Back into the interview world…

And the lot of you are just as bloody insane as ever, I see.

And perhaps even more so.

5 hours after I left the first interview, my phone rings.

It’s that interviewer.

“Hi, Dude…this is Ms. X from the X company. I’d like to thank you for coming in….”

I can tell by her voice what the deal is.

“Calling to say we hired somebody a little more suitable.”

She spoke the rest of her piece and rang off.

You’re utterly kidding. You are calling me 5 hours after I left your interview to tell me I did not get the job?

How tacky. How uncalled for, how uncouth and how “it’s simply not done and you could have waited until MONDAY!”

Btw, what happened to the second interviews you mentioned, when I was there? I guess that was a lie, too.

Here is what I saw at the interview:

The job was typical office work. The company was a realty company.

The job entailed running what’s pretty much “the whole thing” — this was a 2 person office (excluding the ancient receptionist who misheard my last name albeit I slowly and distinctly pronounced it, within a foot of her).

There was too much work for one person — that “one person” being who is hired for the job.

There is also a mound of paperwork that is attached to the job — mountains of insurance-related paper work and nothing but paperwork surrounding  that?

And when the owners come in, they bring lots of work, more or less. Plus it’s be Ms. X’s assistant. Another 2 fer one job. Wonderful.

The company’s purpose is condo association realty, repairs to the buildings and a third division who builds houses?

Then this company has the bucks. This is a job that should have paid at least 55K as the starting salary, minus experience. For somebody with a good chunk of experience? perhaps 60K — but who knows what they were paying?

This could have been a 30K a year job for all I know.

She also never mentioned the salary to me at any time during the interview. How can I possibly even consider the job if I don’t know what it pays?

(Is this something new: not disclosing the salary? is this now the norm and routine? or is this nondisclosure strictly reserved for those who are not in the running for the job? ) 

And perhaps I earn more right now — a great deal more — than what you are paying! Do not waste the interviewee’s time. Do what they used to do back in the day: state the salary when you run the ad or say what the salary is at the interview.

Called me 5 hours after the interview.

This reminds me of the time bro went to an interview and the next day, in the mail, here’s a rejection letter!

To tell you the truth, I ruled the job out because it would have been an hour and a half commute each way and the job simply was too much work for one person. Considering I didn’t hear anything that even remotely indicated I was a candidate for the job, I thought I was pretty safe to rule out the job, even if it was only on “my” end.

How are you ever a serious candidate if you never are told the salary?  Impossible that you are being considered.  Suppose they call, say you are hired and then they disclose the salary and it is way too low for you to consider? Waste of time all around. I cannot even see a company even doing anything like that.

The interviewer was over 70, also and she said somebody in there is retiring. Wow, how old are you all anyway???

So in essence I was rejected immediately. Who the Christ knows what happened here?

I had a second interview 4 hours later; this was a rep/account executive job.

The place was sad: they just moved into that building and to me, it looks like they can hardly wait to leave. There are 6 reps there now and you can tell by looking that this is perhaps a $15 an hour job.

Guy interviewed me at a conference table where 2 other people showed up after me to interview for the job! He doesn’t have an office or another section of the room where he and I can speak in private???

And you had to see the condition of the other 2 candidates: one was a much older woman who wore white leggings and a shirt that looked like it belonged in the trash. Send that slob HOME!!! HOME! There are inexpensive much more “interview-ey” articles of clothing you can buy in a Sears or a TJ Maxx!

I didn’t like any of this, either…and he also did not tell me what the job paid. He did say that they made X in sales and that the campus had a 3 shift operation (rare these days) — and when I started to ask him more about that, he clammed up and wouldn’t answer any more questions. How peculiar.

These were my first interviews in 13 months.

And what I got was more desolation and phoniness.


What do I do?

Where do I go from here?

And to tell ya the truth, I couldn’t believe it: Ms. X had an intelligent, enthusiastic and efficient candidate right in front of her — you don’t want nice? or decent? or somebody with a proven track record???

And sure, when you talk up your skills, they’re all going to show enthusiasm when they are probably thinking “this stinks. How do I get rid of her?”

How very sad. For her, not for me.

She was not honest, anyway. Was there or was there not a second interview? Got another message completely different when she called to tell me I did not get the job; yes, what happened to “we are having second interviews with the owners of the company”??

And as I said: calling 5 hours later is tacky and just wrong. Wait until Monday: benny of the doubt.

