End of an era: goodbye “old friend.”

This is all about the same person I asked about some time ago. I decided not to be party to being lied to and mistreated and decided no to being treated shabbily.

This “friendship” is over.

As per my own request.

Here is what happened:

She had a birthday coming up. About 7 weeks ago I bought a ticket to see a Broadway show. I liked the show and thought that it would be an ideal gift for my friend.

I asked her when she would like to see the show. She picked the date — this past Saturday — and I ordered the tickets. They were at the will-call desk. Which means you pick them up at the box office when you arrive.

I was all set to have a great time in the city.

The last time I talked to her was Thursday of last week. We decided how we’d get into the city. (she ws going to meet me at the PATH).

Zoom ahead to Thursday, about 6:30 pm.

I was in the bathroom cleaning out the tub when I hear my cell phone ringing (I have a landline now and everybody’s been calling here  via the landline so I couldn’t imagine who this was at the end of the line).

I answered the phone.

it was her.

I said hello and I hear her say “I have to go see the baby on Saturday.”

I said “what are you talking about? what baby?” I was thrown wy off base and I had no idea what she was talking about.

And then she explains: her niece went into labor and gave birth on Wednesday — on Saturday the new parents wwere having a meet-and-greet for the new baby (at their home) and my friend said to me “….so I have to be there. I can’t go to the show.”

I blew sky high.  You made plans with me and you have a commitment with me and now you are ditching your plans with me???

More in a bit, but first this backstory:
Bear this in mind: also on the scene — since last June or maybe earlier is my guess — is this creepy guy she was dating a couple years ago. That ended badly; she showed up at my house on a Sunday morning in August, crying copiously and telling me how scared she was. They’d had some sort of fight and she said he gave her a lot of trouble.

I found out on Tuesday — by more or less putting 2 and 2 together during the conversation — that she was seeing “Sam” again. She lied about it at first and when she mentioned “where he works” I put 2 and 2 together and that’s where I lost my S.

She claimed everything was fine and she was in counseling with him, etc. “It’s not what you think,” she said.

What the heck does that mean, exactly???

I said “are you dating this guy?” Pause. “Well, sort of…” No ‘sort of”.  This has to be a fairly serious thing if you are getting counseling together with him. (and rebooting a relationship and getting counseling, with a person who is broken to begin with. Yeah, that sure is promising indeed) 

“BIG MISTAKE” I said to her…which is what I said 2 years ago, too. To this….she said nothing. She said nothing 2 Junes ago, too!!!

Now that you have that backstory, back to Thursday and how she couldn’t go to the show and why….

I got mad. “Wow,” I said, “I went through a lot of time and trouble and now you can’t go? I am inconvenienced! What do I do with the tickets???”

To this she says nothing. She more or less let me yell!

I rang off a short time later.

I called the venue on Saturday. I cannot get a refund; I have to use the 2 tickets sometime before early October.

So now I am stuck with 2 tickets to a show I do not wish to see at this point. I know nobody who wants to go.

While I had her on the line on Thursday, I told her to pay for her ticket — why should she get off scot free, right? She agreed to it.

Fast forward to today:

She emails me and tells me she’s going to send me a check for her ticket. And she signed off with “Love always.”

I waited about an hour and I requested of her that she pay for my ticket, also. (I did this with great reservation — I had no idea if I should or should not ask but heck; I paid for them and what do I do — eat MY $50???))

I did not use my ticket; I do not plan on seeing the show in the future. As I said I do not know if this is out of line to ask her to pay for both…. but then again, why should I eat $50?

She very kindly sent me a one sentence response: “Stop bothering me, you complainer!!!!!”

I did not want to start an email war — but I had to say it — I told her she was acting oddly since Sam arrived back on the scene and that I went through a great deal of time and trouble to arrange a special day for her; I also said that she did not honor her prior commitment with me and that that was out of line.

I also said the tickets were unusable.

She did not hollaback with a reply.

And….that was it.

This is the end of her.

Too many things have happened since January, really — she vanished for about 21/2 weeks right after the new year and she was out of the loop: never called me, no emails.  She did the same thing — vanished — for most of April. I called her and emailed her to say Happy Birthday and never got a reply.

And this is another thing — she has not returned my phone calls nor has she phoned me — and this has been going on since about the first of the year.

