Hello from me

Haven’t been here for awhile; thought I’d check in to see what’s doing and to report what’s new.

Nothing really is new. The partition wrapped up and was over back in September.

How has everyone been?

(where I am living is a little unnerving today — we are in the midst of that hellacious blizzard and where I am living is more than a bit isolated. I am trying to “keep moving” so this doesn’t turn into a chapter of the Shining.)

I hope to be out of here soon and living in a real place, where there are neighbors and everything.

My poor dog went home to his reward around Christmastime. He got sick out of nowhere — he had kidney failure and I knew this back in July.

The vet thinks it might have been a lymphoma — he developed a cough that I did not like and at the end, he refused to eat.

He also developed a nasty swelling underneath his jaw; originally I thought it was abscess — he is nearly 14 and may have a bad tooth back there; a week later, after antibiotics, I felt the area and a lump was still there…and one on the other size also.  Swollen glands despite no fever is bad news.

The cough was some sort of lung involvement, either from the lymphoma or some other issue. That he coughed upon arising from a prone position suggested something that was blocking his lungs or windpipe.

Between July and the end of December, he’d lost 15 pounds — and about 7 of them during the last 2 weeks of his life.

I miss the dog but I cannot possibly get another dog until I move on to a real place to live.

Still applying for jobs — there have been a few ads but nothing promising — and you all remember that “job fair” I went to over a year ago — the company just moved to the town it was in and they were looking to add about 5 or 6 more people?

They said that only 28 people currently worked there. Perhaps 20 cars were in their lot that day.

I took a ride past their building yesterday….and the lot is full of cars. There had to be about 100 cars in the lot versus maybe 15 on the day I went to the job fair — so this is 75 more jobs added in 15 months? Strong.:(

The last time I was in that area was maybe summer — there is an outlet store across the street and I don’t recall noting that a trillion cars were in that parking lot.

I am wondering if the cars are those of just that company or if the building is being shared by another company.

If it’s not “another company” when the heck did this company add all of thjose jobs??? None of the jobs open were made public, either. THis sucks for us — again, we are shit out of luck.

Other than that, nothing new.

My home is gone; it was razed 2 weeks ago by the developer. I stopped past and took photos; I will also return to sprinkle some of my dog’s ashes there. He loved his “newspaper” that used to be out front of the house.”

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    1. It happens more often than not. At my former employer they would choose someone long before the job was open. To explain: it was a government job and it was in Chicago which explains it all. Someone would be retiring and either that person or someone else up in the ranks would have a nephew/child/cousin etc about to graduate college. That person would often come in as something like an assistant a year or two before the person would retire. Then they would retire and hold interviews but tailor to ad to the person who would get it. Other times the person didn’t even work there yet got the job or sometimes got the job over a more qualified person. One case in point: I started the same time as a guy just out of college. His only job was as a bartender in college. I know this because we were friends and would go out for lunch with another work friend. 2 1/2 years later I was still in the same crappy job (though I applied for more)but in that time he was promoted THREE TIMES and was upper management! He eventually moved to Boston and is one of the big wigs of their railroad. Second case: There was an evil racist head of HR. She’s the reason I lost my job (she told me once she managed to fire my boss and second in command I was next). She was only in her position because she knew (allegedly was the mistress)of a politician who was also a race baiting minister. Horrible person. Anyway, in the accounting department the head of was retiring and everyone assumed (and rightfully so)that her second in command would get the job. She had the right qualifications, the 20+ years experience , the degree etc. Instead the HR witch put her daughter in the job. Her daughter’s only qualification was she was an assistant in another position and she wasn’t good. Her supervisor wanted to fire her because she was lazy. No degree or experience either.

    2. How very odd….what do us normal people do, for a job???

      I more or less have given up.

      What a mess, all of it.

      All of these companies cannot be resorting to the same kind of hiring method: somebody is always resigning or retireing and yes, companies do expand. Not one job????

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