Still here

The house is about to go up for sale. it was like pulling teeth to get him to agree to it. There was another whole big scene and I had to fight to get him to agree to sell.  That was 2 days ago.

The contracts from the realtor are ready. Having my atty take a look at it first.

I am still going to chase Bro for damages. I am tacking on all my legal fees in addition to the amount he owes me. Tough if he doesn’t like it.

The job market still stinks by us. There is literally nothing and has not been for months, unless you speak Korean, Japanese or French. the admin jobs are fewer and further in between. I am still looking for a job, believe it or not.

I am hanging in there otherwise. Nothing else much is new. I am hoping to try welding school when the home sells and I get the money from the sale.

Bro and the gf fight often. It was so loud and so out of hand during the last fight that I told Bro that gf was out of control. (This was the next day) He told me to mind my business. I said “If it involves a child in my home, albeit one living on the other floor, it IS my business.” Don’t ask what she called the kiddo. You do not solve a confrontation or argument using screaming or cursing.

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  1. One good thing is that the property taxes accrued from the last time that you paid them will be deducted from the sale of the house, so at least he won’t stick you his share of that cost.

    Are there any apprentice programs in your area for welding? that way, you get the training for free, and usually a reasonable wage for the work that you do. The Ironworkers or Pipefitters would be a place to start. There is usually a window of just a few weeks annually where they will accept apprentice applications.

    1. All the apprentice programs are gone. That probably ended sometime in the late 80s.

      I am looking for something else to do with my life. There aren’t really anymore admin jobs; they’re dried up and gone, at least in our area they are.

      Bro is still swearing up and down taht he owes me no money at all.

      There is also a garage that needs to be torn down, along with the back porch that has collapsesd — the winter did a number on it; the porch was in crappy shape to begin with. Water got into the cracks and thanks to expanding and contraction, that’s the end of the porch.

      There was a fight about the garage; I don’t have the money for half the tear down fee.

      Bro is insisting “You have a lot of money. I will subpoena all of your bank accounts!” A lot of money??? That why I am down here with crappy wallpaper, a kitchen floor that has to be replaced and I am driving around in an 18 year old car????

      I only wish I had the sense to get rid of him years ago.

  2. I know many admins and all are in your position. As I’m sure you’re aware many jobs now entail administration or technology made it obsolete. I wish I knew, I’m going to be waitressing and eventually bartending (they are training me on this) and apparently going back to school. For what? No idea yet but I see no other options unless I love waitressing and bartending and make a ton of money.

  3. Do not pay for any education yourself because it’s a waste of money. The best thing to do is apply for grants so you can get further education. This forces the government to be honest with you about your chances of getting a job with your new education, and skills. Do not spend even one penny on further education that is your own money. It is just not worth the gamble. And that is exactly what it is: a gamble!!!

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