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Mayor DeBlasio: Stay Indoors!

Yes, it was cold last weekend.

When I was a kid, we had a name for that.  We called it, ‘winter,’ and expected that every year would bring a week’s worth of really cold weather requiring one to bundle up, think warm thoughts, and, yes, not go outside without a good reason.  There were also snowstorms, and the one or two oddly warm days that made one believe that beach season was only a week away.  We accepted it all as normal, and somehow got through it without guidance from our political leaders.

So I’d like to believe that anyone with half a brain can figure that it’s cold and it’s best to stay inside without a pronouncement from our Dear Local Leader, Mayor DeBlasio.

Does he really think his citizenry is that stupid?

But then again…


Variations of the above image, with straight and gay couples, have been plastered everywhere in the city.  They are on subway stations, trains, buses, and advertising wraparounds of the free newspapers that one picks up on the way to the subway.

Perhaps I’m an old fudd, but I’ve always believed (even when I was a young fudd) that sex is best enjoyed in the context of a committed relationship.  I have to question the wisdom of the city government encouraging people to swing from the chandeliers (as long as they play sure!) when it apparently believes those same people don’t have the sense to get out of the cold.

And then again…

A while back, I went to the Department of Health offices to get a copy of my birth certificate.  It’s an ordinary enough government office, and the process is simple enough: get the form, fill it out while waiting on line, hand in the form with $10 (may have changed of late) and your ID, and walk out with the document.

But in addition to the stacks of forms, the Department of Health office was also stocked with fishbowls full of condoms.  I had to wonder: were some people overtaken with desire that they had to do each other on the spot?  And should the government be encouraging such activity?

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  1. I’m with you on all your points. First, what is it with nanny governments anymore? I’ve noticed your last few mayors have been like this. Bloomberg, ugh why did people vote for that jerk who tries to push an agenda as if people are stupid? Then again people are stupid as proven by my second point, condoms.

    I agree with you about this too because sex is becoming way too casual. I wouldn’t care except for two facts and that is the rise in STDs and pregnancy. Both cause everything to go up but pregnancy has a horrible effect on society. How so one may ask and that is because the wrong people are breeding. Studies show that the more intelligent a person is the less likely they are to have kids. There are many explanations, such as more intelligent people may not be as great of marriage partners or that intelligent people wait too long to have kids or don’t want any at all. For those who wait it’s probably because they want to financially secure. However what this really means is that the dumbest in society are breeding and most of these morons are on welfare. In fact over half of all babies are born on medicaid. Also, a good percentage of this babies are born illegitimate and illegitimacy is on the rise as it is in Europe. However in Europe what is happening is long term partners are deciding not to marry.

    In the USA chances are if a baby is born illegitimate it’s because dad isn’t around anymore. This causes things like gangs and higher crime. It’s resulting in the whole baby mama/baby daddy problem that is an infestation. I consider these people (which are any race)as low as rats because that’s what their mentality is. So when you see condoms it’s partly to stem this problem. The problem though is many of these people have babies to receive welfare and even though they have condoms these low life losers won’t use them. That aside, I think as a society we push sexuality way too much. It wasn’t that long ago where sex was after marriage. Of course this was more of a woman thing because in some cases the men were encouraged to have sex before marriage (this is why brothels were pretty common)so it was a double standard but back then illegitimacy was a scandal. I wish we could go halfway and ostracize this but at the same time not have a double standard against women.

    1. years ago when I was a sophomore in college, the guy who taught our bio class also included a chapter about human sexuality…

      Subject matter that should have been covered in 8th grade and not several years after that fact.

      It floored me then as it does now that there were still some 18-22 year olds that possibly did not know anything at all about how periods worked, how arousal happenend and also didn’t know the basic A&P of each sex’s genitourinary system/reproductive system.

      He also told us what happened at his college — a well known Midwestern university — before abortions were legal and what means were used to induce the abortion: Vanish, CocaCola and other toxic liquids.

      “If you are going to fool around, use protection” he stressed.

