Why can’t we have more companies like this one???



This would be a godsend to people like me and NWP:

There, nearly all the workers are hard-to-employ adults—people who were previously incarcerated, addicted to drugs or alcohol, homeless, or faced other issues that made them seemingly unemployable. In other words, Greyston Bakery hires the people that no one else will. But not only that—it also offers subsidized housing and childcare to its employees, maintains community gardens and nutrition education classes, and offers free job training programs to the community’s needy.

3 thoughts on “Why can’t we have more companies like this one???”

  1. The reason we do not have more companies run this way is because most people in business today worship money. They are trashy people. I call them ‘pogs’ (‘pieces of garbage’). The movie, The Wolf Of Wall Street, profiled such ‘pogs’. That is the only kind of people the (Ayn) ‘Rand-Publican Party’ seems to be full of. People who are drunk on money!

    1. To be fair, the Democrats are no better. I lost my job due to the Democrats and they are the ones who may have blackballed. Not that I am crazy about Republicans either but neither party is good.

      Before now I was never one of the unemployable. I did the right things, got good grades, internships, worked hard etc and yet it didn’t pay off. It did many years ago but in the last 7 years or so? nope. I’m not even sure why I am unemployable, after all I have a masters and many skills. The problem is my skills are often now done overseas or by overseas workers.

  2. The rest of the story, such as any financial incentives that they are getting from the government for providing housing or dealing with the long-term unemployed, would be interesting to know. I think that anyone who wants to be a Section 8 landlord has to take anyone who qualifies.

    In certain ways, this company may have recreated a company town on a small scale. In all probability, the housing subsidy is viewed as part of their compensation, rent is deducted directly from their pay, and employees have to agree to vacate the housing upon resigning or being terminated from the job. It is possible that the bakery provides a housing allowance as part of the compensation package, much as the military does, but the way that the article is written suggests that the bakery owns the property in which the employees live.

    Much as one might not qualify for health insurance until 30 or more days into the job, they might not qualify for subsidized housing until a year or more of employment, and there are probably certain restrictions on remaining in the housing, such as on drug or alcohol use. I’ve lived in an apartment complex that made a big deal out of kicking people out for drug use, and that was a matter of their policy. I was paying market rent, and receiving no subsidy.

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