What Happened To Educated Republican Women?

I was watching the video of Sarah Palin and while she amuses me she also horrifies me. In fact she has always horrified me with her stupidity and while she is a joke to some she’s not. I was thinking this as I watched another woman, Elizabeth Dole on television. Like Sarah Palin, Elizabeth Dole is a Republican but that’s where the similarities end. Dole is very educated with a JD and a Master’s. Unlike Palin, Dole is childless and apparently very career obsessed. I remember during the 1996 campaigns many commenting that there wasn’t a difference between Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Dole and there really isn’t in terms of education and work. Yes, one is Democrat and one is Republican but both benefit from education. In fact if one looks at older female Republican women you can find many impressive such as Olympia Snowe, senator of Maine.

It’s not limited to women who are actually politicians but look at the previous First Ladies. Whether one likes them, the last three First Ladies (Michelle Obama, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton all had advanced degrees). ┬áSince Lucy Hayes was the first to receive a degree, this has generally been the standard. Even when women were generally not going to college, First Ladies were. Of course it should be noted that most were from a higher income level than the majority of the American public, but they still didn’t have to go to receive advanced degrees like the last three. Incidentally, it was another Republican First Lady, Pat Nxon, who received an advanced degree.

Why bring up First Ladies? quite frankly I do not want someone as a First Lady who is not bright. I want someone smarter and more educated than the average American. Several of the potential First Ladies are either stay at home moms or not educated or both. One candidate (Marco Rubio) has a wife who did not even finish college and has not worked. Let’s not forget Mitt Romney’s wife who never worked outside the home. Why should this matter? Because simply put, if a Republican gets into the Oval Office it will have an effect on women and their lives.It should be noted of course that many of these same candidates also voted against the Lily Ledbetter Act and various other women issues. My experience out in the real world is that men with these wives think all of us are brainless bimbos who only desire to be moms. While you can be educated and only desire to be a stay at home mom, studies show that many women become stay at home wives because of no other choices. This is not an attack on stay at home moms but rather those who decided not to become educated.

Why not bring up Democratic candidates? Let’s be honest here and think of a stupid Democratic woman. Yes there are many but most are celebrities and non political people. Not that I like the Democrats better, I dislike them equally. However I give them credit for not having an idiot. The Republicans used to also have quality women but something happened along the way that we went from Betty Ford (one of my favorite First Ladies in history)to someone who did not even finish college.


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  1. The better question to ask might be why anyone listens to Sarah Palin. The answer, according to my male friends, is “tits and high heels”, and they treat her like entertainment. They might listen to her, but not take her seriously.

    Increasingly, running for president as a republican can be seen as a good career move. Ben Carson will sell lots of books, his wife has a book out now, and I’d be surprised if most of the other candidates don’t have book contracts. About two-thirds of the money that Donald Trump is raising for his campaign comes not from donations, but from sales of merchandise. Imagine the markup on the “Making America Great Again” baseball cap ($25 if you buy it from his website, versus $8.49 on eBay), and how quickly they will flood Goodwill stores everywhere if he doesn’t get the nomination.

    Sarah Palin may well be the benchmark for post-elective office success. She has had at least a couple of bestselling books, a television series that ran for at least a couple of years, and continues to get substantial speaking fees. She might not have a bachelor’s degree, but don’t call her stupid. She managed her post-political career opportunities quite well.

    1. That’s what she is, entertainment just like Trump. The comedians of course love her because of her personality but the sad thing is I think she believes she is taken seriously.

      1. I can’t persuade you that there aren’t some people who take Sarah Palin seriously, just as there aren’t a lot of people who take Donald Trump seriously. What I can tell you is that a friend of a friend of mine bid over a thousand dollars for a pair of Sarah Palin’s “Monkey Business” shoes on eBay before dropping out of the bidding.

        Education is in some ways a no-win situation for women. You criticized Elizabeth Dole for not having children while praising her educational credentials. She did not marry Bob Dole until she was about 36, and after Bob Dole had been divorced . She is a stepmother to Bob Dole’s child from that previous marriage. In other situations, women are seen as having “wasted” their education if they opt to stay home for a few years with the children, and it can be hard to get back on a career track after being out of the workforce.

        1. I didn’t criticize Dole at all. In fact I admire her for being career orientated. She is, just like Hillary Clinton is. I admire women like her and nope don’t really admire women who put aside careers to have kids, especially if they are like Romney’s wife who never had a career. Women like those make it difficult for all women because employers think we all want to be SAHM. Yes I’ve had employers assume that.

          Some people take Palin seriously and there’s the problem. She’s a joke like Trump is.

    2. Erica Jong — you know who she is, right? — has said the same thing about women:

      Women vote for a candidate that they think is the cutest or the handsomest or who is “a hunk.”

      So what do we do here? I guess all of us are looking for entertainment quality, then?

      I do not care if it is a 10 headed alien from outer space, so long as we get a viable candidate for the Presidency.

      1. I’ve read her book the Fear of Flying and yep many women go by that too. I go by many things but namely economics. I want a president to make America great again.

  2. It’s not an insult, I think it’s ambitious to be obsessed over a job. I have been obsessed about jobs and certainly about education. I take online classes and am obsessed with getting close to 100%.

    1. Are you looking at other factors that may affect your employability, such as the job market where you live or hope to live? Unless your parents or brother are willing to give you about three months of expenses once you have a job elsewhere. you’re pretty much stuck where you are. You may also be stuck for other reasons, such as waiting for Fred to straighten out or at least decide if he wants to go out with you.

      I hope that you are putting only time and not money into online courses. In general, online courses are fine for adding skills but not credentials UNLESS online training is the normal way that those credentials are earned.

      In my view, a really “career obsessed” person goes where the jobs are. I was really stunned a couple of years ago when you told me that you would be unwilling to pay $25 for a drug test when told that the job would be yours if you passed that drug test. I’ve had job offers that were subject to passing a drug test. Where I used to work (I retired two months ago), we gave people drug tests on their first day of work at orientation, and one would fail from time to time, even though they had relocated from another state. After all, this is Colorado, but it was before marijuana was legal.

      Is there a VA or VA clinic near you? Chances are that there is. I live in a city of about 100,000, and we have a decent-sized clinic. Your volunteer work with the VFW might help you get a job there as a caseworker or something similar..

      1. I’m checking into scholarships to become an addictions counselor. With my high GPA I qualify for several. I would move but don’t see jobs in other places either. No, I wouldn’t pay for a drug test because the job in question was a temp agency and no guarantee of a job anyway. I’d waste $25 for nothing. No, the online classes are free. I’m not waiting for Fred either, just doing things for myself. I may actually have a job soon through an agency I’ve worked with before, and I know the CEO. I’m also doing some work for Fred and a relative and they are paying me.

        1. I hope that it all works out for you. A rule of thumb is that if they aren’t willing to give you an assistantship that gives you a stipend and free tuition, presuming that you would be in a graduate program, they don’t really want you.

          One area of addiction counseling that I think should be stressed more is gambling addiction. Unlike drug and alcohol addiction, there is usually a larger financial mess to clean up after the person quits, if only because a person can gamble any amount of money, where if they tried to consume an equal value of alcohol or drugs in the same amount of time, they’d probably overdose.

          1. Yeah checking into both. I have heard that, basically if it’s a job in demand they will give you the world. I know several who went into physical therapy (including my brother)and since it’s in demand got a free ride and a job (for my brother it was the army). I wouldn’t attend college again without a scholarship of some sort.

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