I would also like to know what happened to the usual questions we were asked: Why are you leaving your job? Why did you leave the job before this one? What did you like about your company? What were your duties at your current job/ the job before that? How long were you there? Where were your companies located? Were they large or small companies?  How were you treated by your boss?

You are also no longer asked “can we get you coffee or something to drink?” You are no longer given a tour of the place — this is important to US! We’d like to see who is there and if things are neat and orderly and safe and what we can “pick up” as we make our way through.

A friend of mine is suggesting I call ms. X and ask her “how can I improve for my next interview” — right away they are thinking you are the one who handled it wrong.    She won’t tell me anything and it is likely that if I get her voicemail I will not get a call back. Out of sight and out of mind.

Too much work for that one person and a fleatrap, in that consecutive order. Wonderful jobs in our area. Just Wonderful.

10 thoughts on “Back into the interview world…”

  1. Given the large gap in your resume, why you left the last company and the other standard interview questions might well seem irrelevant to the company.

    I’m used to having at least a salary range available. The pay-setting system used by the federal government takes a lot of discretion away from the person doing the hiring once the grade of the job is set. You will be paid somewhere between $X and $1.27X depending on qualifications. However, jobs equivalent to the job from which I retired with the contractor who runs the plant post no salary range in the advertisement, so what you are seeing is probably fairly common.

    Given the commonness of combining jobs or redistributing the workload onto existing employees when a position is vacated, it seems possible that they decided not to fill the position. Maybe when she went to the owners to set up the second interview, she was informed that they weren’t filling the job.

  2. They don’t know about the gap. I have listed “XYZ Enterprises” as my current job….

    And they do not even ask about that!

    Not one question! “I see you are now at XYZ Enterprises — what kind of a company is that you are working for???”

    I do not say I am self employed unless they ask.

    XYZ is listed first and then followed by the job that I had before XYZ. It is odd how they never ever ask about either company. I am guessing there is no interest in me.:(

    Just what are they interested in? They don’t even want to know what kind of a degree I have? What good are any of these people?

    I just had a look at the on-line job ads: this company also ran an ad back on June 24, so that is a grand total of 4 ads! One on that day, one on Sunday the 27th, one on the 29th and then one last Wednesday.

    So it is very likely she’s been interviewing people since the end of June and it is even more likely that some of them got the same kind of phone call that I got. My gosh… this makes no sense at all. Why are you just randomly speaking to job seekers??? There is no purpose in any of this.

    Isn’t the purpose of a job ad to hire somebody qualified in as expedient a manner as possible? You run several job ads and you fart around? is that it?

    And her dumb bosses aren’t raising an eyebrow to any of this? Doesn’t anyone care???

    What in the heck has she been doing since June 24? How bizzare and how pointless. As you can see, there is no loss here. None at all.

    Looks to me like she does not know what she wants. If she did, that job would have been filled and pff the table by the end of June.

    There is no conceivable way any company needs so many job advertisements for what’s not a supervisory position.

    I should have cancelled when I saw the ad running last Wednesday. She contacted me on Tuesday morning. What possible attention is she going to give me when I show up? She is going to want to see others from Wednesday’s resumes!

    (Yah, she also wanted to see candidates from the other 3 days she ran ads. Shit or get off the bowl. Makes you wonder just how vital this job is at all and makes you wonder if she is any good at her job, period. Looks to me like she cannot even handle hiring a new employee)

    If “we are not filling the job” was the case, she should have said so.

    And I remember this one time I had an interview…nothing happened; no reply — I called there a week and a half later to follow up.

    I spoke to a manager. “Jim Smith, the guy who interviewed you, was let go…we are putting that job on hold for an indefinite amount of time.” this was back in the day when you were still able to follow up and find out what happened to the job.

    1. Even when there is money in the budget to hire someone, managers can be painfully slow to fill positions. We were allowed to hire up to 12 engineers to work on systems, but the most that we ever had was nine, and that counts a person who was on a rotational assignment overseas. I used to do shift work. The minimum number of people who you need to provide round-the clock coverage is five if you are only staffing the position “one deep” to allow people to take their vacation time and mandatory training. The people who do shift work full time have four crews and multiple people doing the same job or at least qualified to work on the same systems.

      We started off with eight people to cover shift, which meant working shift half of the time. Starting about two years ago, we started to lose people. One guy got cancer, another found another job, and I and a colleague planned to retire toward the end of last year. Another guy took a job that would give him full time days, and one of the engineers was promoted, so six of the original eight were gone. The person who was overseas returned. Two people were hired right around the time that my colleague and I retired, but it took over a year to replace the people who left, which meant that the amount of shift work increased from 50% to 57% to 67% to over 80% when I retired, and this was made worse by the fact that one of the people working shift claimed that she could only work day shift because of her migraines, so the other engineers are working 70% or so of their shift time on night shift, which is brutal. .

