So….we are expecting who knows how many refugees…..

2 words:

A nightmare.

And a nightmare in every way:logistically, financially and security wise.

There is a town in Germany, population 102, who was told to expect 800 brand new imported residents.

And this is like it or not.

Where does a tiny little town — that might be sandwiched between several other town, and tightly, put 800 people?

They probably have a school the size of 2 2 family homes put together — where do they put new students! Certainly these illegals are coming in with kids!

They also do not speak English. That’s now the official language of the EU, correct?? . How is it that they are pemitted to live there?  You can just walk in and that’s the end of it??? Aren’t there rules and other channels and interviews and such? I guess that was just eliminated

Picture the population of your town and multiply it by 8…and then use that number and apply it to the Syrian influx you are going to get.

Picture that number moving in to yoru town where there is hardly room for other people…and picture *8 times* your school populations coming into our schools. I guess now they will be getting bilingual Arabic teachers, too???? And we get to expand the schools and add more teachers, too? Who pays for that, us again?

it is all a trickle down effect.

They are contributing nothing to their new town, new country and new community: they keep to themselves and surely they must be uneducated and skillless — yet the US of A has a plan to put these people to work, more or less — giving them working status??

They do not speak English. Not trained and cannot read; at best, they will get menial jobs and probably those that pay them under the table…and that’s if anybody wants to hire them. There is enough animosity already; nobody wants this bunch.

In this morning’s Bergen Record, we have this — and get ready for this eyeful:

“Refugees cannot pick which country to settle in. If they’re taken to the United States, they get placement services from one of nine non-profit agencies. An agency moves them to an area with decent job or housing opportunity, or where they may have relatives, with input from refugee coordinators in state governments.

“The federal government provides $1,900 per refugee, but they’re required to pay back the government for air travel to the United States. The goal is for them to be self-sufficient in 90 days. Their refugee status entitles them to work. A year after they arrive, they can apply for a green card. Five years later, they are eligible to apply for citizenship.”

Preference is being given to female head of households, homosexuals and those in need of health care! Huh??? Ellis Island would turn you away and send you back if you came here with a communicable disease!

And there is no such thing as a female head of household in these Muslim countries — you are more or less thrown away if you are a widow — and to admit you are gay, in a Muslim country???? You’ll probably suffer dire consequences! Gays *do not exist* in Muslim countries!  They will say they are gay, are a victim of violence or a widow with a family! They’ll be allowed in no questions asked.

Are they planning on following up on these new residents of our country? Not likely.

I will bet the youths fall in with street gangs. Its going to be just like that bunch from Vietnam that we took in awhile ago.

All of this is a done deal:

Governors saying “we don’t want them” won’t mean SHIT. It’s take them and like it and too damn bad.

We do not know what we are getting.

They could be mentally ill, have drug and alcohol problems, be pregnant, have communicable diseases,  problematic in school, hooked into gangs and other organized crime groups (not just terrorists exists in these countries), are drug runners or have a police record a mile long.

We do not know what we are getting and for that reason, do not take them. Let the tired and the poor and those who yearn to be free stay HOME. Sorry, but we cannot accommodate you.

This bunch will go straight to GA — and who is there to translate for THEM??? Those offices are packed to the brim now and yes, nice middle class people are part of the scene….

Andnot to mention this bunch is given worker status????

No English and they do not read or write and they have no skills or education! What jobs do you expect to hire them for??

And if they DO have an education and skill, you mean to tell me they are given first preference for a job WE may be competing for????

NO to this bunch. It’s OVER. And so is the free lunch and free everything else!

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  1. I hate to say this but the Republicans seem to be right. My Republican governor vetoed it because we are messed up in Illinois. We are cutting programs left and right because WE ARE BROKE. We can’t even pay out lottery tickets. Not to mention jobs. Meanwhile our Democrats are selling out Americans to bring them over. First off, most are male, why didn’t they fight? Second we have no idea who most of them are. Many no doubt are terrorists. Third, taxes will go up to support them because history shows these people go on welfare and don’t work. Look at the Boston Bomber’s family all they did was mooch and kill Americans. Fourth, I’ll probably never have a job again now I have to compete with them? Finally, these people hate women. If the refugees were Christians or groups like Kurds it would be one thing but nope Obama doesn’t think those groups deserve priority.

