Disrespect for the Mets

Daily News, 24 Oct 2015

I don’t usually read the newspaper on Saturdays, but today I was reading the Daily News, whose front page highlighted an opinion piece about how the author (Joe Dziemianowicz, the News theater critic) couldn’t root for Mets star hitter Daniel Murphy because, back in March, Murphy remarked that he disagreed with the gay lifestyle ‘100%.’

The text of the article itself is focused: Dziemianowicz disagrees with what this particular Met said on a subject that he feels strongly about. That’s OK: every man has a right to his opinions. And he makes it clear that he’s still a Mets fan, and wishes the team well in the World Series.

But running an item like this with color pictures on Page 5, and featuring it on the front page is, at best, a breathtaking lapse of editorial judgement. It doesn’t matter that the Mets made it to the World Series (for the first time since 2000!) through exquisite skill and determination; it only matters that Daniel Murphy is a quasi-bigot.  But then again, most of his teammates, if not constrained by political correctness, would probably agree with him: perhaps they’re all quasi-bigots.

And then there’s the line that appears on the front page to entice the reader into turning to page 5: ‘I can’t root for a guy who hates me for wanting to score with Harvey.’  I had to read it three times before I was sure of what it meant: are you sure you really want to put that on the front page of a family newspaper?

Thank you, Daily News, for a totally ugly act of disrespect for my home team.

4 thoughts on “Disrespect for the Mets”

  1. I’m not supporting the Mets because they beat the Cubs and I’m a Chicago girl. Anyway, I get so tired of this whole idea that because someone disagrees with what is the “political correct” idea that they are wrong. I don’t care either way about gay marriage (because I’m not gay)and am okay with them marrying but not everyone is. Likewise, this whole transgender issue bothers me because there are people not transgendered who are using it to get their sexual perversions. Yet if I state I don’t want a man in the bathroom who is not going through the process and is only wearing a dress for kicks I get called names. Sorry but that isn’t being transgender. I’ve gotten banned from message board because I have certain standards that are not considered normal anymore (like I don’t approve of out of wedlock births).

  2. I have to laugh at the irony of a theater critic not being able to root for the Mets because one of the players disagrees with “the homosexual lifestyle” 100%. Being a theater critic is not the most manly of occupations, but nice work if you can get it. It could be argued that he makes his living from gay people, more or less, when you consider who appears on stage and who goes to the plays, and so has to at least appear supportive of his audience. .

  3. I didn’t see anything ironic: what should our gay theater critic expect from a sport that embodies the spirit of the American heterosexual male? What really bothered me, and moved me to write this post, is the editorial judgement (or lack thereof) of the Daily News in putting this whiny rant in a prominent spot.

  4. Maybe they were attempting a sort of print-based version of clickbait. Say something about homosexuals, positive OR negative, and you get a rise out of a certain percentage of people.

    If he doesn’t want to support the Mets, that’s his business. His period of non-support may be short indeed, at least this season, given that they are down 3-1 to the Royals.

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