Gender, Reconsidered

I’ve had a ‘well, maybe’ moment.

Look Past Pink and Blue

The graphic above is part of a publicity campaign from the city government.  While I’ve been railing against the notion of equal access to restrooms, it has, in fact, been the law in New York City since 2002.  It hasn’t been a problem: in fact, it’s been such a total absence of a problem that I didn’t even know that we had such a law until this graphic crossed my desk.

So I must withdraw my objection that allowing equal access to restrooms is a license for perverts.  It hasn’t happened, at least not to an extent that would suggest a problem.  I stand corrected.

Being able to go to the bathroom should not be a civil rights issue.

And yet, I wonder about the animus against the binary notion of male and female.  ‘Look past pink and blue,’ the ad says.  But for more than 99% of us, our reality is that we are pink or blue, female or male, one or the other, not both, and not neither.  And even for the transgendered, the notion of ‘pink or blue’ persists: a person is transgendered if his perception of himself as male or female does not match his equipment.  ‘Charlie,’ in the graphic above, seeks to present himself as male, whatever his origins.  If I met him on the street or at work, and didn’t know the back story, I ’d think of him as a dude, and not consider the matter further.

What is so horrible about pink and blue?

2 thoughts on “Gender, Reconsidered”

  1. You are either male or female.

    There is no in between or ‘other” and even if you opt for a sex change, your karyotype will still reflect your gender at birth.

    This issue better not cross over into the sports world. Remember Renee Richards? Richards was a flash in the pan and never cut it in the pro tennis world but try that Richards is still genetically a male! I am certain that no extent of hormone treatments will take away the fact that a male has more strength, more stamina and more of an ‘edge’ in that sport than a genetically correct woman has.

    It is getting silly. What do you mean “you can be called by the name you prefer”? Maybe as a NICKNAME but not on legal documents or school assignments — you are John Smith, not Mary Smith. It is too confusing to have you called another first name.

    We need to shelve this whole gender thing. Shelve it until we figure out a better way to do things.

  2. There are some people who are truly caught in the middle where they aren’t either. However, they are a small minority. This whole issue is out of control but then again one of our presidential candidates is known as a reality star who is a kook and another candidate had speculation of doing wrongdoing so this doesn’t surprise me at all.

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