Despairing for a President

Let’s start with the Democrats, because I’ve been a registered Democrat all my life, even though I’ve been disgusted with them for at least the last six years.

There’s Hillary Clinton.  I am well and truly Ready for Hillary… to just go away.  Between Benghazi, and running her own personal private e-mail server while Secretary of State, she is now officially a sneak.  I’ve gotten to the point where I simply can’t believe anything she says.

But let’s make the plausible assumption that, if elected, she would follow the same policy directions as the current President.  Would I want four more years of a listless economy, an airheaded foreign policy, and open borders?  No, thank you.

The other official candidate at this point is Bernie Sanders, who is somewhere to the left of Hillary: a fan of more government ‘investment…’ to do what?

Then there are the Republicans.  I’ve been disgusted with the Democrats for the past six years, and while I could change my party registration, what I’ve seen on that side of the fence hasn’t been compelling.

First, there’s Jeb Bush, who has the obvious name factor: is there no other family across our broad land capable of fielding plausible Republican candidates?

But beyond that, he and the newcomers Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio all subscribe to the same basic platform: a more assertive America, meaning going to war against whomever makes us mad,  (And if there’s no obvious enemy, they’ll make one,  Where would W have been without 11 September as a pretext to go to war in Iraq?)  They also stand for ‘immigration reform,’ meaning, at best, another 1980s-style reset, in which the illegal immigrants already here are given a path to legal status, while the icky part of the job–securing the borders and enforcing the law against hiring illegal immigrants–goes quietly by the boards.

In fact, all of the candidates seem to stand for open borders, although some are more vocal about it than others.  Evidently, the Power Beyond wants open borders.  Perhaps they’re worried that we’re in demographic decline because of our low birth rate.  But what’s galling is that we, as real American citizens, don’t seem to matter.

And all of the candidates claim to be ready to fix the economy, when in fact, they can’t.  The economy will improve if and when the private sector returns to real productive activity instead of pluffage.  But while government can encourage productive activity, it can’t force businesses to expand and hire.

Finally, none of the candidates seem to want to do anything about the emerging police state.  One of the things that I realized from the muted overall response to Edward Snowden is that much of our leadership is OK with our government snorfing  up every phone call, e-mail, and blog post.

We became a superpower decades ago because we had the productive economic base to support it.  We didn’t become a superpower because we were ordained by God, or because there was something magical about our land: we earned it.  And if we want to remain a superpower, we have to maintain and expand that base, which we haven’t been doing.  So we need to take a few steps back and either rebuild our economic base (which is more in the hands of private enterprise than something the government can do), or face the reality that without that base, we can no longer be a superpower.

And none of the candidates running for President, nor even any of the not-quite-candidates who are still considering whether to run, seems to get this.

8 thoughts on “Despairing for a President”

  1. I feel the same way. I don’t like anyone’s running. I am a registered Democrat but am disgusted and see no Republican politicians who could be good. I worry about illegals but also visa and outsourcing. I don’t care about things like social issues and the like and know those are only to throw away the agenda of both parties which is to make us poorer while the rich get richer

  2. In the 1990s, I used to remark that I was closer to what the Republicans stood for, but found myself voting more often for Democrats because they seemed more the sort that I could trust with power. But I’ve voted for Republican mayors since Giuliani, and I believe that NYC has been better off under them.

    The conservative social-issue agenda seems a little sad. On one hand, I agree with social conservatives that there is moral decay in this country, and that we would be in better shape if we lived more moral lives. But things like making abortion illegal won’t help. It’s almost as if we thought we could bring back the prosperity of the 1950s by making cars with big fins.

  3. Great post and so many ways to go with it. First off, there is a decaying of morals in this country and it’s getting worse. I was reminded of this not long ago when I was banned from a message board because I stated I think having multiple children out of wedlock by different people then abusing welfare is disgusting. I stand by it but then these posters (many admit they work under the table to collect welfare)complained and then started attacking the religious people. There was a time where this mentality was stigmatized, not even that long ago. I would never date a man who had multiple baby mamas, yet got banned from dating sites because of it. However the Republicans don’t have it right either because they would want to ban everything like abortions and welfare for all and that’s not the solution either. In Illinois we have a lot of these losers but also people who fall on hard times. Same with abortion, if you ban it you are penalizing the woman who got pregnant due to rape along with those who treat it casually.

