Our Dear Leader announced this week that we would not be leaving Afghanistan as planned at the end of 2016.  We will continue to have several thousand troops there for the foreseeable future, beyond the end of the Obama administration in January 2017.

Will someone remind me how we got into Afghanistan in the first place?

Oh yes, that’s right: after 11 September, we believed that the Taliban, the Afghan leadership, was harboring Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda.  So we partnered with the ‘Northern Alliance’ and routed the Taliban.  We then fumbled around in the mountains for a few weeks, but never found Osama there.

OK, the Taliban’s out.  What did we expect would happen next?

Did we believe the Afghan people were pining for limited republican government like we like to believe we have ourselves?  Building that would have been a major, major project that could not have been done on the cheap.

So we installed something resembling a government, not even a very good government, and the Taliban was able to recover as a militant force.

It’s now 14 years later, Osama is dead, and al-Qaeda are now our friends because they’re attacking Syrian President Assad.

What do we expect to achieve with our continued efforts there?  For my part, I have no clue.

The USSR went into Afghanistan in 1979 to support an allied government, as an exercise in geopolitical gamesmanship.  They left in 1989, having accomplished pretty much nothing.  Meanwhile, the USSR itself was much weakened, and fell apart two years later.

Do we believe that we can do better?  If so, what?

My mother used to say, ‘Don’t throw good money after bad.’

It may be time to pull the plug.

3 thoughts on “Afghanistan”

  1. Awhile back someone posted photos of Afghanistan before all the fighting and what a difference. For one, when we think Afghanistan we think of strictness but not true. The women were dressed like any European country and had many rights. It was actually a tourist attraction. Now it’s a mess. Iraq was also like that and even though Saddam Hussein was a tyrant he was a SECULAR tyrant. He didn’t care about religion and it was secular. Now, the religious wackos are taking over.

    I hate to say this but I’ve become convinced Obama is a Muslim and we are going to get more extremists. We’ve always had Muslims but were just like anyone else. However with the refugee crisis and we will get terrorists. In fact there is a mosque about a half hour from me that is funneling money to terrorists. Several there are in prison for this. I get a sick stomach thinking of all of this.

  2. You can say the same thing about Egypt and Iran as you can about Iraq and Afghanistan: years ago, they were secular societies with secular governments (although, in fairness, due to some extent to our meddling) and today they are overtaken by fundamentalist Islam.

    As far as our Dear Leader, a person’s religion isn’t just the sort of building he visits to pray, or the day of the week that he does it. President Obama’s father and stepfather are both Muslims; he grew up steeped in Islam; he’s made various public statements extolling Islam and deprecating Christianity. So it isn’t unfair or outlandish to believe that he is a Muslim, or to surmise that his Christianity is just a costume.

    And yes, more extremists are almost certainly going to arrive in the coming years. But the reasons for that, I believe, are broader than just the religious beliefs of our President.

    1. That is true about extremism though I’m not sure Egypt has gotten that extreme yet (though to be fair haven’t been paying as much attention). I know Iran was a secular country during the Shah’s reign (a leader put there by the US)and was more of a tourist attraction. Now though that area is a mess and extremism is growing with Muslims. It seemed to be we had stricter limits and got a lot of truly innocent victims. Now, not the case. It’s not just Muslims though, we are getting a lot of Cubans and Mexicans who come for welfare. Sure, they aren’t terrorists (though some are gangs) but we shouldn’t be bringing in welfare using immigrants. Yes, Obama has made nasty comments about Christians and even the most hardcore Democrats I know are turning against him. Doesn’t mean they will vote Republican, just that they don’t hate them as much. Obama has made it known he doesn’t really like Christians, at least that’s what I pick up. I say that as admitting I voted for him.

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