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Donald Trump burst on the political scene last summer, declaring himself a candidate for President and telling us that he would get Mexico to build a fence on our southern border, because:

When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.

On one level, it was ludicrous: Mexico (i.e. the Mexican government) doesn’t send anyone to the US, except a handful of diplomatic personnel.  The influx of Mexicans represents ordinary people, both good and bad.  (In fact, net migration from Mexico has almost zeroed out in recent years: the US economy has been so rotten that many Mexicans have found better opportunities at home.)  And it strains the imagination to conceive of the means by which Trump would force Mexico to pay for the wall.

But it resonated with many people, including me, because it seems clear that our current leadership is not serious about securing the border, and one of the essential attributes of a place that wants to call itself a ‘country’ is that it has a functioning border.

And Trump has gone on, since then, gaining popularity to the point where he is the leading contender for the Republican Presidential nomination.  It’s been interesting:

  • There was a minor dustup a few months ago when Trump did not did not rebuke a questioner for asserting that President Obama is a Muslim. In fairness, Trump, as a Republican, is a member of the opposition, and doesn’t have a duty to correct what may be a mistaken impression of our President.  But beyond that, a person’s religion is not just the sort of building he visits to pray, or the day he does it: it’s a set of values in one’s soul.  Our Dear Leader has made any number of speeches extolling Islam and deprecating Christianity: judge for yourself.
  • Shortly after, while we were considering admitting Syrian refugees, Trump proposed that we halt all legal admission of Muslims (even for business or tourism!) to the US. That would be, perhaps, a step too far, but far better than admitting tens or hundreds of thousands of refugees.  Contrary to our Dear Leader’s assertions of ‘who we are as a people,’ historically we have restricted entry to the US, either generally or selectively, when we believed that such was in our national interest.  And we have no moral obligation to take refugees from war-torn areas, even where we are one of the belligerents: war is supposed to be a temporary condition, and peace is supposed to return… eventually.  (Alas, our Dear Leader is taking refugees by executive order, and the Republicans, to their eternal discredit, agreed to fund the effort.)
  • In the earlier debates, Trump and Ted Cruz seemed to be, if not allies, at least sharing common views. But more recently, now that Cruz is doing better in the polls, Trump has questioned whether Cruz, born in Canada to a US citizen mother, is eligible to be President.

It is this last point that seems most telling about Trump.  Underneath it all, there are no principles: he does and says whatever advances his interests at the moment.  Cruz was an ally, until he started doing better in the polls and became a threat, and then he wasn’t.

Trump is also one of the croniest of the crony capitalists, having made much of his money by playing local governments to get tax abatements and the like for his projects.  And some of his remarks as a real estate developer give pause.  He remarked that Fifth Avenue in Midtown should be given over to luxury retail, and stores addressing a more modest audience should be elsewhere.  (Alas, I can’t put my hand on the exact quote.)  Fifth Avenue (a stone’s throw from my office) is successful as a commercial venue because it has something for everyone.  It isn’t Rodeo Drive, and I hope it never will be.  There are parts of Manhattan that are given over to luxury retail.  I don’t go there: they’re boring.

Still, Trump is willing to name the elephant in the room that nobody else will dare discuss, and the policy directions that he has discussed so far are at least pointed in the right direction.  And it is for that reason that he is the candidate that, right now, I dislike the least.

Alas, even if he should be elected, I’m sure that, in short order, he’ll turn into just another politician.

Still, one can at least hope.

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  1. Many are claiming Trump is making racist comments but he does have a point. The fact is (and this is verified by many sources)both our illegal and legal immigration of the last many years have been uneducated people who require welfare. In fact the only group who hasn’t required welfare (and generally has a high rate of education)are Indians. Of course the problem with them is many take our high educated jobs through visas and things like that. That’s a sore subject but getting back to my main point, we simply can’t afford to take everyone in and we certainly shouldn’t take people who are going to require welfare. What makes this racist to many is the fact that for the most part they are not white. Now Mexico is interesting because they do have a white group but they tend to be the middle class and very few immigrate here illegally. Some come legally but not as many as in the past. Basically what Mexicans we are getting are Mestizos who are uneducated. No not all Mestizos are uneducated, but the ones we get illegally are. There has been a story in the news lately about Texas denying the children birth certificates but what hasn’t appeared in many of the stories is the parents want them to get welfare. There’s the problem. Many countries have limited who can come legally and they kick out people who are there illegally, including Mexico.

