The Orlando shooting

I don’t think we can stop the shootings or “get” the shooters.

Gun control isn’t it. There will be a way to obtain a gun or guns illegally.

Ban a certain religious group? Won’t help. We have plenty of home grown nuts who are shooters.

And we will not ban them or inter them because we will piss somebody off.

They are also a fast growing demographic in the United States. I cannot figure out why: we are a secular nation and this simply is not home to them.

There is something “in us” — we have turned into a divisive and confrontational lot. Who knows why?

It will be the same thing over and over again: “oh how horrible” from person after person who hears or reads about it…the press will run the story and then there will be another shooting somewhere else. Will we get mad enough when the list of those dead is over a thousand? Uh, maybe.

How do we stop these shootings?

I can only guess how.

What I do know is this: if an entity shows up with a weapon and kills¬†2 or more people, that is a WAR, not just a shooting. We are at war with an unseen enemy: “how to stop the shootings.” And we are at war with every entity who shows up with his bats on for a person, place or thing.

Ole Omar was gay. He was a patron at Pulse quite a few times; he was boisterous and drunk on more than one occasion. The management recognized him.

He also was a regular on gay dating apps.

This was an anti-gay massacre, not an “I support ISIS” massacre. I’ll bet you ISIS doesn’t know Omar from Adam. That he called and pledged solidarity to them? Means nothing.

This was also a massacre of black and Hispanics. Fine young people who were going places…and lo and behold, straight women were in there also. One of them liked Pulse because she could be herself. (and you know how tough it is if you are a single woman and you ‘re looking for a decent place to go on a¬†weekend night; we can’t find anymore places to go, either)
So what do we do?

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  1. I’ve said this before but gay men are the best to be friends with. I like them because they are blunt and will tell you things and aren’t in any contest. Straight men who become friends often do so because they are interested in me. Women often become friends but then feel they have to compete for men (unless they are married). Gay men aren’t in a competition. I’ve gone to a few gay nightclubs because they were playing New Wave. I liked it because guys didn’t hit on me (and men who hit on me at bars are mostly yuck).

    I don’t think it was ISIS at all. It’s important to remember this guy was born here so the immigration issues doesn’t apply. Why do they want to come here? the same way most immigrants today do and that is for welfare. Most immigrants (except Indians)are on welfare and these numbers are rising. Doesn’t matter the race. I support a broad banning across the board for anyone who comes here and is unskilled. The refugee excuse is used too many times and many aren’t refugees. I think what is going on in Europe with the “refugees” is scary and they are being rewarded for being jerks.

    1. The Muslims that I see are well attired and drive the best of cars.

      And yes, there are a great many Asian Indians on the dole. Our county has language specific caseworkers for them. That must be a real treat because India has over 100 languages….

      …and another reason why this bullshit must stop. English HAS to be made the primary language of this country and it has to be a must everyone planning on living here for more than 6 months that they speak English and write it fluently

      1. I was talking about studies I’ve seen where the majority of the Indians who come here are doctors, etc (and that is a problem when they take jobs) but I have heard even that is changing and we are getting low caste Indians. I just haven’t come across that one yet. I’ve come across many Indians but many work in technology fields (and many have taken jobs from me).

        Anyway we need to stop welfare to ALL immigrants and require them to speak English. In Illinois public aid now requires case workers to speak Spanish because most of the people on welfare in Illinois are Spanish speaking (and no doubt illegals since public aid states they don’t reject based on that). I read somewhere that eventually they will require Arabic speakers too since welfare will no doubt grow due to the refugees.

        1. Paterson NJ came up against the lower cast from Bhrama. Spoke no English and I am guessing all of them spoke a local dialect.

          This was several years ago. I wonder what it was exactly they did with the school age kids. What grade does a 15 year old “get” if he or she cannot read or write? You can’t put that student into the 9th or 10th grade.

          WHY this is a bad idea all around.

          And most Asian Indians that come here are MALE! All of their IT people and other professionals are male: that is what they are visaing in.