      This was nearly 40 years ago. Today things are no better. They are worse and not better.

      We dropped the ball and dropped it good: somebody is refusing to teach our young to be responsible sexually. And I still blame the parents. The same parents that grew up post-Sexual Revolution. I imagine those parents are probably in their early 30s now and some of them are bound to have 10 or 11 year old kids, no???

      After the basics that cover periods and erections, there has to be a unit included about protecting yourself sexually and ensuring that you and your partner do not partake in sexual activity unless you are a committed couple. Free love and casual sex? Should be driven home that it is not the good or responsible thing to do.

      there is an age appropriate way to explain this to a 6th grader. After that, it will be too late — every kid knows what an STD is and every kid knows what pregnancy out of wedlock is. thank the media and other kids for that info.

      1. When I was finishing the 6th grade, the school’s summer reading list included several books on human sexuality. I was 11 years old–the hormones were not yet flowing–but I was curious about how such things worked, so I read up. The knowledge has served me to this day. The books (in the early 1970s) addressed what we used to call venereal disease and contraception, but presumed that a committed relationship/marriage was the default condition for a sexual relationship; later books presumed otherwise.

        So yes, one can reasonably explain sex to 6th graders. But it’s become politically incorrect to suggest that holding off, at least, until one feels attached to the other person is better than hooking up at every possible opportunity.

  2. Actually, I voted for Bloomberg the three times that he ran, because the alternative was far worse. I railed at him for his nanny-state initiatives, but he kept the city running well, with very little drama, which is more important.

    Be careful whom you call a moron. People who remain on welfare have determined, quite rationally, that it’s easier to subsist as a ward of the state than to go out and earn a living.

    The rot set in through the popular culture. In brief, shame has been abolished. From that we have:

    – Work is for suckers.
    – Marriage is for fools.
    – Sex (in the sense of swinging from the chandeliers with people you barely know) is the coolest thing there is.

    And the consequences of that go far beyond people on welfare.

    1. That’s why we need to eliminate welfare as we know it. FDR created all these programs as as way to help what was happening in the Great Depression. I doubt he would like to see what happened with generations on welfare and all the illegitimate babies. I definitely don’t think marriage is for everyone but having kids one can’t afford without a job (or a spouse with a job)is morally wrong. The sad thing these people make it rough for those who truly need it.

      A worse alternative to Bloomberg? that reminds me of the presidential race. Bloomberg is a nanny government politician and he’s one we don’t need. What’s sad is he gave money to several politicians even worse than him and now because of him we have a congresswoman who is 100% anti gun, who wants to increase welfare and loves gang members. She’s also a race baiter.

      Society is in shambles when society glorifies people like the Kardashians. A woman who has lots of kids (like the Duggars)are more popular than someone who decides not to have kids at all.

    2. And also for fools:

      Ensuring both parties are a go for sexual activity before the activity happens.

      My GOD — we need our VP up on a podium at an awards ceremony to make sure no boy jumps on a girl minus permission to jump on …. when they are on a college campus??

      I blame that activity on drinking — how much do you bet all of it is linked to one or both parties being drunk off their asses?

      And where are the parents of these kids: taught neither their son nor their daughter the fact that “NO IS NO” and there are no exceptions to the rule? What’s going on here? Who failed to do their job?

      The real monkey business goes on in frat houses and in off campus apartments/locales — off campus where the schools will never ever know what goes on after dark with their drunk little students.

      Lower the drinking age to 18. I do not recall this bullshit with students getting reeling drunk — we had drinking on campus but not as bad as what it is now. We were a school in a dry town and nobody was trying to “outdrink” the town mothers or something like that, nor did they head into the neighboring tow — or the city — to get their fill and get wasted.

      I remember drunken escapades — the rugby team had a party in one of the lounges of the dorm floors — and one of the guys peed into the dryer, inserted some coins and let it spin dry. YOu can imagine the fragrance of that magic moment, that’s for sure.