    I don’t really identify with either party anymore. I want to see illegal immigration and visa workers severely limited but neither party seems to do that. I want less restrictions on small businesses in the hope they create more jobs and more restrictions on companies that outsource. I want to see welfare limited to those people really trying to better themselves and those who can’t, like disabled and the elderly. I want to see less emphasis on sexuality in society and more on intelligence. I want to see the rich pay their fair share. I’m tired of political correctness and the mentality everyone wins. I don’t want to be judged because I’m not into casual sex or banned because my views are more traditional. I don’t want guns outlawed though support restrictions. I don’t want gay marriage banned though I don’t feel a church should have to marry anyone.

  4. There is a reason Christianity is under attack in the culture. Christianity enables one to govern one’s self, with an internal moral code not subject to change by the legislature. (To be sure, it’s not the only path to self-governance, but it was what we started with as a nation, and was held in high esteem for over two centuries.) We don’t want people who can make value judgements independent of the popular whim.

    I’ve wanted to write about abortion, but I’ve been afraid that it would come out the wrong way. On one hand, I believe that a woman has a Fourth Amendment right to seek an abortion if she is not obviously visibly pregnant, and a doctor similarly has a right to provide abortion services if he or she chooses. But over the 40+ years since Roe v. Wade, over 57 million babies have been aborted in the US. Something is clearly very wrong, but it’s not the responsibility of a limited civil government to fix it. I see the Republicans who advocate an end to abortion as misguided, rather than malevolent.

    In the 1990s, between the Feds under a Republican Congress and our Republican Mayor Guiliani, NYC instituted a program by which all able-bodied welfare recipients would have to either work or get training. It actually worked very well. It was only dismantled this past year by our current Democratic Mayor.

    As far as the other things you mention, I’m coming to a unified theory about why all of this is happening, that I’ll write about in future posts. The short answer is that, absent a revolution, it doesn’t matter who gets elected President. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

  5. President Reagan was last president, who was elected, that was not an Ivy League graduate. All the current members of the US Supreme Court are graduates of Harvard Law school, or Yale Law school. And now, President Obama wants to the USA to ok the TPP trade agreement. The only people who benefit from this will be the elites of the USA, and the world. Average people, wherever they live, will be cheated by it. Everywhere, we must stop electing elites to lead us because all they ever do is steal from average citizens. If we do not do this there will be no hope for the future.

  6. An interesting thing on the Republican side is Jeb Bush’s refusal to play in the Iowa staw poll, which is a fundraiser for the Iowa Republican party. This is probably not an event with high predictive value, because Michelle Bachmann won it in 2012. It’s an event that lets you buy votes.

  7. I’m not going to take any of the 2016 Presidential candidates seriously until the caucuses/primaries begin next year: I simply don’t have the neurons available to worry about them.

    All of our politicians in Washington want TPP. Some of them rail against it, because it’s being kept a deep, dark secret, and railing against it plays well to their base. But if any of them became President, they would keep a tight lid on it, just like Obama.

  8. That’s it, the elites don’t want average citizens to win, it’s why we need to vote for someone who isn’t an elite but that is tricky since it costs money to run.

    Speaking of abortion, I don’t have the exact stats but I believe they increased after Roe V Wade and this is a problem. It corresponds to the loosening of sexual mores and the feminist movement. To some it’s become a form of birth control and that isn’t what was intended. Then again all of the movements in the 60’s were intended to help people but in many cases made it worse. We now have a black population with a serious illegitimacy problem, which is resulting in things like gangs and crime and this is happening with all the races. We have a serious problem with illegal aliens and how they hurt our poorest. We have a problem with countries like China and India stealing jobs (and in the case of China building them up).

    We need a politician for us but is there anyone?

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