Political Correctness gone wild

Today at church the priest gave a fantastic sermon on political correctness. Basically he was talking about how people are so afraid of saying “Merry Christmas” or talking about the holiday and all of that. That many Christians are afraid to admit they are Christian  because they are afraid of being called names. This is odd because I was going to talk about South Park and how this season is one of their best and how they are taking on the PC crowd. If you haven’t seen it, it’s online and a show that gets it. Too many write too many PC things.

Think about this, in  the last few months we’ve dealt with a lot of political correctness to the point of overload. First off, there was Bruce/Caitlyn/Freak Jenner. I’m all for being transgender and some people believe they are another gender but this one isn’t that. Rather it’s a guy who is with a family who thrives on attention grabbing the latest pc thing for attention. I bet once the attention (hopefully) goes away he’ll decide to be a man again. Actually he is a man because he’s never had the surgery.

Then there is the cop shootings. Yes, there is police brutality and some of the victims were victims. Some were authentic but others were thugs. If you shoot a cop or do something like that you’re going to get shot. Many of these “victims” had robbed people and committed other crimes. Many came from families that were less than desirable. Related to these are the gang shootings that have been on the news. Yes it is a tragedy but so many came from families where this is common. One victim was the son of a gang member.

Then there is the whole refugee issue and Obama calling people names for not wanting them here. The fact is many of them might be terrorists or at the very least moochers.  What has been sickening me has been  people attacking those in the military saying they deserve less help than refugees. Yet if you say you’d rather help the vets some call names like racist. America first does mean vets over refugees. Speaking of immigration it’s become  a buzz word if you disapprove of illegal immigration. I do not oppose Hispanics, I just want immigrants to be here legally and be law abiding and not on welfare,   I don’t care what ethnicity they are.

I tell people Merry Christmas and if they are offended they have problems. I have had people tell me Happy Hanukkah or Kwanzaa and no I’m not offended. Why would I? they are being nice. People get offended easily. I don’t know if I mentioned this but I had a parent complain about what I was teaching last year. We were discussing the sacraments and I mentioned sacraments and marriage. One asked me about multiple marriages and I explained the Catholic view. A parent got mad because according to her I should explain the church has no problem with someone marrying several times. Huh? The church requires an annulment before remarriage in most cases. I didn’t make this rule. I’ve gotten banned from three message boards in the last few months. The first message board because I said these two women were ugly who were trying to model. They weren’t ugly because they were black, they were ugly no matter the race, A second time because I said about the Catholic views ON A CATHOLIC SITE. I had an atheist (why was one on there?)attacking the Catholic views. A third message board because I said the Kardashians should be the Kartrashians because they are trash. I also said people that watch were morons.

To quote Rizzo from Grease (Grease is probably banned in some areas because of PC) “some people are so touchy”. If something offends you IGNORE IT. If your kid doesn’t win, don’t complain, have them work harder. If you don’t agree with the Catholic view, maybe the church isn’t for you. I haven’t even chatted about my avoidance of single dads and how people get offended. Worry about your life instead of being offended.

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  1. I never thought that I’d defend Caitlyn Jenner, but here goes: it takes several years to be prepared for the surgery. It isn’t a case of having one’s penis and testicles lopped off and the penis inverted to make a vagina as a first step. Prior to that happening, which is the very last step in transition, there is electrolysis over most of the body, shaving of the Adam’s apple to give a more feminine appearance, and years of estrogen treatment and psychological counseling.

    I won’t eliminate the possibility that Caitlyn Jenner is merely a transvestite, one who wears clothes of the opposite sex for sexual gratification. Still, an answer is just to ignore her.

    If people want to get wound up about the holidays, that’s their issue. I am not a fan of the Christmas season, which seems to last from before Halloween until sometime in mid-February. Getting e-mails for “black Friday” sales on the first of November is not my idea of a good time.

    There has been an effort to make social conventions, like saying “Have a Nice Day” or “Merry Christmas” into big deals. It used to be understood that these greetings didn’t really mean anything.

    1. Christmas IS what IT IS.

      And “Merry Christmas” is a goodwill greeting; it is applicable to all.

      Somebody needs to step up to the plate and take back “our” greetings. Afraid to say it because why???

      And is Kwanzaa a “real” holiday? I thought it was something that black culture invented. it has no religious purpose; its something strictly secular. Abolish it for that reason.