    With the refugees, there are groups being discriminated against, namely the Kurds, Christians and the small groups who begin with the letter Y and letter Z (names escapes me). If refugees were limited only to these people I would be more open. However, Obama did say he’s not basing it on religion, though there was a case of Christians from Iraq he is trying to deport. Of course it goes without saying when these countries had their secular tyrants (Saddam Hussein and Assad) Christians were basically left alone. In fact one of Hussein’s closest advisers was a Iraqi Catholic. Now with Isis they are killed. The fact is many of the “refugees” are terrorists or could be and we need to protect our country. No one “deserves” to come here. People bring up immigration from years ago but back then we needed the populations because there were jobs. Now many come strictly for welfare. Many are coming to cause terrorism and we need to prevent this.

    As for Obama being a Muslim I believe he is to some extent. I don’t know his true belief but he has shown to be anti Christian. For one he kept pushing Catholic organizations to carry birth control, though the church opposes it. I am Catholic but don’t oppose birth control but it’s the official church teaching and Obama had no business fighting it. Also, I resent him saying those of us who don’t want refugees are racist. Nope, not racist and if they were truly the ones in danger and they were coming to work hard I would have no problem. That’s not the case. Look at what’s happened in Europe where they allowed in Muslims and many cause trouble. There have been increases in crimes like rape and assault against women. Many (not all)Muslims push their agenda of female submission and have been known to attack women not covered. We don’t really have that problem here yet but if we allow all of them we will. As it is in Dearborn Michigan they now require people at welfare to print forms in Arabic.

    Obama seems to be wanting to ruin this country between his support for TPP (which is NAFTA on steroids), increasing visa workers, allowing illegals to become citizens and wanting refugees. I’ve never seen a president hate Americans so much. I thought George W Bush was bad yet Obama seems to want to be worse. It makes it worse because I actually believed in him.

    1. He is a pig and just plain foul and indecent.

      I have disliked him intensely since the old USFL days — he was an owner of The Generals and we all know what happened to that league — gone faster than a Doug Flutie Hail Mary play.:(

      Pig — another reason I cannot stand him: because of what he said to that magazine (either Vogue or Vanity Fair) back in 1993: “I cannot believe I am married and I am in the prime of my life.”

      Right after that, Marla Maples emerged from the backstreet. What kind of a decent man says what he said??? what kind of a decent person makes a public statement that screams “I am an adulterer”???

      Third reason I cannot stand him:

      4 or 5 years ago, he had plans to buy out the old EnCap property — in Lyndhurst, Rutherford and North Arlington, right here in NJ (about 8 minutes from NYC if ya don’t hit traffic on 495 and Route 3) and wanted to build a Trumpville. It was going to hold many expensive high rise condos, have lots of retail (not geared to the middle class) and another golf course.

      He pussied out and left in record time when he was told he had to remediate the property.

      EnCap is a garbage dump and who knows what else they dumped there? The area is storied and is the hub of lots of greed, graft and corruption.

      Those 3 towns are middle class and think of what that would have done to the “small town” flavor of those 3 burgs.

      He sucks.

      And his entourage of those dancers is nigh well pornographic — there is something sleazy about watching 3 girls aged 8 or 9 dancing to what is supposed to be a “patriotic” song.

      Cavorting like this for old fart rich men? Sickening.