      I agree that how people are hired is deeply stupid and more than a little arbitrary. The desire for the perfect hire crowds out the “good enough” hire.

  3. No doubt they already had someone in mind and they interviewed you to make it look legit. I call it a pity interview and I’ve been on many. One place in particular I overheard a conversation that someone was starting that Monday in the position I was interviewing for. Now this means either they had several positions (or at least two)or more commonly, they already hired the person and interviewed me just to make sure they were right or to make it look legit.

    Yeah these interviews don’t surprise me and the last few ones have been waste of time. Why don’t they ask questions about skills anymore or even where I worked? nope instead just random dumb questions. Then they just hire the CEO’s stupid kid anyway.

    1. Had someone else in mind? She had a full week before she called me in to make that decision: could be somebody had the job and already hit the road!

      I have done a l ot of thinking about this great big mess.

      The most intelligent of job seekers do not have all the facts “in” when they leave the interview. You have to think about it and process it and in perhaps 4 or 5 days you’ll know if this job is worthwhile or not.

      She ran an ad on the 24th, the 26th, the 29th…. what did she do all week? Surely she must have had at least 1 or 2 interviews scheduled and no doubt several.

      Why wasn’t anybody hired???

      Such a gem and no takers??? Truly and really? Such great pay, too and not one body to eagerly jump on the offer?

      If there were no offers and no takers or nobody was hired…bad bad news.

      Could be there was a hiree…. and this person flew the coop and somehow last Tuesday I got an email to come in for an interview.

      Could be she ranked the resumes. I sent mine on June 27. Funny how I only got an email last Tuesday for an interview request. Sorry but I ain’t a charity case or a Plan B.

      This is a 2 person office and this is a family owned and family-held outfit — it is 3 companies under one roof and only 2 people to run the show??? That’s gotta be piles and piles of work! How do they expect 2 people to handle it all??

      You wold think there’d be an office manager, a clerk, an admin or 2, a bookkeeper and a project manager and at least 1 or 2 people in sales, not to mention a person who is in charge of the repairs and such? why are there only 2 people???

      She also does not know the fine art of the benefit of the doubt. Either you tell me no on the spot or let it wait until Tuesday or Wednesday.

      Considering all the facts are in — the ones I just mentioned — had I not heard from her I’d have picked up that phone today and told her no thank you.

      AND a father and son are part of the 4 person “executive board”??? Father and son = bad news indeed. I have seen that at too many places to know that is true. The kids are dumb as bedrock; never seen it fail.

      And when the salary is not mentioned, it is not spectacular or decent.

      Plus this bunch can pay in full for all the benefits, plus pay market rate and more AND throw in things like free lunches, 3 weeks paid vacation and medical coverage in full.

      They don’t care about their people. This place is bad news.

      I have the betting window open. She will toy around and maybe hire somebody by end of the month…and on August 1, likely the person will be gone. Took off at lunch and never returned.:) This is way too much work for one person.

      And as for the other outfit:

      270 people, 3 shifts of work and they have a fleet of 11 of their own trucks, a logistics/shipping department, a sales staff…and they have to have shift supervisors, a head of consolidation, a receiving department and they have to have an IT department.

      They have to have some sort of HR department and they have to — or SHOULD!! — have a nurse on duty!

      (and if they have not got that, they are in trouble indeed)

      Where the H was everybody else?

      There are also no benefits — I called him yesterday and asked– did not give my name — and when I asked “What are the benefits” he said “What do you mean by benefits…”

      I explained and he said “only for the sales staff.” My gosh…those poor reps are working for no money and no benefits. To the devil with him and the rest who do not pay accordingly.:(

      And she called me when??? Didn’t even give ME enough time to think about it — maybe I am at other interviews within that 5 hour time span or I rushed hom to take care of a sick child or who knows what — I don’t like what she did for a lot of reasons: this shows me that “we” are disposable commodities, that “we” do not matter and that she has the finesse and tact of a rusty butter knife. She is not wise and she is not smart.

      Heck, she isn’t smart, just for the fact alone she has too many ads running in such a short period of time for the job that is available: imagine what she is like on the job!!!