On Tuesday I pointed this out about the lax in returning my call — she had nothing to say to any of this.  The disappearing and no phone calls is odd and unsettling. (This almost sounds like the fly by night baloney some uncaring guy would pull on you)

I wonder if Sam is controlling her and there is possible abuse: he has a terrible anger management problem — that is why she called me in a panic that day in August a couple years ago.

I met him 2 or 3 times over the past many years (He was a friend of some former boyfriend of hers so she socialized with Sam and his then-girlfriend a lot; had him up to her house for parties and things like that.) and he did not seem friendly.  A friend of mine saw Sam and her in a mall a couple years ago and Friend said “They did not seem friendly.”

Whether or not Sam is the root cause of her behavior, who knows. I am not God or Father Flanagan or Sam’s case worker,  Sam’s CO or Sam’s shrink. And I am not Kreskin or a mind reader.

But I do know this:

I cannot permit myself to be lied to, treated shabbily, nor can I permit myself to be a Plan B or even a Plan C or Plan D. I refuse to allow myself to be hosed when I and somebody have a commitment to go somewhere or to do something together.  I can’t be anything less than a good friend that somebody is interested in being friends with.

I am not used goods or a tenth fiddle.

If I “keep her around”  I will get more of the same — the treatment will worsen. This is a fool me twice thing now, if I do stay around.

And I cannot trust her now: who knows what will be a lie or will be the truth???

Email her in a couple weeks to say ‘goodbye”??? Meh.

So so sad. I have not had a good many last years and I am still worn out from last year’s partition.

I am upset because my bench is not deep. I have never had a large circle of friends; I have a small one…but the circle seems to be decreasing more and more. Wow; my own brother doesn’t care to know where I live.:( How sad is all of this???

I was always envious of the girls who have had a “neat” friend since grammar school — they are friends allll the way up until now; were in each other’s weddings, there when the y each had kids and so on and so forth. I never had that kind of a friend. Never ever.

And are still friends now — their KIDS are marrying; they also became grandparents together with the “neat” friend! All of their kids got married the same time…and had children the same time!

My bench isn’t deep but I will not settle for less than the best when it comes to a friend. Let this chick keep it. She’s in the wrong… and if this thing crashes and burns with Sam again — as I suspect it will — up yer hole with a mello roll; I will not be available for you, former friend..



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  1. Sometimes you have to dump friends. I had a friend who was a bad influence. By bad I’m talking did drugs, slept around, welfare fraud, constantly arrested for something (usually misdemeanors but still) etc. She had been my friend since high school and I’m the type who hates change when it comes to people. Anyway I should have dumped her when her and Laura came to my house trying to fight me. Let me explain about Laura, I had never liked her in high school but a year or two later she was hanging around with a friend I’ll call Julie. She seemed (Laura) like she changed so the three of us would hang out. I figured I would introduce Laura to Candy (not her name)and the four of us could be friends. Didn’t turn that way since Laura and Candy wanted to go find men and have sex with them. They started excluding me and one night they were throwing rocks through my window. My neighbor across the street called me to see if he should call the police and I said no. In hindsight I should have. Well I never hung out with Laura again (Or Julie either who tried to steal my boyfriend)but for some reason did with Candy.

    Anyway, talking about Candy is discussing a Jerry Springer episode. In fact she wanted to be on that show because she thought it would help her non existent modeling career. She wanted to be a bikini model, only she didn’t have a good figure. She had illusions of grandeur thinking she was hot, yet dated losers, like an alcoholic 60 year old when she was 20 and had dated her mother, or a high school dropout who didn’t take baths or showers or work. She got in trouble for abusing welfare because her alcoholic boyfriend had a job and she decided to strip at bachelor parties.

    For the over 20 years we were friends, her loser boyfriend took me to court for battery (he lost because he was drunk), I took her boyfriend’s friend to court for hitting me even though she asked me not to. She told me that men should make more and I was a loser for complaining about making less. She always asked me for favors (usually money)and when I needed a favor was never there. Several times we were supposed to go somewhere and she didn’t show up! Oh and some of her lies were funny, like we’d go to various rock concerts and she was convinced the bands member were in love with her because she was a model (only she wasn’t and resented that in fact I was). I finally had enough when she started swearing at me at her son’s graduation in 2008. I walked out after his graduation (he wanted me there) and never talked to her again. Recently I found out she got a divorce. Oddly she didn’t invite me to her wedding because I said I thought she should wait because her husband didn’t have a job and didn’t have a GED. I also found out she got a DUI again and got evicted AGAIN. All of these were habits for her.