  2. Another thing, and this is regarding refugees but exactly, we never were a country of taking anyone in. Sad case in point: with all of the talk about refugees came the case of Anne Frank. Everyone knows about her story but what was never talked about was the fact her father applied for asylum here and was denied. If anyone should have been allowed in they should have been. Her father was a business man and spoke English (I believe most of the family spoke it to some extent). They would have assimilated and not have been a drain on welfare or been terrorists. The reason they were denied? part of it was at the time we had strict immigration. In fact we had open immigration until around the 20’s until the 60’s I believe. I don’t have the exact numbers but we weren’t allowing people in. Then the politicians decided we needed to be more diverse and allow in more refugees and third world countries. We all know what has happened then.

    1. Things were much different then.

      Much different.

      I have said why this “refugee thing” is a bad idea. I do not care if they are from “Remulac, France” — we do not owe every person a stake and a spot here in our country. We are not obligated.

      That is the size of it and that is what it boils down to.

      We are not getting the educated or the learned. No skills and this will be a bunch on an eternal handout. Free everything while they push out more and more kids….anytime you get a fundamental religion, very large broods are a fringe benefit of it. Expect families with upwards of 6 or 7 kids. Where do we educate them all??? Do we have bilingual classes for this bunch, too? Arabic-speaking social workers and case workers in the county offices?> We sure have ’em for the Indian contingency! They have their very special dedicated workers!

      This bunch comes complete with criminal records and expect the same kind of crimes committed in their home country (not SYRIA — they are from every country you can name…and if these are Syrians why are these men NOT in the war??? What’s up wit dat) — and let’s not get started with how they treat women and kids and others not from their flock. We are in for a world of trouble.

      No refugees of any kind. The hotel is CLOSED!

      Somebody somewhere wants them boogying into a country. Nobody wants to stop this mess. That’s what the deal really is.

  3. Dude, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

    While we rail against President Obama, the opposition has done nothing to stop him, and has folded like a cheap suit when push has come to shove. The Power Beyond wants open immigration, even though, for most of us, it appears to be suicidal.

    And while I wouldn’t go so far as to call Trump a ‘pig,’ I think he’s obnoxious, and I can’t determine what he stands for (other than his own ego). But all the other candidates are worse.

  4. I’ve never been a Trump fan and am not now. However most of the politicians are worse. There’s the problem. Personally I think the candidates who seem more legit are Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul though I don’t agree with a lot of their points. Sanders might get the nomination but Hillary seems to be the chosen one. Rand Paul is the son of Ron Paul and the Republicans hate him because he is his own person. Most of them are part of the status quo and yes will push more immigration, including increasing visa workers.

    For some reason my brother likes Rubio and believes he will be president. I hope not because he’s just a nut.Not to mention his wife is not very smart. Whether you like them or not, the last three first ladies (Michelle Obama, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton)are all very bright and educated. However Rubio’s wife is not. She didn’t finish college and was going to be a fashion designer. She was also a pro football cheerleader and they keep mentioning that. I don’t want a cheerleader as first lady without anything else.

  5. I’ve been put off Trump a bit. He came in second in Iowa, which for a person with no experience as a politician is extraordinary. But he’s been hemming and hawing in the press of late about how the second-place showing isn’t his fault, or, maybe if he hadn’t sat out the debate the week before, he’d have won.

    He needs to put a sock in it.

    Being a winner means recognizing that you won’t–can’t–win all the time. And when you don’t win, you’ve at least learned something. You pick up and do better the next time.

    If Trump is elected, and things go wrong (which can happen to any President), I don’t want mealy-mouthed excuses and petulance. I want the problem fixed.

    But other than Trump, who else is there?

    – I used to like Ted Cruz, but I don’t like some of the things his campaign did in Iowa, and I’m not sure quite what he stands for, other than marginally tighter borders.

    – Marco Rubio is running for President while serving his first term as a Senator. Before that, he was either in college or a politician: where have we seen that before?

    – Hillary Clinton (I’m still a registered Democrat) has disqualified herself with her personal e-mail server. To me, it represents such a fundamental disrespect for the office, and by extension, the American people, as to exclude her from further consideration.

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