it’s come down to this.

So I get a call today for a job. Sounds great until I say it’s for a restaurant. I applied for the waitress and hosting jobs (because they are new several positions are open). I have done these jobs but it’s been close to 15 years or longer. It’s by my house and across the street from Fred but have mixed feelings. I thought my waitress days were long over but I need money. I thought I would have a 9-5 corporate job (public relations or other media job) and a white collar job but my choices anymore seem to be jobs I am way overqualified for, and men I am too good for. Meanwhile I know people who are stupid and jerks yet have it all. The only good thing is if I get this job maybe I can go back to school and find something better. To be fair I have made great money at waitressing and this owner knows people I do. I’m just bitter because I saw the Facebook page of someone who barely graduated college and is a manager at a advertising firm and is married to someone who also worked in advertising. Life has never been fair to me.

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  1. Wow! It’s the year 2000 all over again. I guess you can go back in time, after all! :-). Too bad you are going to be making the same amount of money, doing the same job, you did back then. But, at least it’s a job and a starting point to improve your life. At least this shows the economy is improving a little bit, and that is something to be happy about.

  2. Update: I did get the job and it’s down the street. I can park at Fred’s store and in fact he wants to see if he can work a few shifts with me. However it’ll only be a few days a week. At least it will be money but why did I attend college? I want to go back to college but without student loans. I start training tonight. I am starting to get interviews again so maybe it will only be short term.

    1. If it makes you feel better, I was the assistant manager of a Baskin-Robbins store after I dropped out of a doctoral program. At the time, I had a masters degree in engineering and an MBA. I made $4.25 an hour and worked 20 hours per week. I was waiting for my application to be a prison guard in Texas to be processed. I made ice cream cakes four hours a night, five nights per week.

      I had turned down an engineering job in New Jersey because the guy who offered the job wanted to know about my plans for having children. Even if I told him that I never planned to have children, I doubt that he would have believed me or taken me seriously.

      1. Yeah women are always judged on that because if they p!an on having kids they’ll quit (not always true) and if they aren’t having kids they are mean. At least this is going to be a nice restaurant a few blocks away so no commuting. I’ll still pursue other things, but at least I’ll have some money.

    2. I have no idea what happened to the jobs, the way these goons interview or anything else.

      That vanished. Nothing is ever done the right way anymore. It is a freeforall.

      The daughter of a friend of my mother’s waitressed at a local diner for years — this was her mainstay job. Lots of famous people came in to eat or stop by for coffee.

      One of the guys (well known football player also married to somebody famous whose name you’d easily reccognize; she is in the media now) routinely left either no tips or a dime….yes, a dime….meanwhile his second wife received a 7 carat diamond engagement ring from him.

      1. Yeah, the richest are often like that. I live not too far from several sports stars and singers/rappers and most of them are known to be cheap or leave no tip at all because you know we should be grateful to serve them. Nope, I couldn’t care less who someone is if you don’t tip me after I catered to you. Years ago I waitressed at a busy club and guess how much I made on a Saturday night for tips? About $20. Not to mention I had to do things waitresses normally don’t like wash windows. They couldn’t figure out why I didn’t want to stay. The good thing is this is across the street from Fred’s and only a few blocks where I could walk so that is good. Plus being a restaurant people tend to tip when they eat dinner. One good thing is the owner is supposed to be good to work for and it’s some money for now. It’s going to be upscale so I could make excellent money but we’ll see.

  3. The world is full of assholes: it always has been. What’s changed for the worse is that now being an asshole is cool, and being decent (in the sense of interacting politely with people around you, and tipping appropriately for good service) is now, at best, quaint and ‘old-school.’

    Madness: your remark about the question from the employer in New Jersey struck a nerve. I’ll write further about it in my next post. You’re right that it’s a question that employers are not supposed to ask, but forbidding the question has its own consequences.

    1. I’ve been asked the kids question a lot, even assumed I would have kids. On one hand I get it because some women quit to be full time mothers (or still work and expect others to take over at work) but on the other hand it is offensive to assume. Interestingly, almost everyone going to work there either has no kids or they are grown. Found that interesting. I know a lot of people with no intentions of having kids.

      That part scares me, the tipping part. Luckily I live in a town where I expect people to generously tip but of course it’ll be more than people here. Most people will tip, especially if the service is good but some aren’t. I was reading about some celebrities who never tip and have horrible attitudes. I met someone who served a coup!e of A list celebrities who were gracious and tipped when they filmed movies here. I was thrilled because these are actors I am fans of and will see in movies and hearing they are terrific made me happy.Not that I expect to serve them but still a good story.

  4. The story gets better. I wasn’t fast enough as a waitress but was offered a dishwasher job. Yes, a dishwasher. I said I would take it for now but is this the best I can do? What kind of bizarro world are we in where someone graduates from college and graduate school with high GPA’s, is selected to appear on Jeopardy (but passed because of having to pay all expenses and no guarantee will result in a taping or taping will result in airing) and has a certifiably high IQ is offered this job while someone who barely graduates high school is offered a better job?

  5. Okay I went in on Saturday and washed dishes from 1-5. It hurt my back and I broke out in a rash. I told her when I left I could only be a waitress. She told me she’ll call me in a few weeks when things slow down, but we’ll see. Meanwhile the restaurant is already getting bad reviews because the prices are high for the product. It was supposed to be upscale but is turning into a nicer restaurant for things like burgers but mostly a biker bar.

  6. Yes, that seems to be the way the world is going now. If you are above a certain age those low-level jobs are not available to you anymore. They need a certain young, and attractive person to do those jobs. And, if you’re not that kind of person, then you will not get those types of jobs. Evolution designed human beings to only last to the age of approximately 40 years old. Above that age human beings start falling apart. Very few people are useful to society today after the age of 40. The question is this: will society be responsible for for the aged over 40, even though they’re not very useful? Society does not want to even ask the question, let alone come up with an answer!

  7. It’s why I am looking into disability because I do have disabilities ( I have severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, which is related to rheumatoid arthritis). I can’t physically do these jobs and can’t get hired for corporate jobs I am qualified for. I ended up getting very ill the next day and it could have been the chemicals.

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