Done and out….

And it was a  brutal  brutal experience.

I was still throwing garbage and other items out (and taking them to storage) up until the time I was supposed to be out.

It was a shame — there was furniture that I could not sell or give away — it wound up being carted away by theDPW (and did I get a dirty look from them when they showed up). I did manage to give away the sofa and loveseat; some guy and his wife came and took it away in a truck.

For now I am in a hotel because I could not find an apartment that will accept a dog!  This is 2015 and this kind of entality still exists.  There is the next dog friendly town about 3 miles from here but the rents are much too high for me.

I have to chase Bro in court for the damages; I am awaiting his address (the law firm that did the closing has his address) so I can get the proceedings underway.

The final tally for back property taxes was ab out $9200.

if I had to do it all over again: Sell this house outright — and hired another realtor. The one I had wasn’t all thqat great — she was the one who told me to “Sell everything you have and b e ready to move out after Labor Day” and suggested I give away my dog, to get rooms faster.

This was a suck azz and rotten experience and I felt like I got treated like a common criminal.  (Yeah, this from the person who sent me the wrong info in the email and did not proofread it before she hit send. Lots to b e desired.  Not quality help)

Bro was 90 minutes late for the closing — he called and told them he was delayed somewhere. 3pm is 3pm and you are to BE THERE.

My goal right now is to find a permanent place to live. What I have seen so far are dumps and the landlord wants a fortune for these crappy rooms. I may have to look into the shore area or something further out.

That damage money was supposed to be held in escrow. that did not happen in the end and I am still pretty pissed.  Then again , I am wondering if the escrow withhold would have worked in my  favor abnd accomplished what I wanted “faster.”

(and I think this atty is po’d that I did not hire him for my next endeavor. Another long story and I did not get what I paid for this go round)

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  1. And now I am finding out that Bro had his address redacted from the sworn affadafit that gives his new address.

    Blacked out?

    On a legal document????

    I did not think that was permitted or okay at all on a legal document.

    My goodness…..he must be sooooooo done with me! Not my fault you got thrown out — blame yourself,
    you stupid little waste of humanity. You should have thought twice about doing what you did before you did it.
    A nd seeing this almost makes me sorry I didn’t tell him off last Wednesday — I figured why waste time; I had to get a move on anyway, beause the closing was coming up within that hour or so.

    I did not like the way I was treated in the end — I stayed in a hotel last Tuesday night and I was back at the house at quarter of 5 in the morning to continue to throw items out. At quarter of 2 or so — no, it ws maybe a half hour later— the realtor shows up and sees me there at the house and goes “You’d better go; its going to be World War III I am warnig you….” Gee, was she pissed at me,…,,or petrified of the %&$&^# that bought the house????

    Imagine that— I am still pissed she made such an egregious error when she put together that email about a month ago. Telling me I had 2 more months to stay there when she “meant” 2 more weeks. The HELL.

  2. Yes, Real estate agents are ‘crooks’! And attorneys are also ‘crooks’! People in these professions tend to be ‘money grubs’, so you have to be very careful when dealing with them! I am sorry that you have been having these problems, and I hope you will be able to overcome them in the near future. Have you found any place to live further out from the town you currently live in, yet? A lot of areas have high rents now because so many people lost their houses to foreclosure. Here in Lancaster PA, there is a shortage of affordable rental properties. This seems to be a nationwide problem! Will the New Jersey shore be any less expensive during the off-season to short-term rent a place for yourself (and your dog) compared to your current location?

    1. I still can’t believe how dumb these realtors are.

      Don’t they have you people take a more or less paralegal class?? I imagine it would be a must; this was the second realtor that did not know what a partition was.

      I have a cousin who is trying to get me to move to where he is and that’s in California. I could try living down the shore b ut the job market there sucks, too.

      I do not want to stay in that town. It’s not that great of a place and I see that town going the same way Union City did after the huge wave of illegals came in…and going the same way as Passaic, before the riots back in 1967.

      Two rather nice towns…before the real dregs moved in. The middle class took off… Passaic is now a sanctuary town for the Mexican set…. and Union City is pretty much a slum. No ratables, no jobs no nothing.

      Passaic had 3 thriving hospitals in their midst; 2 are gone. There was also many places to work; ADP, Shulton and Roche are gone; so is Givudan. Most of ITT is gone; that ended back at the end of 1991 when the iron curtain fell.

  3. Because of the expected El Nino event, California may have a really tough winter. I do not know where your relative lives, but you may want to take that into account before moving to California. I would suggest that you rent a place at the shore over the winter, because the prices probably are cheaper. This is because many rental properties are probably empty due to it being in the off-season. Also, the owners of rental properties, at ‘the shore’, may be more accepting of a short-term lease because of this.

    1. That might be a good idea.

      There has to be somewhere I can go “just for the winter.” It would be okay if I stayed there from say, mid-October until April — a furnished place would be great.

      It’s insane — no landlord wants a dog unless the dog is a very small one. Meanwhile, I’ve seen very big dogs — where I lived — and there are pitbulls a plenty. How come me and my 58 pound meatball can’t get an in?

      He is also not well, as I have said. He is ill — I have to keep an eye on him; it is old age, mostly.

  4. Try ‘Rent.Com’. They have ‘pet friendly’ apartments listed when you put in a place’s name, or zip code. Also, call your local ‘animal shelter’. They may be able to help you, as well.

    1. You guys ought to see what you now have to go through to get a place down here for the winter.

      I offered to pay her up front for the entire lease yet she sstill wants a bank statement, an employment history, a living quarters history, references and now it’s get me a credit report.

      This is a very small place with a kitchen and a sitting room and 2 bedrooms upstairs.

      I think this is asking for too much; who can argue with a bank check that is worth the entire amount of the lease???? Gee, if I don’t show up on the designated date with the check, then give the rooms to somebody else — your primary issue is “Will I be paid?” Well, you’ll be paid….

      But you are still making this fuss….

      This is 65 miles from where I am right now. I have to consider a lot: I have a dentist, and physicians, and a vet and many other things going on “up here”…

      PLUS I am still looking for a JOB….

      DO I forgo that until my lease is up????

      I would be driving up north to take care of business with various things; remember, the winter is coming.

      I concluded about a half hour ago that the game on this is not worth the candle — the landlord is acting like I wish to rent an estate full of pricey antiques and artwork — this is a very small flat. Why such the big fuss???

      I am going to tell her forget it and keep looking up here for a place to live. Enough is enough; how much of YOUR personal information are you supposed to part with?

      I also do not know who the neighbors are or what they are like. This town is full of short term lease renters; they could be anybody. Who knows?

      These are narrow streets; what are they like when it snows?

      This is a shore town that has seen its better days; I have not been down here for 17 years. This part of the shore is not my favorite and never has been.

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