    Can we impeach Obama now? Why does he hate Americans?

    1. GTheir women also hate non-Muslim women. When I see them at the mall, they pointedly stay away from anybody who is not “one of them” — and how is it permitted you can wear a BURKA to a public place??

      They have the best of cars, m’dears….no mid priced or low priced piece of junk for them! Are you going to tell me their husbands actually make that kind of money to afford a car like a range Rover or a high end SUV??

      Just what kind of jobs do you propose giving somebody who cannot read or write and also cannot speak English???

      These are the pocket poor. No education, no skills no nothing.

      At best they will be getting very menial labor jobs — housecleaning, janitorial, maybe warehouse work….and who on that job is going to be there to oversee them and speak the language THEY speak???

      There is no such thing as a “female head of household” in a Muslim culture.

      At best, you are thrown away. You are a society outcast — this is how India does it and I am sure it is the same in Muslim cultures.

      And a job for a female Muslim who has been married and the only job she had was being married and pushing out kids…

      Line up a job for her and you can bet your ass she will resist it. It is just not done in a Muslim culture.

      There is nothing for them to give back to their new country. They have no skills. All they will do is be on the public assistance roles and no doubt they are being given first preference (ought to be a scream when this bunch shows up to do business and they clash with the other bunch who sits in those rooms for hours until their number is called)

      This is a fail all around: it is a culture clash. The ones who are here now do not mix with their new community — they are cliquish and stick together, like the Indians do.

      We could be getting the mentally ill, alcoholics, school behavioral problems, those who are chronically ill, the drug addicted, the terminally ill, the pregnant, those who are part of organized crime or gangs, those with police records ten miles long and those with fake names, fake backgrounds and fake everything else.

      They will probably find the same loophole the Orthodox Jews do: “We need to go to mosque 5 times a day so we cannot work for religious reasons”. Why do you think the whole town of Lakewood NJ is on welfare??? The same thing is going to happen with this bunch!

      Not to mention the cultural problems we will be facing — they still genitally mutilate their daughters (plenty of places to have that done on the underground; it is like all the abortions back in the day in this country) and honor killings (there was a rather heinious one a couple decades ago; by the time the cops got there the teen was dead) and another thing:

      The United States — and ditto the rest of these countries they are going to — is not home.

      This is a secular country. This is not a Muslim country.

      This will never work, based on culture….

      And I am sure crime will go way up — these people will likely be assaulted (nobody wants them here) and I imagine the youths will wind up with gangs. They won’t make it through school…

      And that is another thing:

      What do we do now? get Arabic bilingual teachers??? Great; we can import MORE from overseas… and we can expand our schools again and again and again, thanks to this bunch…

      Now for the pesky little detail that made me laugh:

      Preference given to female heads of household, those needing medical care and homosexuals?

      No such thing as a female head of household
      Those needing medical care: if you are communicably ill on Ellis Island, you were sent back!!! Why are we allowing those with communicable diseases to enter this country?

      And free medical care just because. I know somebody who has end stage cancer and she cannot pay her bills.

      And as for homosexuals…

      Say you are gay over there and you’ll be put to death, no doubt.

      This bunch will say yes to being gay or concoct some kind of illness or do who knows what to get in here —

      And while this bunch is being screened, where do they stay?? Where do they stay where we can ensure they won’t cakewalk off into the surroundings somewhere???

      An internment camp possibly? Old military bases that are decommissioned, possibly? Rent out a hotel solely for “them” and put them in there?

      I dunno where they will stay but I do know this:

      This “Save The Children” Plan was in the mix and in formulation for quite some time. They did not cook this up in 4 days’ notice.

      And I ask this: why are the men not serving in the military??? So many men and young men??? Maybe all of them are not Syrians but an influx from some other Middle Eastern country? Who knows!

      We will be overloaded in every way: monetarily, financially, scholastically, utilities-wise, housing and culturally. There is going to be a octillion problems and all linked to this group.

      Say no to this bunch and I do not care if they are from Canada, outer space or ‘wherever” — a large group of people who cannot adapt and refuse to? FAIL and big time.

      1. There there is the other bunch that is non-Muslim: the Syriac Orthodox.

        Syrians are now the largest growing ethnic group in NJ.

