The house, again…

I called a cousin of mine last night — I was on the phone with him until past 3 am this morning.

I let him in on the mess I’ve been in with bro and what’s happened over the last 9 years…and legally, over the last year and some change.

He strongly suggests that we sell the house for whatever we can get for it and get out of Dodge as quickly as possible. Even if it is a tear down payment from some developer, take it and go.

All of this is a bad dream. Oh sure, I know what a problem Bro is and he’s crackers but never ever did I ever imagine that it would come down to something like this.

Sell it and go is one thing — but who knows when that will happen? There are now 2 houses for sale on this block and a third upcoming (it’s very new construction and who knows when the house will be completed being built) — and one that was a one family and a fixer upper never sold; the house wound up being a rental unit — who knows?

I was supposed to be getting ready for retirement and planning out where I am going to live. Instead I am still trying to find a full time job and I have a big mess on top of that, quest too.

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