      I got saved by the bell. I don’t need him or her….and no more jobs in that neck of the woods. that 4 miles in distance (from my old home to here) is crucial when it comes to a commute in that area.

      I worked about a mile from the company I just interviewed with at one time and it was a 45 minute ride in the morning.

      I am figuring now that commute plus the mile and one third added on is at least an hour and a half for sure from here….and the same on the way home. No sense in taking the Turnpike; it is too out of the way from my home when I exit it to get onto the other highway that takes me there.

      From that old company, it was a 20 minute ride home — I took the Turnpike and it let me out right in the middle of town; I had about a 5 minute ride left after that. I won’t have that luxury with this company that is a little bit up the road.

      And if you factor in shitty shitty pay…. forget it.

      1. Yeah every time they don’t mention benefits and salary it’s lousy. The places I know for a fact were paying well all gave me benefit booklets and told me the benefits upfront though I didn’t ask. In fact a few of them actually apologized because the salary was “probably lower than I wanted”. The irony is the pay was actually pretty good, especially since they have good benefits too. Ironically they were the places I had second or third interviews with.

        1. Well, sooner or later you’re gonna have to fess up as far as salary goes. Might as well make it sooner.

          I have said it before: perhaps a student or a retiree will be glad to have that job and that money.

          Long shot: maybe she was away on vacation that week or could not interview anyone due to this or that happening at work… but I doubt it. This looks like a flat out case of a nutcase that doesn’t know what she wants or is looking for something impossible to hire.

          That one guy who hired me 10 years ago said he would have a salary for me after the week of the tryout was held. I said fine… the figure he came up with was nothing near what a job like that should pay but…. what can ya do. All of that is history…. and this is why they should say up front what the job pays!

          “oh we wanna look like we got the bucks…” Who cares??? you’re evidently not a Fortune 10 company or some megamilions hotshot of a company! At the end of the day, stop trying to be somebody you are not!

    2. Pity interviews?

      You never know if there is even a legitimate job behind the ad.

      I saw this myself when I was in the lab.

      I was job hunting; imagine my surprise that Sunday when I perused the help wanted ads for allied health professionals and lo and b ehold…

      Here is an ad, from our hospital: looking for a lab manager!

      The only lab manager we had was a nasty ole nun who was well disliked by us and the administration and the medical staff.

      So what other lab manager “was” there that was being advertised for???

      Monday rolled around. “Oh wow, is Sister leaving??? Hope so…there’s an ad….” was the talk of the town.

      Turns out the ad was a farce. To this day, I have no idea why there was an ad for her job…

      And at my part time lab, the supervisor of my department asked me “What’s up with the job at your place? I sent in my resume and never heard back. Who got hired?”

      I told him nobody was and not one person came in for an interview. I imagine administration would do the hiring but we never saw anything that indicated there was an actual candidacy for the job. He asked me what was what about 6 weeks after he sent in his resume.

      Meanwhile, the powers that be had Jim’s resume and personal info and the personal info of everyone else who applied. How sad and what a sham.

      1. Sadly yes there are pity interviews but perhaps a better way is to call it sham interviews. Meaning they already have the person or there is no job. A few places called me because I asked for an interview (but of course never got hired). Why do employers do this? who knows. The ones I mentioned where they tell me the salary? All of those were places that called me when I got rejected and told me the person who got hired had more experience (and they were right). They were the places that asked questions about my skills and looked at my portfolio. That’s why when a company doesn’t even have a set salary they are usually not interested or more likely it’s a joke.

        My former employer always did fake interviews. I’ll never forget two applicants I saw (since I was on the same floor the HR department). One was a nicely dressed African American who was likely a college graduate (he had a portfolio). The second one was a sloppy looking white guy who was dressed in overalls and looked dirty too. Guess who got it? the white guy. I assume he knew he had the job and didn’t care to dress up. The first guy I often wondered what he thought.

        1. This wasn’t the case in this case.

          There was an ad running on the 24th, as I said. Internet lets you access those submitted resumes at any time of day or night; no more waiting for the office to open at 9 on Monday to see who faxed what resume.

          She could have had an interviewee or 3 set up and ready to go for Monday…and somebody could have been hired by Tuesday close of business.

          What was she doing? Farting around all week?

          Very well could be nobody wanted the job…or she hired somebody and that person didn’t last the week.

          Whatever this was, it was bad news….for her.

          Do not work at any outfit that has a father and son or mommy and daddy or family partnership. That kind of hook up is always bad news…and it is also NOT a serious and progressive company.

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