      I remember the “beer blasts” that were popular — somebody would supply a keg or several for the party — but the amount of beer allowed was a controlled amount. they did not send out for more kegs when those were gone. There were wine and cheese parties and those were a mamby pamby watered down thing; they were no big deal.

      And those of us that hit the discoes….

      Did NOT get drunk off our asses when we attended.

      At least the people I was with did not.

  3. There is a movie called “The Gift”, which is a documentary about people who try to catch AIDS through unprotected sex. You can see it on I’d heard about the movie a couple of years ago, and my reaction was, “Are they nuts?” Even though AIDS has gotten to be more of a chronic disease, it’s still expensive to treat.

    The “it’s for the children” argument for welfare doesn’t persuade me greatly. The people who might really need the financial help are those who are single and out of work, and who have expectations of going back to work reasonably soon. There is a case to be made for staying on welfare when you lose health insurance benefits and/or child care when you work. People do respond to economic incentives.

    I live in a city that is one of the cheapest in which to live in the U.S. When the weather is at all decent, there are people holding signs begging for money on a lot of intersections. What annoys me more is being approached at a grocery or convenience store for money. The usual pitch is that they need money for gas (convenience store) or money for a prescription or diapers (grocery store). One of the funnier ones was a woman who wanted me to give her money for picking up trash in a grocery store lot. I told her to take it up with the management of the grocery store.

    Maybe the answer to the nanny state is that sex is one of the relatively free entertainments that still exists, and it’s cheaper to distribute condoms than pay 18 years of welfare payments for a child. The difference between the maximum food stamp benefit for a single person and a person with one dependent is $163 per month. If you are buying in bulk quantities, that’s probably sat least several hundred condoms.

    I think that the attraction of the Duggars is the freak show nature of the family.

    1. Often times the money that is supposedly for the children isn’t. I had a friend in junior high who was on welfare. Her mother could have worked but chose not to. In fact she also chose not to feed my friend and sold her food stamps for booze (and probably drugs too). My friend would get free breakfast at school (no, my school didn’t provide it, several teachers bought her breakfast)and free lunches and they would give her extra lunches for dinner. Meanwhile her mother had new CDs and CD player at a time these were super expensive. In fact when I went to her house for her birthday I saw a roof falling apart but brand new stereo system and this was in 1985. I rarely went to her house because her family was weird but my parents would invite her over. She liked coming over because we had lots of food, plenty of water for a shower (she couldn’t shower at home either) and she didn’t have to share anything. She was stunned that not only did I have my own queen size waterbed I didn’t have to share my bedroom with anyone. Her mother always pushed her to stay with me because I was “rich” though that was far from the truth. It opened my eyes to how people often abuse.

      I wish I could say she was the exception but far from it. I’ve known several others like that. In Illinois if you get the full benefit you get quite a bit, especially if you live with someone. I’ve known people who did get pregnant with the idea of welfare. It’s common which is sad. The ones who suffer of course are those who are truly needy. In Illinois until recently childless couldn’t get medicaid and if they got food stamps get very little. Personally I would rather help those over those who had kids because in most cases there are condoms available.

      I’m going to look for that documentary. That is odd how someone would try to catch AIDS, what would be the logic? I assume either for money or to die (and luckily this is becoming less common with AIDS).

    2. The GA benefit in NJ is about $127 per month.

      Yep, that’s right: $127. Dollars. And that is all.

      That is all you are entitled to.

      And to keep it: you have to show them you are actively looking for work, attend their GA employment classes, attend their workshops and sign up for “job training” — it is trash and nothing more — shitty “training” at county-approved job training.

      Training for nurses’ assistants, phlebotomists, computer training (software classes) pharmacy techs, pseudo culinary arts (Plating and not real cook skills) and CNA jobs.

      These jobs pay chickenfeed and last I looked in the paper, nobody was hiring for those jobs.

      I wonder what happens if nobody finds a job, after the training happens?

      All this to make sure you get your $127. And the food stamp benefit is not much more — it’s a shade under $200 for the whole month.

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