So…where did all of the job ads go?

A friend of mine and I were discussing this today.

There is simply nothing at all in my daily paper or in the Sunday ads and there is nothing on line for our local want ads from the same publication.

I can name you at least 20 occupations that do not have job ads posted and have not had job ads posted in the last year: Med tech, radiology tech, respiratory tech, admin assistant, welder,  shipping manager, shipping clerk,  office manager, dental hygienist, exec admin, receptionist, welder, machinist, accounting assistant, bookkeeper, CAD/CAM operator, chemist, purchasing assistant, paralegal, and telemarketer.

And the rest….I don’t know about….

If you are an engineer, involved in some sort of medical research or in some other specialized field, where do you go to find another job? Do they resort to a trade magazine or what?

We used to have ads for many medical positions — all of the local hospitals were advertising for just about everything you can name that was “hospital”, including the support staff — even those jobs are gone, too?

It is sign of the times in lots of hospitals — many are down to 1 pathologist and one who “cover” when that one is away, off duty or what have you — because the trend is towards outpatient surgery. Need for less medical support staff, etc…

But surely the local hospitals have personnel who have resigned or retired — there aren’t even any ads for the dreaded 12-7 am shift — usually those jobs were impossible to fill; nobody wants to work the lobster shift. There are no per diem jobs posted. Not all of those jobs have gone to visaed employees.

The “Factory lab jobs” are not hiring: no LabCorp, no Quest Diagnostics — no med techs are quitting their jobs? ALL of these jobs are reliant upon imported workers??? The odds of that are pretty shitty, no???

(I also heard today that Quest Diagnostics in Teterboro — formerly MetPath Labs — is shutting their operation in that building. This is a yowlingly huge plant — running 3 shifts….or was running 3 shifts, last I heard,  ad was teeming with staff, last I heard — at any rate, even if there are 100 med techs left in that lab…now where do they go to find jobs? I do not know if there is another lab for that company in the area: There is a building that’s got Quest’s name on it, in Lyndhurst — but I do not know what staff is working there: it could be administrative or data or anything BUT medical technologists.

I am sure it is just that building…if that lab, period, is going out of business…what the xyz happened to that company????)

Everything seems to have vanished. The only admin jobs I see are for jobs in Korean owned companies; they require the applicant to speak and write fluent Korean. (this is another very large contingency that is moving into our area; a hospital in that area has found their ace in the hole: make the hospital Korean-friendly: offer Korean speaking staff, Korean meals, etc.)  It’s the same with all of the jobs these Korean companies are posting ads for: bookkeepers, accounting staff and so forth: must speak Korean.

They are telling us we’ve hired X number of people a month and the job outlook is good.

Where are all the ads for these jobs? All of them hired from within or posted ads in trade mags or hired temps that were once temporary?

Somebody is always quitting or retiring and yes, believe it or not there are companies that are expanding.

Where did all the job ads go???

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  1. See for yourself what we have…and for pure humor purposes, read those 2 feature articles…

    I will not mention what ad it is but I spoke to those people by phone in late September. “You are required to work odd hours; we are open weekends and late nights and holidays. This is because we work with overseas companies and we have to match their schedules.”

    The job paid 26 grand a year and there were no benefits.

    Lots of those ads are rerun ads — this is the same funky little ads seen again.

  2. It isn’t just the ads going away, but the length of time that it takes to fill jobs. I retired recently from a job in federal service that required shift work. Unless you are a nurse or security guard, it is rare to be required to work rotating shifts if you are a federal employee. We lost one of our shift engineers to another job in September 2014, another to medical retirement in March, another to regular retirement in October, and me in November. There has been only one replacement hired in the interim, and he arrived just before I retired. The recent announcement for replacements also carried a pay cut of about $10-12K per year.

    The more interesting non-hiring situation has to do with an admin who retired last summer. The job announcement for her replacement was limited to “status employees only”, which means people currently working for the federal government or people who previously worked for it for a long enough period of time, usually three years or more. We use contract employees for a lot of our admin support, so the decision was made to reassign one of the contract admins to the empty position. It would have been good for her to get a permanent positon because the support contract is renegotiated every two years. She would have been able to look forward to stability , if not regular pay increases.

    1. The length of time it takes?

      Gee, where I came from, you run the ad, wait a week to see who replies and then from that batch, you cull perhaps 5 candidates.

      Take about a week to interview them and then make your choice.

      I do not think “how long it takes to hire” is a factor. Unless this job is a high managerial one or for a supervisor’s spot, I can see taking about 4 or maybe even 5 months to hire.

      1. I am prejudiced by how long it takes to fill federal jobs. I may well be wrong to believe that other companies take as long. It took 13 months to find a replacement for an engineer who left for another job. Conversely, it took about a month from the time that the job was announced until she went to the other job for an admin who I know to transfer internally to another job at the system contractor.

        However, the lack of followup that you have experienced makes me think that the hiring process has become a long longer than it once was and a lot longer than it needs to be.

  3. Here is another case in point:

    There is a commercial building nearby me. This building was the 10th and 9th wonder of the world when it was built and open in 1976.

    Over the years, it went to rack and ruin. (a media multibillionare owned it at one time; his name was on it in 1980)

    All but 3 tenants remained until a new owner revamped it and brightened it up.

    The building is now full to capacity. At the end of 2014, 25 new companies were there (I cold called in Decenber of that year — I hit the entire building and asked every single tenant — and nobody had any jobs available)

    Where are the job ads for those companies? This is easily 25 new tenants — no ads? Nobody retired? or quit? and nobody expanded and added more staff???

    This does not make sense. No way are all of those ads on the web.

  4. Oddly I see ads often on sites like Linked-In. The few ads in the paper are local companies hiring something either very part time or very specialized.

  5. Another thing regarding age: I am on a Linked-In group for instructional designers (my last official job). Instructional designers do things like develop training programs and it’s a tech based field. It can also be increasingly outsourced though it works better if it is specialized. Anyway on the page several now former HR directors for various companies told us that they were told to reject older applications immediately. They could usually tell by the experience and dates (they said not to use dates) or by looking the person up online. The reason? they were told younger people know technology better. Not true, many people keep up (I constantly take classes on new technology). Another reason of course is that generally younger people can work longer and for less money. Now with the internet this field is becoming more freelance because employers find they don’t need as many training programs and the training department is the first to be cut.

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