    Like you I wish I had a life long friend like that. In my fantasy that never happened, freshman year of college I got a roommate who became my best friend and we were roommates after college and we were each other’s maid/matron of honor at our weddings. Of course none of this happened. My one roommate the one semester I lived on campus was a psycho and I switched rooms mid semester (and transferred afterwards). I had other roommates but none were lifelong friends and we lost touch after rooming together.

    Trust me it hurts but you’ll be glad you lost that friend. Some people are toxic.

  2. Neither you nor I need these unsettling people. What a bag of nuts, eh??? Be glad you left that scene!

    It doesn’t really hurt — I feel relieved. Oh sure, I’ll be upset because what happened here is isolating me even more than I am and I have had a hell of a rough dozen years. The last nearly 3 years in particular were the worst of the times.

    Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything to my other friend.

    She is suggesting I email this person — do it in a week — and say “gee, I got new info from the theatre; we can use the tickets any time. Do you still want to go” but willing to bet she never answers me. Benefit of the doubt.

    Even so, I feel like I’m opening a can of worms if I do that.

    So funny….first it’s “Love Always” and then the next reply she flashes at me and “screams”?

    I really don’t know what to do. I could contact her but doubtful she will reply.

    This guy she is seeing is a whole story in itself. he has a criminal record — drugs were involved — and he is not exactly the most honest person. And I know he doesn’t like me; when he was there for Relationship v1.0, she mentioned to him that she was going to see a movie with me…and he cursed me out!

    You didn’t have my back???

    He is not good for her and I certainly do think he is controlling her or controlling the relationship.

    I wonder if she has her cap set to marry this guy — she is worried about finances; maybe she figures she can hitch her wagon to him and he can support her? I don’t know — she seems too swift to jump into this this time around; she’s in a hurry — like the devil is chasing her.

    I can’t even figure out why she will not come to my building. Is there somebody here in this neighborhood she is trying to avoid? I’ve gotten things like “that’s too many lights for me along the way” and “that’s too much travel” and “that’s too many left hand turns.” My place is not even 10 minutes from yours. What’s going on here?

    I got stood up for Easter last year — she was to be at my house — an hour after her arrival date she called me and said she got hung up in church. What church has a 4 hour service on an Easter Sunday, well into the mid-dish afternoon hours??? it was 4pm when she called. “Oh well I didn’t know this was going to happen.” I suspected Sam was in the picture then.

    She claims since last September but nah, it is longer than that.

    I got the same story this time as I got in April last year: “I didn’t know this was going to happen.”

    It is all very strange and it is all just plain bad.

    Maybe I shouldn’t have asked for her to pay for my ticket….and how does she know what was going on? Maybe I had a party planned for her. Maybe I had the Sardi’s package attached to these tickets or flowers or a cake. Or these tickets cost me a great deal of money.

    Man, you just cannot cancel when you have an obligation — I suspect he talked her out of it and/or she went elsewhere with him. This was okay with him and fine by her??? What happened to honor and manners?

    Going to see the baby? No, there was no baby…btw, stop being so dependent upon them. You can see that baby any time, after it arrives. You can see this was just an excuse to get out of going somewhere with me.

    This is a temper problem. Plus she sounds like she’s in sixth grade at this point.

    She is very touchy and downright rotten about other people’s jobs or money — remember that kook job I had a long time ago, the one where I worked all those long hours? Guy who owned the place reimbursed his workers 100% for health insurance (you picked the plan; he reimbursed you in full each month) and a pension plan.

    “Well, SOMEBODY’S got a LOT of MONEY!” she hotly retorted when I recapped those 2 benefits. ???? Dude, come on! This is crazy.

    She will comment about how much money this one or that one has or who is getting a house courtesy of an estate, or who owns this home or that one. Counting other people’s money is not the way to go.

    After I was married she wanted to go here and there. I told her that I wasn’t available that Sunday — she wanted to go somewhere. She retorted “I got to make an appointment with this one???”

    It’s all silly and trite, every single bit of it.

    I do not know if I should ask her if she wants to go some other time. I could do it to make it right with my karma and to give her the benny of the doubt but I think I am wasting my time. Id’ sooner go to the theatre and sell them at the door to somebody on line — you can do that.

  3. It sounds like you did most or all of the accommodating and being mindful of what she might like, which often sets you up for being taken for granted. She broke her promise to you, so it’s up to her to do the making up.