        They usually buy out old decommissioned churches or synogogues and redo them as their own house of worship.

        Fine and dandy…

        But what is not?

        Here is one parish who bought out a former Catholic villa — this is somewhere in Bergen Country.

        On that tract of land they want to build this gigantic cathedral that will seat over 3000 people and add 2 or 3 other buildings to the compound.

        That will overload the grid, the sewer lines and imagine the traffic on Sundays and other! There’s not going to be one Mass on Sunday, yanno! That place will be hopping all weekend long. And also during the week because there are a lot of community oriented events going on.

        (*The Copts are the same way — want to build these fantastically large churches and expand on what is a tiny little parish church. You can’t do this and if you want that, buy a piece of land elsewhere where your group will not overload the grid or cause a traffic jam or effect the overall area adversely)

        This bunch wants a church on every corner. There are already 6 or 7 parishes in this area. More are to come.

    2. Syria has reduced their period of mandatory military service from 21 months to 18, and they are subject to conscription at 18 years of age, so it is likely that at least some of the male migrants have already completed their military service. I would also guess that Syria, like the United States, also discharges conscripts for “failure to adapt” or for physical reasons and that at least a few have fled conscription. Males who are only sons are exempt from conscription.

      Under Syrian law, the eldest male in a family where the father has died can also postpone his military service to support the family, which would fit right in with the argument that the majority of the the Syrian refugees are economic migrants rather than fleeing persecution.

  2. If they were Christian or Kurds (or that other group that gets enslaved) that would be different because they would be killed. Traditionally Syria had a lot of Christians but here’s the reality and that is most of them immigrated years ago. In fact if you look at Syrian immigration from years ago most were Christians. This group does assimilate and tend to be educated. Notice I said past tense? that’s because in most of these countries the Christians have immigrated, especially in the last few years. While there are still Christians I guarantee most refugees aren’t them or even Kurds (also a group killed). Instead most will be Muslim.

    Speaking of refugees, I was reading about Vietnamese refugees and this should make us think. Quite a few came over during the war and right after so we’re talking 40 years or so. In that time most of them are still on welfare and never assimilated. I was on another site and they were talking about cutting benefits to immigrants and in this article this Vietnamese guy (through a translator)was discussing how he can’t live without assistance. This guy was 60ish so this means he came around 20-30 and should have worked (and remember back then we had more jobs). So the fact he’s been on welfare a long time is a problem. We have so many Americans we can’t support, why should we support others? I used to work in downtown Chicago and on the way to the train I saw guys sleeping on the street. Why aren’t we helping them? In Illinois we are broke yet are expected to support them.

    My hairdresser moved to Dearborn Michigan and has said there is a lot of problems there. What I didn’t mention is she is first generation Mexican. Why mention that? because we complain about Mexicans but their culture is similar enough to ours and they are Christians (usually Catholics). I disapprove of them illegally immigrating but they aren’t going to kill us as terrorists. These refugees might. We have a mosque 30 minutes from us and several leaders there have been convicted (or at least charged) or funneling money to terrorists.

    Oh this is interesting but the university (undergrad and grad, I attended as a grad student)now offers Arabic lessons. There have always been students from the Middle East (I had a classmate from Jordan but I believe she was Christian actually) but they were from the educated classes in the Middle East. These classmates all spoke fluent English. I have a sneaking suspicion this is going to be a requirement to get a social service job. As it is, to work in a social service job like counselor at public aid you need to speak Spanish. I suspect those jobs will now require fluency in English, Spanish and Arabic.

    1. It has been like that in this area: “Must speak Arabic.”

      The latest floored me:

      Greece forbade entry at one of their borders — I forgot which one — it was a large group made up of many countries: Iraq, Pakistan and several others.

      They wanted to claim “economic migrant” as a reason for entry!

      Huh? You are not happy with your country’s economic status???

      So you want to come to Greece.

      Is there anybody who is going to stop this nonsense where it is right now; you cannot simply cakewalk into a country and make up a reason for entry so you can skip all the prelim paperwork otherwise and skip the entire immigrant processing???

      Voting no on their entry here? Dudes, this is all set to go; this is a very elaborate plan in place and it is not just for 10,000 people. If it was only 10,000 people, some goodwill group could have absorbed the price of airfare and such. These are solidly-in-place government contracts and that is non negotiable and not void and not null. It’s set to go.