          Eff bringing any foreign physician here — their mortality rate can be off the charts. Maybe they cheated through med school or are here, thanks to a political contribution in money.

          I also will not patronize a physician who is American and has gone to a foreign med school. Bad news.

          If you are an American and you go to a foreign med school, no admission to you to any internship here unless you pass that exam that is administered to a foreign med school grad (I’ve forgotten the name of it). How is it this bunch from overseas waltzes right in here and sets up a medical practice???? You are not making a shitton of cash over there in Europe or Asia — and any doc will tell you it costs money to set up a private practice. So where are they getting the money to do this??

          …and back in the meanwhile, you are a brilliant young doc, fresh out of your residency and you’ve come away with commendations and awards and you’re tops in the field…

          But you have no cash to open a practice. You also have staggering medical school debt.

          But this bunch is crowned KING before they even set foot on our soil.

          Nope. No more foreign physicians. We need to help our own. In a way, they have been outsourced!

          1. I think the medical system needs to change so we can get more American doctors. Part of it is that it’s expensive to attend medical school. I think that should have more scholarships and the like. Personally, I just got medical insurance through ACA and all the doctors I have seen have been Americans. I have had bad experiences with foreign doctors.

            I’m not disagreeing about the low income Indians, I’m sure that is happening. However, traditionally the Indians and Asians immigrating were educated. Now though most of the immigrants we are getting are low education and low income. That needs to stop because low income tends to have more babies and more babies means more in taxes. Even the educated is a problem because they are taking jobs from Americans. I know I talked about an interview I had with an Indian who asked me inappropriate things like if I have kids because he doesn’t hire moms. The fact is the higher someone goes up they are more likely to hire their own if foreign.

  2. For my part, I’m a little suspicious of how one man with a semi-automatic rifle (not a machine gun) and a pistol can kill 49 people and seriously injure another 50 or so. He would have had to stop and reload periodically.

    But assuming, for a moment, that the events unfolded as described in the media, the issue is cultural, and not something that yet another layer of ‘gun control’ can fix:

    – Why did none of his victims seem to resist?
    – Why was a young man so directionless that ISIS seemed a compelling alternative?
    – Why didn’t any of the people in his life suggest that violence was not the answer, or report him to the authorities?

    There will always be nut cases. It’s up to us to deter and resist them, from our own strength of character.

    1. How did he even SEE any targets?

      Any club, bar or evening establishment is dimly lit and noisy.

      It amazes me how he found that many targets, unless he just blasted away and then reloaded.

      Every place you go now has video surveillance. We probably will not see the videotapes on that one, ever.

      it disturbs me a great deal that the club was a crime scene for nearly a week. Nobody’s remains were turned over to a morgue. Not until late last week sometime, to my knowledge. This is bad for many reasons: Suppose you don’t know where your loved one is? You cannot find him or her; you know it’s apossibility they’ve gone to that club but you don’t know for sure.

      There are also religious reasons — suppose you needed to bury that person within 24 hours of his or her death???

      So bad and so wrong: wow, there was a shooting! Should be a cut and dried conclusion and perhaps concluded in 2 days tops, if you ask me — but wow, almost a week???

    2. If you bring extra pre-loaded magazines, reloading the pistol or rifle is VERY easy.,particularly if you don’t care about recovering the emptied magazine and just drop it on the floor. A semi-automatic rifle or pistol will fire bullets as quickly as you can pull the trigger.

      The Sig Sauer MCX , the rifle that the shooter used. has a 30-round magazine. Most semi-automatic pistols have at least a 10-round magazine. Bring an extra magazine for each weapon, and you have 80-90 rounds. Another thing to consider is wound ballistics. A disadvantage of the NATO round (5.56 mm, about equal to .22 caliber) is that they do not stop in a person’s body, so you can hit more than one person per round. I don’t know what he was using. A 7.62 mm round is about equal to .30 caliber.

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