    You could go to StubHub or some other service to sell the tickets. The theater might have its own resale site. It’s to your advantage to sell the tickets ahead of the date of the show, particularly if the show is available at the TKTS booth in Times Square, which offers half-price tickets on the day of the show.

    How is your evaluation of that property in California going?

    1. The theatre told me I have until October 9 to re-use them. No resell place will take a Telecharge ticket. These were via Telecharge.

      I could go directly to the theatre, get the tickets and then sell them to somebody who is awaiting purchase — you can do that, just as long as it is a ticket sold for face value.

      I do not know if I want to go to California — this is, however, not a great neighborhood and I had no idea such a seedy part of town existed; I have an aunt who lived here for many years — she lived about 8 blocks from here.

      I had a group of drunken kids having a drunken argument about 3 weeks ago, at 2 in the morning. One of the germs went into the house across the street — funny how no parent came to the door to tell him to get his hide inside the house. They probably were not home.

      There are about 8 kids from who knows where (not around here, I don’t think) playing ball in this driveway — who needs a broken windshield or a dented car? Landlord needs to hang a “no trespassing sign…”

      And then there is the case of the kooky next door front apartment neighbor. Ugh….I am guessing this is impoverished or Section 8, the entire several block span of this section of town. Lots of the houses are in disrepair or you get the idea the landlord doesn’t care.

      There is also a no pets clause. The birds I could have but not the dog. I sorely miss my dog and I would like to have another one — not until I move out of here and get into an apartment where dogs are allowed.

      Everything was such a drain with her — I felt like everything had to be to her liking.

      Another example: I told her I might be moving to such and such a street. “Oh, there?? There’s a LOT of traffic on the way!” ONE light and that light has always been a traffic screw up for years and years.

      Another venue I was interested in moving to: “I’m not going all the way up THERE.” Huh??? It is not even 5 minutes off Route 46! That would make it about a 20 minute drive from your home, the same as my former home was: 20 minutes away.

      Crazy…just crazy.

      I am getting the idea this Sam is controlling the relationship or controlling her — to me, this is abuse. How come all of these funky things started somewhere around January??? I get the idea he is the root cause of this. He may be isolating her from what friends she’s got.

      That is not my problem; it’s hers.

      And who needs to make “gee wonder what is going on here?” a lifelong mission — this is as dire as trying to find out why my dumb brother did what he did as far as the house went.
      (and the way she is acting with this Sam — taking him back after all that trouble a year and a half ago: reminds me exactly of my dumb brother. he does the same thing too — and he had a pretty hair raising horrid relationship with this one girl — acted the same way every time they got back together: “Oh, everything is wonderful now.” — it is a mental illness, if you ask me, taking back somebody who is harmful to you, harmful emotionally if not physically.)

      This would have been my best bet, sometime at the end of this week :

      Instead of telling her I wanted my ticket money also….. don’t reply to that email saying she was reimbursing me for her ticket — instead, wait for a bit — maybe reply Friday — and then request that she meet me somewhere for lunch and then in that public venue, tell her goodbye and why. (I’d have scratched the idea of my reimbursement for any ticket; unload her; the game is not worth the candle as far as the money for those tickets went; the whole endeavor simply was not worth it…or worth her. )

      I told you she pulled a vanishing act, starting around the scant second week of January — we had that killer blizzard that blew through here on January 23. At the time I was still living in that hotel and let me tell you: it was downright spooky when that blizzard was in full swing.

      She pulled a vanishing act again at the start of last month. When I heard from her Tuesday, I asked he straight away why she never calls or returns my calls and that I have not spoken to her via phone in months….she never did come up with an explanation for that one. This is an adult???

      Never did she call me to ask me if I was okay, during that storm — she went missing for over 21/2 weeks — no phone calls and no emails. None of the calls I made to her were returned. I think I called her twice during that time and left a message and after that, I made no more calls; the last call I made to her was maybe January 22nd.

      This in itself is just plain weird.

      She is probably spending all of her time with him — that in itself is unhealthy. You still have to have friend time and alone time. Unless he is isolating her. That is bad bad news.

      Anyway, goodbye. And you would think she would say, “Dude, I’ll call you about your ticket. I think you and I need to discuss this; I’ll call you about 8 tonight” or something like that. That response that I got — really, for the real???