      I have noticed that there are nearly no Christmas decorations in 2 of the malls by me.

      There is a main Christmas tree and decorations here and there — snowflakes and oversized ornaments — but that is all. There is nearly nothing in the corridors and the anchor stores have few decorations, too.

      There is nothing in the store windows.

      Please don’t tell me it’s that way because the Muslims and the Asian Indians do not want to be insulted….please don’t tell me….

      “Maybe there will be more next week” somebody said to me yesterday. I don’t think so: blammo, when Halloween is over, up go the decorations. There will not be any additional décor for Christmas.

      Santa has been shoved all the way to the back of the carousel in one mall — last year there was a very large “Pictures with Santa” display. Now there is nothing but an understated sign, stating what the hours are to see Santa.

      Enough is enough of the bullshit….

      And there are certain denominations/congregations that do not do Christmas trees or any decorating because it is worldly and a “graven image” and “made up,” more or less. These dumb congregations are growing…and they seem to be having their say.

      1. Honestly I don’t think the Indians would be offended because most are Hindus and Hinduism always seemed like a laid back religion like Buddhism. Muslim I can see along with atheists. Maybe it’s neither of them but the PC crowd is growing because of fear of offending. Whether we want to admit it or not we are a Christian country. I don’t mean in government, just that most of our people were Christians. I’ve also known a lot of Jewish people and not one was ever offended by the holiday. Likewise I’ve never been offended by Hanukkah (and side note in the last few years found out a great grandfather was Jewish).

  2. If it is proven that Jenner is truly a transgender person then I will look differently at Jenner. However, this is a family that has made a living out of any publicity is good so my senses are up. It’s not just a matter of ignoring Jenner because of recently winning the “woman of the year” when he/she is not a woman 100%. There’s my problem. I’ll compare two other transgenders, Laverne Cox and Chaz Bono. To me neither has really sought out the attention that Jenner has about this issue. I feel Jenner is treating this issue like a joke.

    As for greetings, it’s not that people say Happy Holidays it’s just that people are afraid of saying Merry Christmas. I’m not offended if someone says Happy Hanukkah, I’d say same to them. People make a big deal out of offending people.

  3. Maybe the photographer didn’t make enough money on the photos last year to make it worthwhile for him. Producing photographs gets cheaper all the time, and digital photography makes it cheaper still, because you only print out the photos that you want.

    If you have to choose between professionally produced photography and presents, I think that the photographs will lose out unless it’s the child’s first Christmas or a very early one.

    As for Laverne Cox and Chaz Bono, they might not have been able to get equivalent attention because of their lower profile even if they had sought it. There used to be a documentary on Chaz Bono called “Becoming Chaz” on Netflix. It wasn’t bad. It’s a lot more difficult for a female-to-male transsexual to get functional phalloplasty than it is for a male-to-female transsexual to have a functional vagina and clitoris, and often the female-to-male transexual will opt not to have the surgery beyond the mastectomy/breast reduction because it often doesn’t turn out well. I’ll agree that the Kardashians are famous for being famous, and little else. How long has “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” been on television? It feels like it’s been on for a decade, if not longer.

    Even taking the estrogen supplements and getting the electolysis is a significant investment in money, time, pain, and potential complications, so much so that it seems like too much just to do it for the money, particularly at Bruce/Caitlyn’s age. It buys the potential complications of estrogen treatment in the postmenopausal, and a male-to-femlae transexual would take more estrogen than what a postmenopausal woman would take, though the dose will drop once their testicles are removed.

  4. I was a part-time bank teller when I was starting engineering school, in 1979 and 1980. I wished everyone a Merry Christmas during the holiday season, and so did pretty much everyone else on staff. There were a couple of obviously Jewish people who looked at me a little funny, but just about everyone else accepted it in the spirit in which it was given. Today, you get ‘Happy Holidays.’ Alas, not quite the same.

    Political correctness is not about not offending people: that’s the appearance that it takes to get most of us (who like to think of ourselves as civil and polite) to refrain from expressing our beliefs. The real intent is to get certain ideas, including most of Christianity, excluded from the field of reasonable public opinions.

    1. That’s true. Many years ago people didn’t give this any thought. But there is definitely this agenda to push what used to be underground as accepted. I’m fine with accepting homosexuality but what if someone isn’t I disapprove of unwed parenthood yet that’s supposed to be the way we think of it, that it’s a choice. And so forth.