      Too many men; why are the not serving in the military? YOu can bet that these are men from many countries, not just Syria. They will claim Syrian birth. We can’t refute it and I have no idea how they claim they are going to background check all of these people.

      Facebook kills me — the entire group of people seems to be 50 50 — and the memes that circulate are disgraceful; false information and conjecture and just plain wrong. You cannot claim that Joseph and Mary were refugees too…or gee, Steve Jobs’ last name used to be Jihadi…. come OFF it — this is just a mess and this is wrong. This is how false information gets circulated. IUt’s like that little telephone game we used to play as kids.

      Contrary to popular meme, Joseph and Mary were not refugees. Read up what it says in the Bible.

      Mary was of Turkish origin — it’s believed she came from that part of Europe. Joseph had to be, too; these were arranged marriages and he had to be part of their community. They were traveling to Jerusalem for a census. How does that make them refugees???

  3. Yeah I’ve seen that one about Mary and Joseph and the various ones saying true Christians support them. Yes, true Christians help the poor but nowhere does it say to help people who may intend to kill us, nor does it say to help no matter what. In fact there are passages that discuss things like this. What these people are neglecting is if we help them it means we deny help to others, like our homeless veterans. The reality that has been shown in European countries for years is they sponge off welfare and not only don’t assimilate they expect others to bend to them.

    Europe, unlike the US had more open immigration which brought the mooches. Years ago the Middle Eastern people we got apparently were educated, like doctors and jobs like that. However, restrictions have been relaxed. I don’t know much about this, but my paternal grandmother was married to an American army soldier (my grandfather)and to immigrate here she went through a lot. In fact my dad was almost born in England. John Taylor, the bass player for Duran Duran recently became a citizen after years of living here. Someone actually said that it’s the same thing him becoming a citizen versus illegals or refugees. Actually far from it because 1)He speaks fluent English (well duh, he’s from England), 2)He and his wife (an American fashion designer)are wealthy and pay taxes (never relying on welfare), and 3) He’s not taking jobs away from anyway since he’s considered one of the greatest bassists. Of course I didn’t mention he’s from England (a culture like ours), he’s Christian (Catholic specifically)and he’s European (well white but this shouldn’t have a bearing). Likewise Einstein also immigrated here. These are immigrants we want (Taylor has dual citizenship). Apparently most of the European immigrants we get have to do with jobs or marrying. The majority of immigrants do come to sponge, not to have a better life. Years ago I volunteered in an ESL department and there was a Russian couple. Never worked here yet were receiving some form of social security and other forms of welfare. There are books they pass around in other countries about how to receive welfare. That should tell us a lot.

    1. The system is out of order. Somebody I knew from a distance had a boyfriend from the UK — they later on got engaged and it took her forever to be able to bring him here, just so they could get married.

      Ditto somebody else who had a friend from Taiwan: it took Jeff forever to be able to become a citizen.

      Watch the video — every single face you see in these throngs and throngs of border jumpers (that is what they are — from many countries and NOT just Syria) are MEN. A solid wall of MEN…..really? these guys are Syrian? Why are they not off fighting the war? Every one is a draft dodger? I think not. There is no such thing as a draft dodger over there. You go whether you like it or not, I imagine.

      This plan we have in place (and who came up with it??? and when??? not over night, m’dears) is for a mere 10, 000 Syrians. Some humanitarian group or even a few could have picked up the cost of flying them here, and then putting them up somewhere or whatever it is they need to do. Some body somewhere could have absorbed the cost.

      This is a very elaborate plan and government contracts are in place. This is all done with specifics in mind and painstakingly done. It was in the works for a long long time. Funny how now it’s ready to roll.

      We will never see the end of this and neither will all of thse countries like Greece and Germany and others — I predict we will see “immigrants” from this thing where the numbers of them will be in the several million range, if not more.

      All men, really?

      And wanting to make a new life in whatever country it is and eagerly become a Frenchman, a Brit, a Canadian or an American????

      See what you think….