  4. I believe that the most reliable indicator of what someone will do in the future is what they did in the past. You’ve said that this woman is flaky, so expect flakiness from her and dial down what you are willing to do for/with her.

    When someone says, “You would think …”, it is more or less a reflection of the speaker’s values and their expectation of how others SHOULD act, not how others DO act. It might be useful to think about what you want to get out of dealing with Flake Woman again. As you’ve pointed out, everything must be to her liking, which doesn’t leave much room for your preferences unless they exactly align with hers. One possible solution is to give her the tickets (at least one was intended as a present for her) and wash your hands of the whole thing.

    You have to use up whatever time is left on your lease,and the lousiness of the neighborhood may be an incentive to move to California. Based on your circumstances, the strength of moving there would be to be able to buy something for cash and have only monthly condo fees and utility costs, which would probably be a lot lower than the rent that you are paying. Your property taxes would be fixed at the level that you initially paid.

    Have you given any thought to where you would like to live? Your worst-case scenario is having to make the money that you have last until you are 62 and can start drawing Social Security, with Medicare eligibility at age 65. You don’t have anything keeping you where you are, or any job prospects.

    Deciding to move even when you have a stable, acceptable place to live is not that easy. I can speak only for myself, but I know that I want a decidedly better situation should I move. I don’t quite know what makes the situation sufficiently better to make it attractive. By retiring, I got away from much of the unpleasantness in my daily life, so relocating is less attractive than it was while I was working. Being happy to be out from under the strain of shift work has clouded my judgement somewhat. Even so, I just spent two days demolishing a fence between my neighbor’s house and mine so that I can have tree trimmers come and remove a dozen small trees from an area 15′ X 35′. My house looks a lot nicer with the fence down, and will look still better when the trees are gone, if only because three of them are dying and others have overgrown my neighbor’s roof.

    As you’ve pointed out many times before, the demographics in your area are changing in a way that doesn’t please you , and you can’t afford to replace your house. It is reasonable to presume that current trends will persist for some time, and to factor that into your decision-making.

  5. I have time to figure out what I want to do.

    There has to be a way to just “shut this thing off” — relax and have all of this garbage stop hitting you.

    I am short term as far as a lease goes — here until October 1 ….and the landlord was reluctant to get me a range since I am short term! I do not have a range — I have a 1960s countertop burners — complete with that gold starburst pattern on the countertop! My gosh, I haven’t seen that motif since I was about 6 years of age; we had a gold starburst pattern on our white vinyl kitchen chairs!

    The bathroom vanity is way too low — a disabled gent was here and I am guessing he lived here for years and years. he should have raised that vanity — the walls that were chewed up on the bottom should have been repaired before I moved in and a lot of other things; they were a holy wreck because the bumper from that ole wall to wall was torn off and then it left holes that nobody fixed!!!….but none of them happened. What I hate about dwellings like these.

    In general, I am unhappy. I never expected to live in an area or place like this — if I had a job and other means, you know I wouldn’t be living here. This was the only apartment I could find. Everything else was too expensive and/or they wanted my SSN, my employment history and more.

    If I had the means and the kind of life I wish I had, I’d have moved out of that house the second this mess with Bro began, rented out my flat at the house for the interim — and then went ahead with the partition.

    I could email her on Monday and say I got new info from the theatre and we can still see the show, etc” — but she is probably going to snuff the email once she sees it is from me and not even read the message. Then I’ll be hanging in the lurch wondering if she read it, etc…. the game isn’t worth the candle and the squeeze is not worth the juice. Why let myself in for more torture???

    The way I see it: I wasn’t supposed to contact her and do it ‘that way’ — the Universe has a specific way of doing things. It happened as it was supposed to happen.

    Ultimately, how this should have gone: Do not reply to any of her emails; request she meet you for coffee this weekend and when she does, tell her you are ending this so called friendship and why. Then again, if I did that, what good would it be??? It’s like you cannot win either way.

    And for awhile, I actually felt guilty I asked her to reimburse ME for the whole amount!!! Imagine that!

    I don’t really care I got no last word, don’t care I didn’t get the chance to tell her that her behavior stunk — man, who cares! Why even go through that effort??? Glad that this is over and I feel relieved, not BAD! Bad over what??? I haven’t been treated like I matter!