  5. What I would question is how many people are actually concerned about the proper holiday greeting and how much of it is media noise.

    Political correctness seems to be an effort to keep people from expressing opinions rather than a way of making communication easier.

    I got fed up with the Happy Holidays thing and baked a couple of batches of cookies and brought them in on the winter solstice one year and told everyone. “Solstice Greetings. May your days grow longer.”

  6. That’s what PC is, a way to censor things. I don’t know many who get offended by others saying Happy (insert holiday). PC started out as a good thing because racism stinks. However it’s become censorship if someone has another opinion.

  7. But then, racism isn’t what it used to be.

    It’s one thing to refuse to serve or hire someone because of his (or her) race or religion. But now, to suggest that people should exercise personal responsibility for their lives is considered racist. Never mind that, for the last 50 years, we have pursued policies (in the name of the ‘war on poverty’) that have made personal irresponsibility practical and functional.

    In NYC, we now have ‘ban the box:’ an employer is prohibited from asking on a job application if a candidate has a criminal record. You have to make a tentative decision to hire the candidate, extend him a job offer, and then you can ask the candidate about his record and do a background check. If you then reject the candidate for his criminal record, you have (a) a pissed-off (and possibly demonstrably violent) rejected candidate on your hands, and (b) potential trouble from the Feds, who could turn around and ask why a clean criminal record is really necessary for the job in question. All of this because asking at the outset (i.e. expecting a candidate to have conducted his life so as to stay out of trouble with the law) is ‘racist.’

    1. I can see both points to that. On one hand if someone has changed their life, is it fair to judge them by something that may have happened years ago? My friend “Fred” that I’ve spoken a lot about has a lengthy record, but most were misdemeanors (usually traffic). I actually lost a job because I got a speeding ticket TEN YEARS AGO (my only ticket and I’ve been driving almost 30 years). On the other hand what if the crime was serious and recent and pertains to the job or morals? For example sex offenders rarely change. If I was hiring for a school I should be allowed not to hire them.

      With regards to racism, yes they throw it around too much for everything. It is racism not to hire someone because of their race but even then I’ve lost jobs due to being white. However, moral issues often get called racist. I often rail against unwed parenthood and the fact is most black babies are born to unwed mothers (something like 73%). Yes many other races have this problem but not like the black community. Also, gangs and crime is a bigger problem than white gangs. This isn’t being racist. I also know many black people who are successful and live productive lives, but if we say that this is possible we are called names (including the black people I know who are successful, they are called Uncle Toms or acting white). Now according to the PC crowd calling someone a thug is racist, even if they are. Then there is the illegal and refugee problem. The reality is most illegals receive welfare through their children and most refugees receive welfare but if we state this we are called racist. It doesn’t matter the race, we shouldn’t have to support people who don’t want to better themselves and aren’t citizens.

      I for one am tired of seeing all these anti white comments on television and the internet. Yes there are bad whites and yes many of the problems today stem from white males but not everything is and not all whites are to blame. My favorite was “your ancestors owned slaves” which is ironic because most of my ancestors immigrated in the 20th Century except one set and I believe many of these ancestors may have been Native American. I mean out of my grandparents, one was born in England, one (her husband)was born in USA but his parents were born in France, my other grandmother was born here but both her parents were from Poland. My grandfather (her husband, only living grandparents)had a mother who was the only one born here because her family were all born in Germany. My maternal great grandfather was the only one who was born here and so was his parents but one of his grandparents apparently was born in Poland or Germany (I forget which because he was German and Polish and we think Native American).

      My point of discussing my ancestors is to show that I didn’t descend at all from the people who did a lot of this. Even if I did, this was so far removed. Actually if you want to get technical one of my great grandfathers was Jewish and his family was killed at Auschwitz. They certainly didn’t have it good. Yet all my life I had to endure all these comments in school because of other people’s history and living in Cook County didn’t help. Not to mention not all racism exists. There were black slave owners. Not all refugees and illegals were Muslim or Hispanic. Not all Mexicans look Mexican (my friend Fred is Mexican but is white Mexican and I am darker. He has blue eyes and one sister is blonde). There are also poor whites who had the same disadvantages as blacks in the hood.

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