  4. That’s exactly it too, they don’t assimilate. There have been countless stories about how Somali refugees are coming here and expecting food banks and whatnot to cater to them. I don’t know about you but if someone was giving me free food and I was starving I would eat or politely decline, not say :”you better provide what I want”. Many of these refugees, immigrants whatever aren’t interested in our culture they want it to be like ours. It goes without saying that once any group comes in they tend to hire their own. I’ve discussed various places I interviewed with that had different cultures and how they treated women was not how we treat women (or are supposed to). The fact of the matter is I’m willing to bet most of them aren’t pro west or women.

    My grandmother (dad’s mom)was rather interesting because she was very British but yet British culture (well really Europe in general)is very close to ours. She did have tea at 4pm with cookies (called them biscuits) and things like that but it wasn’t offensive.

  5. True charity is the prerogative of the productive. You can’t meaningfully give away that which you didn’t earn in the first place. It pains me to see our Dear Leader acting like Lady Bountiful and spending money we don’t have. (Worse, he’s inflicting additional expenditures on states and localities that are broke to begin with.)

    There’s a broader agenda at work: we’re being told that we have to embrace people that at best we’d want nothing to do with, from thugs to terrorists to welfare moochers. And if you resist, you are a hater and a bigot and the state will force you into compliance.

    1. Exactly. What gets me is I work with veterans because our government keeps cutting their benefits. This is why we have so many homeless. Then the other day I saw a story about a woman who gave her shoes to a homeless person. All fine and dandy but then they said there are around 570,000 homeless (I assume in the US but maybe they just meant NYC, I wasn’t paying much attention). Why can’t we help these people? sure some don’t want the help and all of that but others do and can’t get any help. Yet moron thinks it’s great to take care of people who will abuse the system (and all the stats I’ve seen state 90% of Muslim immigrants are on welfare).

      Speaking of which I just heard about something where Dear Leader wants to force nicer areas to start taking these people (along with the thugs, moochers and all the rest). He really wants to destroy this country, I wonder why? Illinois is broke, we can’t help our truly needy how are we going to help them? This means of course higher taxes or more cuts.

      Do you watch South Park? They are really going after the PC trash. It all fits together, we have to accept everything: Muslims, men who think they are women (aka Jenner), thugs who make baby after baby on taxpayer dime etc. That if we don’t think the PC way we are racist, bigots, etc. The fact he even said those who oppose refugees are racist speaks volume. I don’t hate Muslims, I hate terrorists, most of whom are Muslim. I don’t want someone to receive free tax payer money when I myself don’t qualify. I was suffering from a truly horrible disease for several months called erythroderma psoriatica where I couldn’t do much and was bed ridden on and off for months, I applied for disability yet was rejected. Yet they will get money that I paid into, not them. That’s what he doesn’t get, they will take and not give.

      1. IT used to be you came here with a skill or you learned one if you did not have one!

        We had bricklayers, masons, carpenters, artesians who made tile and ceramic items and thousands of useful beautiful things, watchmakers/repairers, jewelers, tailors and others!

        What have we got now?

        Yeah, these new “Americans” lining up for handouts. Sheesh…our food banks are strapped for food and we cannot keep up with our own who are in dire need.

        And even so — where is this bunch going TO work? They will resist work and resist whatever is involved with it. We are stuck now with this bunch — and they like to have large families. So I guess now we will support who knows how many families that have who knows how many kids? There is probably a minimum of 5 or 6.

        You can bet they will not learn to read or write or speak English.

        This is just wrong. We can’t forsake our own for a group of tully knows how many people — totaling in the millions or more. Heaven help us all.

        1. The irony is it means our less fortunate (homeless, vets etc) get neglected. Some idiot on another site actually called me judgmental and a non Christian because I believe in helping our own. Many years ago to come here was hard and yes you needed a skill. We also didn’t have the safety nets. We got people who worked hard, often starting a business. Not happening much as most immigrants are on welfare (except apparently Indians who are mostly skilled but who knows if that will change). Not just this, but they push their agenda everywhere they go.

          1. We had an effective moratorium on immigration from the end of World War I until about 1964. I will guess that it was still possible to bring over family members during that time if you had established legal residency or had obtained citizenship, but am not sure.

  6. My paternal grandmother came here around 1946 but she was already married to my grandfather (and American army soldier). That was probably the key. Oddly though she had trouble coming and had she had to wait would have met my dad would have been born in London England. She did a lot of jobs when she came here but I think most were part time. Of course things were different then, there were jobs.

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