Meanwhile, back at the apartment hunting ranch….

Not going well.

Here is the thing — I have mentioned this before — now it’s like trying to find a job.

The landlord wants your financial info and your employment info and they want a credit check.

I think I got bait and switched today.

I saw an apartment for rent and after I spoke to the guy and set up an appointment to see the place, I figured the rent was a touch too much but I thought I’d go to see what happens.

I saw the apartment — a scootch too much room for me (all I want is a 3 roomer or a studio).

When I spoke to the guy via phone I told him I was leery of the credit check along with the other personal info asked for: I told him I was afraid of identity theft and I had a means to prove I could pay the rent, up front.

He assured me that only that piece of info would be fine…

And hence the bait and switch. He gets done with the apartment tour and he says “Oh well there will be a credit check and you’ll have to sign a lease…”

I explained again why I would not be parting with my personal info and then he said “We had this guy who wanted to rent. He made over 100K a year but he didn’t pay his gas and electric…”

So what? Maybe it was an oversight or perhaps he had an assistant he entrusted tht to and somehow the utility never got paid; maybe he had a boyfriend or girlfriend who was supposed to be in charge of paying the bills and the payment never happened, etc.

I told him I wasn’t interested and I said goodbye.

Leery is right.

The landlord was not on premise. How about I meet this person first? Suppose after all fo this nonsense I don’t like the landlord?

How do I know how safe my info is? How do I know this guy won’t compromise it?

This is all too much.

I have to get out of here; I cannot continue to live here; it’s too expensive and I told you guys: I am isolated and there are no neighbors and the fact my dog is gone is creating even a bigger emptiness hereĀ for me.

I also would not need the place for a year, as it stands right now. I am not crazy about being locked into a lease.

Possibly baited and switched. Maybe he said okay to what I wanted to do to get me to come out there. I don’t know.:(

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  1. You could tell them that you are retired, removing the need for a current or recent employer, and the reason that you have cash on hand is that you sold your house. You also might be able to get a month-to-month lease by offering 10% over the requested rental rate, where you could leave on 30 days notice. That’s what my former landlord in Maryland wanted for a month-to -month lease.

    The credit check is often used to determine how much of a security deposit to charge. Because I have good credit, I was charged the minimum security deposit of $99, which is nothing against $650 or so a month for rent for a two-bedroom apartment. The maximum was a month of rent.

    Have you looked into weekly motel rental? I spent six weeks at the Motel 6, in a “Studio 6” apartment that has a full kitchen, refrigerator, and microwave, while waiting for my house to go to closing. The weekly rate was about 80% of the sum of the daily rates.

    1. I am in a hotel NOW!

      This is very expensive and it’s isolated and there are no neighbors and there are no roots. that’s the whole offputting part of it.

      I have told them I am retired and that I have the funds to pay them so they do not need the credit check. Out here you are charged about 2 months’ rent when you deposit the place; one month is for security and refundable when you move.

      I am running into Problem Number 2 — I do not want to be locked into a lease. Long story; I may have a chance at moving to the coast shortly; I am trying to see how tht works out BUT that might not be for another few months. hence the “I don’t need a lease” part of my reply.

    2. So what happens now? I wonder why I didn’t get the apartment?

      They may very well decide that the business couple or the 3 person family with the grandma or whoever it is is simply a better choice than I am.

      What I need:

      A little old grandma or older retired couple who has a tiny apartment up for grabs. I am guessing these old school people don’t bother with a background check.

      This is terrible all of it and I am getting more dejected by the day.

      A price to pay for doing what is the right thing; I couldn’t have that jerk o a sibling take me for what it was worth.

      I had no idea it was going to be like this. A job — and one I have had for years — would have saved this entire thing; so would have having somebody to move with. He and I could have made it, even if it was just on his salary.

      And it’s also the moral support thing and the human contact thing, of having somebody in your life on a permanent daily basis. I don’t have that either.

      So what do I do?

      Even if I pack up and go to California I still eventually have to find a way to rent — it is going to be the same thing — and that I am a newcomer there may make them leery, no?

      How do you WIN?

      This is my big question; how do you win?

      And what other field could I try?? Maybe something culinary arts but that means paying for training.

    3. I n NJ is is usually 2 months’ worth rent or 2 1/2 — the 1 or 1 1/2 is the security deposit. That’s got nothing to do with a back ground check.

      It’s a bleeping racket is what it is.

  2. The risk of a month-to-month lease is that either party can end the lease on 30 days of written notice. Have you asked for a three-month lease with an option to extend? Getting a short-term lease will cost you extra above the regular monthly rate. Another option is offering to prepay three months of rent plus the security deposit in exchange for a three-month lease.

    It sounds like you are waiting for an outcome, and aren’t in a position to commit to a job even if one came your way, so you could consider waiting somewhere else than New Jersey, as long as people can get in contact with you, which might reduce the amount that you pay for a place to live. Is there a part of the country that you would like to see? If you are going to pay hotel/motel rates , you could go somewhere else that a place like Extended Stay America or any of the properties that specialize in short-term stays have facilities.

    1. I am in that hotel. it is not the greatest. It’s way too costly for me to stay here for a very long length of time.

      I did find an apartment.

