Post sale of house…here comes the fallout…from a friend, yet…

Sometimes I feel like I am listening to a 9 year old girl.


Here is the problem…and the problem is the way my friend E. is acting.

She knows the whole kit and caboodle of what happened here.

Mind you, she has always been touchy about money — commenting on who at her workplace has what house, who is driving around in what car and how much her coworkers earn (this is public service and she knows what their salaries are). Who cares and why is this so irritating to her?

She’s been like this for as long as I’ve known her. Maybe I should have realized the squeeze was not worth the juice and ditched her back then.

Yesterday I mentioned that I might take a trip to see a cousin of mine — he lives out in California.

“You must have an awful lot of money if you are talking about taking all these trips.”

I blew sky high — I didn’t care who on that boardwalk bloody heard me — ha, they probably heard me clear across the water to Coney Island somewhere — and I said, “This again from you??? Suppose I tell you HE is paying for the TICKET???” (Cuz offered pay for my expenses to and from; “door is open and let me know if you’re coming to see me; I’ll pay for the ticket to and from”)

My goodness — didn’t we get quiet. I flat out told her if she made a comment like that again, the friendship will be over.

I said “I went through a lot this past decade; I lost a job and I gave up a lot of blood sweat and tears to get Bro out of the picture…” She has to “match” me and go “Oh so did I…I go through a lot at work and I lost a job, too…”

Ever feel like just turning around and leaving somebody right there?

I said “how much money do you think I am getting from the sale of this home? You think it’s a mansion???” To this, she looks down at the floor.

%&*%&#$ if I have to justify this to her or anybody.

This isn’t the first time she’s said something like this — she’s done it in the past more than one time. But yet she gets all touchy if somebody comments about what she is driving ,etc. it’s like she is taking this out on me.

I am seriously rethinking the friendship. I already have enough on my hands and the next thing I am grappling with is where to live — suppose I find a for-cheap house I can rent or maybe even buy? (it would have to be a tiny little house with maybe 6 rooms in it on a tiny piece of property; we still have quite a few of fhem left that fit into that category and that’s the only house I’d consider buying; I might even luck out and be able to get some kind of a loan to buy it) It’s account to her for what I am renting/paying for it?? What good is this to me?

I feel like I am living in a glass box.

2 thoughts on “Post sale of house…here comes the fallout…from a friend, yet…”

  1. If the wrong people know your business, you are set up for criticism or just flat-out annoyance. One trip is “all these trips”?

    Your friend forgets that whatever money that you get from the house is pretty much all that you have, and it has to support you until you find a job. You might be looking at needing to pay a higher than usual security deposit without current employment or if your credit is bad. I paid $550 a month for a one-bedroom apartment with a two-month security deposit in northwestern NJ in 1985. To my surpise, the rent has increased to only $1010 a month currently for the same one bedroom, one bathroom apartment at that apartment complex.

    I’ve long believed that much in society biases us toward envy and anxiety. Many people see only the gain and not the loss. True, you stand to get some money from the sale of your house, but you have to pay the costs of moving and get someone else to rent to you prior to settlement or at least rent a storage locker for your stuff for a month or two so that you can get the house ready to sell.

  2. Well, I had a friend like that. He was really smart, and he worked as a security guard and spent his time reading all kinds of intellectual magazines. Then a change in management occurred, and he was reassigned to another location. He eventually ended up giving up security work, and got a job working at Walmart as a cashier. Since then he texts a lot, and is just not as interesting as he used to be. There is a higher quality Walmart, and a lower-quality Walmart in the area. Yes, there is even a cast system even among Walmarts! It is all determined by ones personality which Walmart one works at. My friend, well needless to say, has a lower quality personality according to Walmart because he works in the lower quality Walmart Supercenter. He, interestingly enough, lives closer to the higher-quality Walmart! I have not spoken him for a few years because it’s so depressing to talk to him; even on Facebook!

    As for what to say to a friend who brings up money, here are some ideas from me:

    Divide the amount they are talking about by12 months, or if it has been years since you did something by that number of months (ie. 120 months for 10 years), and then show how little it really costs. For instance: if an airline ticket costs $700.00, then that would be about $6.00 a month to pay for it if you had not gone on an airplane trip for ten years! Then say: ‘wow, who could save $6.00 a month to pay for it?!’ ‘Does anybody even earn that much money in a month’?!
    LOL! 🙂 !

    When she mentions the money from your home sale say: ‘yes, I just spoke with Donald Trump because I am thinking of buying his penthouse at Trump Tower. If I move in there before this Thanksgiving, then would you be available to help drive the U-Hual rental truck with my stuff in it? Afterward, we can book a table at the Walfdof-Astoria. I hear they are now spcializing in Chinese cuisine!’ LOL! 🙂 !

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