Syrian Flim-Flam

The world has been transfixed by the spectacle of hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern refugees streaming through Greece and Turkey, into Hungary, seeking refuge in Germany, Austria, and Scandinavia.  For a time, thousands of them were effectively detained at the Budapest railway station, but the Hungarian authorities relented and let them continue on.  Germany has indicated that they are prepared to take one million refugees; Austria has already taken tens of thousands.

Many of the refugees are from Syria.  Some may be from other places, and some may even be Islamic terrorists: we can’t really tell, and the refugees themselves know that they can simply ditch whatever identification they may be carrying and tell the authorities whatever they want.  But let’s go back to Syria for a moment.

About two years ago, we almost went to war over the Syrian government’s alleged use of chemical weapons.  But two years before that, we were pretty much OK with Syria.  And then something happened—well before the chemical weapon attack—that turned him into an adversary.  And we felt the need to arm the ‘Syrian rebels’ to fight the government, in the process building what we now know as ISIS, a de facto fundamentalist Islamic government in control of big pieces of Iraq and Syria.

Bashar Assad, the Syrian President, is a dictatorial strongman, but he was running a secular, moderate government.  When fundamentalist Islamic fighters appeared, proclaiming themselves to be fighting for freedom and democracy, Assad counterattacked.  He knew, as we should, that an election with fundamentalist Islamists is like an election with Communists: if they win, it will be the last meaningful election for quite some time.

But we bought the Islamists’ line and supported the ‘Syrian rebels.’  Our leadership was flim-flammed.  (Either that, or they actually want the world to be taken over by a new Islamic caliphate.  But that’s an issue for another day.)

In writing this post, I dug up a quote from the then-National Security Adviser, Susan Rice in the abortive 2013 runup to war:

…in the first instance, Assad and his backers in Iran and Hezbollah, do not have any interest in seeing this escalate…

And the next day, we came to understand that Assad’s main backer was not Iran or Hezbollah, but Vladimir Putin.  Oops.

In the meantime, we have hundreds of thousands of refugees piling into Europe.  Many are Christians, and many are Moslems.  Remember that fundamentalist Christianity admits that not everyone is a fundamentalist, and indeed that not everyone is Christian.  Fundamentalist Islam makes no such concession: anyone who isn’t a true believer is to be forcibly converted, taxed, or killed.

The Germans seem to believe that many of these million refugees can be integrated into the labor force to address chronic labor shortages resulting from, among other things, Germany’s low birth rate.  I hope, for their sake, that they’re right.

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  1. When ‘Lawerence of Arabia’ was alive he had a ‘plan’ to divide up the region between the Sunnis, and the Shiites. That plan was ignored by ‘The Great Powers’, and now that plan is coming to fruition in that region. You cannot stop history! All that can be done is to ‘make the best of a bad situation’! We are ‘egotists’ if we believe we ‘created’ ISIS, ISIL, SHAZAM! or whatever they are calling themselves now! I used to watch the ‘Isis/Shazam Hour’ on CBS on Saturday mornings when I was a kid! Isn’t Isil the name of the main character in the animated movie , ‘An American Tail’?! It is funny how this ‘radical’ Islamic group seems to be a fan of American children’s TV, and movie characters! LOL! !
    This is just one more example of that great quote by Mark Twain: ‘History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme’!

    1. BIG mistake.

      How do they know who or what these illegals are? Nobody is coming to Germany with legit papers. They could be criminals, mental patients, seriously ill, or have a troubled background.

      Do they have the resources for all of these people? Enough schools right now for every kid who is of school age and enough schools starting 5 years from now???

      The Syrians who are here in my neck of the woods are buying up former Catholic church property and decommissioned churches— there is a former villa that is not far from here that the Syrian Orthodox church bought— and on that parcel of land they want to build a very large church and campus to go with it. Community center, offices and more —- there is simply not enough room for it.

      Parking for hundreds of parishioners is included. They want something that is the size of a smallish cathedral.

      The Syrians (and the Coptic Orthodox) are 2 of the largest growing groups in my area. I am hoping we do not wind up with these hundreds of people who have “zero” back ground — tyhey could be criminals or terrorists or mentally ill or physically ill.

      Why should any country have to solve another country’s problem??? Not up to the country that is doing the intake!

  2. Germany let in thousands of Turkish “refugees” after World War II. Their descendents are still not well-integrated into German society. and the Germans don’t like them much.

    Germany is very much a monoculture. Things go all right if you do things their way. There was an “integration tax” levied on the people of the former West Germany to pay for rebuilding the former East Germany. That tax is still being paid.

    It would be useful to compare normal immigration rates to the ones that we are now seeing. The refugees are not unlike our H-1Bs. Trade agreements cap the number of foreign workers who can enter a given country in the EU. Refugees would be exempted form this cap.

  3. Here’s the reality and the fundamentalist Muslims are ruining Europe. They are terrorists and hate western culture while loving welfare. They never assimilated and expect others to cater to them. Until quite recently the Muslims we were allowing in were those discriminated against. Important to mention that historically the Arabs that were coming here were Christian and did assimilate. However this has changed and I don’t have stats but been reading about the problems Dearborn Michigan has had with Muslims. There is a mosque about 45 minutes from me that has ties to terrorist groups and this worries me.

    I don’t know what to do about this issue. Honestly, I would be open to only allowing in those who are in danger, like Christians, and some Muslim groups that are also targeted like Kurds and a few others. My only concern is would they take away jobs or welfare? I don’t want others because too many would cause what we are seeing in Europe. Many of these refugees are terrorists and we have no way of knowing who is.

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