      It is on the top floor of a 2 story commercial building about 2 miles up the road.

      It is not the greatest and it is 3 rooms (I don’t know who is in the 2 smaller dwellings that are downstairs — I think those might be a single room and not an apartment per se) and the back stairs are pretty skeery — there is a front entrance…

      But it will have to do for now.

      The rent is pretty cheap; only about 1200 a month. I got a 6 month lease.

      I am highly worried about my future. I don’t know why I am feeling so bad; maybe its the fact that I am moving into what is a hole in the wall and not a great place to live.

      I feel like I am losing ground and moving backwards and not forwards.

      I still need a job and I need one badly; I don’t know how that is going to happen. there were 3 ads in this Sunday’s paper and the are no gos for me.

      One is “must speak fluent Korean”, another is a fashion company asking for experience in software I have never heard of and the third one is the same job I applied to 4 years back.

      What do I do about my future? What about a job for me?

      I don’t know who else is in that building. I am wondering if I am going to be isolated there, too.

      The last thing I wanted was a future like this. It was damn bad enough when I still had the partition on my hands — holy shit — you treat a SISTER like this and you accuse me of coming at you with balled up fists and you keep calling the cops??? (and that pig that you have living with you is adding more wood to the fire) It’s like I got away from one mess and I have another one on my hands.

      I never expected a magic wand to come with “everything” but then again, I didn’t expect to be trying to find ways to fill the time of day. that the dog is gone hurts a lot — and the landlord wouldn’t allow dogs in that building. Mister: you don’t have a palace here now; what is the big deal here? you can’t allow dogs???

      I never expected a life like this. As I said, I have no other siblings and there is a cousin who lives about 2 hours from here and 2 more out in California. You know how bad this is — not even a family???

      I have never had a large circle of friends. There are exactly 2 people that I have as friends and it is still isolating. there is nobody here on a daily basis and that is the whole meat of it all, why I feel so bad.

      I don’t have a lot of money to throw around. I can’t spend all tht time traveling or going places — and even if I had the money and the time…again, I am doing this ALONE. it SUCKS.

      I had a house that I expected to stay in for good more or less vanish from my grasp and I thought I’d find myself a job: that didn’t happen — and I thought I’d be moving on and finding a better life. Instead the opposite happened.

      This hotel is isolated and spooky back here at times. the neighbors on this floor are few — they are workers who have been here for a few years, working on a project in Jersey City — there are welfare families (those poor kids always look run down and dirty and no, they don’t play outside after school or on the weekends) and a couple of other characters. the problem is there are no neighbors and this is not home.

      And this is no life for me. I never ever saw this happening to me.

      Even the JoHos are gone — they had about 100 of them staying at this hotel — building the world headquarters in Waldwick NY — for curiosity I had a look at that project…the size of a small college campus and a bit more…and every inch of it is tax free!

  3. I’m glad the you found someplace that sounds somewhat better than where you are, but longer term, there is nothing keeping you in New Jersey. A longer-term strategy probably involves how you can stretch your money until you qualify for Social Security at age 62, depressing as that sounds. There’s a woman in her late fifties working at the local Chipotle, and I see graying of the workforce in other fast food places. Though I have no desire to live in California ,that place that your relative told you about sounded great, and the fact that it is limited to 55+ probably makes it a quieter place to live.

    One of the secretaries where I used to work retired last August. It took until February for management to choose NOT to fill the position and to assign one of the support contractors to the position. I think, and have thought for a long time, that you are fighting a bad demographic trend in admin work. Most of what admins used to do has been pushed back onto technical staff in engineering firms, which cuts down the potential number of jobs available. It used to be 1 admin for ever 4-5 engineers when I started in 1982. Now it is 1 admin for every 10-12 engineers. All that the admins did for me was timekeeping. Most of what they did supported management, and as companies have flatter management structures that eliminate middle-management positions, there will be still fewer jobs for admins.

    What are JoHo? It sounds like something that one might call a Jehovah’s Witness. I thought that Waldwick had Seventh-Day Adventists.

    1. Not to mention many employers are trying to push non admins into that position, sometimes along with other jobs. I’ve gone on several marketing jobs where part of the job was admin work.

  4. Many, if not most, support functions are being consolidated with other jobs, such as drafting and graphics. I used to have to plan ahead by about two weeks to have my presentation slides made when I was presenting a paper somewhere. Now it’s a case of bringing a flash drive or e-mailing slides that I made in PowerPoint to the site, and it’s been that way for about 15 years.

    The large rooms of draftsmen who used to maintain as-built drawings, prepare design drawings, and perform other tasks are gone.

    My experience is limited to how the federal government works, but back around 1984, they figured out that when you include the cost of benefits, an engineering intern who will be promoted non-competitively to GS-11 or GS-12, depending on the job, and an admin cost about the same initially. The engineer starts to cost more after 6 to 18 months, when they make the GS-9 pay grade, but the theory was that you had a more capable person for not that much more money. Only in the last few years has the federal government resumed recruiting engineering interns. For a long time, the trend was to hire people with experience rather than train new hires, and the co-op and summer hire programs were cut way back as well.

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