care of the rest. Next year I qualify for several other scholarships outside of school, like from the American Legion. I hate loans so if I have to take one out it’ll be about 2,000 a year. It’s an inexpensive public school and since it’s 5 miles away won’t involve room and board or meals (though when I was there last time I had a few all day long seminars and I bought lunch). I thought this one through this time and am getting a degree in a field in demand. All of these classes I am taking online to get them out of the way.

      I was telling my mom and she said once I finish this first semester I can go into the graduate classes and it’ll pass fast. All are online courses and if I repeat my online pattern I’ll have them done long before then. In January I’ll start the grad classes but even then most of the classes are on Tuesday night and that is the one night I always have meetings. Because of that most of the classes will be taken online. I am hoping to at least take one in class one but might not be possible.

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