    Reimbursing me for any amount of the tickets? Forget it; I don’t even care anymore. None of this was worth it. Don’t pursue this so-called friendship anymore. She won’t stop with how she is acting now and I will only let myself in for more of being hacked around. This is what she wants — that no account hoodlum??? Then let her have him. I won’t be there anymore — when this thing hits the fan, let her wipe up the crud herself. I wont be there to pick up the pieces and get her the f out of Rome while it burns to the ground.

  6. When I am discontented, as I am in a modest way at the moment because I bought a house from crazy people who left a minefield of metal in the area where the trees are to be removed, I react more strongly than I might. However, I know that this problem will be resolved within a week, so if you are 100 on the discontentment scale, I am at worst a 10.

    The reason that I recommended that you give both tickets to Flake Woman was that so you could be finished with her. She has shown that she is not reliable and more work than she is worth. Let her go to the theater with loser boyfriend or waste the tickets, as she pleases, and focus on your own problems. There is no need for you to engage in dealing with her problems. Sometimes you cannot fix stupid. Console yourself that you did your best by her, and choose not to be dragged back into her problems at a future time.

    It isn’t easy to let people go. I have a friend who is a hoarder who was expecting me to come to his house yet again to help him clean, which means that I do 90% of the work while he wrings his hands. The house is bad enough that it takes three days and multiple dump runs to make a 12′ X 20′ living room reasonably functional, and I expect that the house is in even worse condition than when I was there two years ago. There is no less than 20 tons of stuff in a 1600 sq. ft. house with a full basement. I told him that I would help him clean under the following conditions: that I was paid for 100 hours of labor in advance at a rate that exceeded what I earned as an engineer and he covered my travel and housing expenses. He was shocked, but my time of working for at most travel expenses was over. I have enough of my own work to do. He could hire 1-800-GOT-JUNK or an equivalent service to haul off stuff for about $600 for 2500 pounds of stuff, labor included, but that requires that he goes through stuff first. He could have stuff hauled off for free by his town, but needs to make an appointment for a bulk trash pickup.

    1. Oh, believe it or not I don’t feel bad she is gone.

      This was, I think, my plan for a long time — to just say goodbye to the friendship.

      No friend intervention, no nothing — just end it.

      If I mail the tickets to her, she may toss out the letter and tear it up, seeing it is from me — I think I will have the theatre itself send them right to her. Then this is up to her. She will not snuff the letter if it is marked with the name of the theatre on the return addy.

      I don’t even care about the money anymore. What amazes me is when I spoke to her last Tuesday and I found out this stooge was in the picture, there was a 48 hour shelflife left to this thing I had with her. She called 2 days later and cancelled for Saturday.

      She reminded me of this guy I dated years ago: when I came home from a date with him, I was dog tired and worn out: I got sick of listening to his stories about how he feuded with his mother, what happened to his old girlfriend who he broke up with several months prior, how he always felt like the song “I Am I Said” was written for him, etc. Ugh.

      Your friend needs to call a junk remover. Take it from me: no way you can do that job alone. I found that out when I moved.

      1. I told him to call a junk remover (1-800-GOT-JUNK charges $600 a load in his area, which is somewhere around a ton) and gave him the phone number to call to arrange a bulk trash pickup for his sofa. If you’ve ever seen an episode of one of the hoarding shows, that’s his house.

        Even if the news is bad, it’s usually good to know where you stand. Even though you got a chunk of money for your share of the house, it has to last for years, so you can’t afford to be nice to anyone until after you’ve taken care of yourself.

  7. I never did hear from her ever again.

    Nor did I call her again after that fiasco.

    Not possible to forward the tickets to her; the ticket rules do not work that way. So I guess I will take a trip to the theatre sometime this summer and sell them to somebody on line at the theatre, waiting to purchase a pair.

    1. And no….I did not see the $50 that she said she would reimburse me for.

      First I asked her for $50 for her ticket and she said fine. And that she was putting it in the mail on the 6th of this month. small talk and then “love always…”

      And then when I replied and said “I’d like you to reimburse me for both” she said “I’m not paying for both” — that was one reply, that whole email.

      …and in a second one marked “no subject” that is where I more or less got told off.

      Today I checked the PO box, for my own personal edification. I was right: she sent no $50 for her ticket.

      She agreed to do it, which means she promised she would — and she never sent that money.

      Wow, talk about burning all your bridges behind you and talk about breaking yet another promise. In a way, I am glad I asked for the $100. Now I got to find out who she really is…and I got to find out what kind of a “friendship” this was all the while.

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