Stuck at 57 Degrees In Here…”the curious case of the oil provider that was…”

And that temperature hasn’t moved since Sunday night.

What to do — I ‘gave it” a day to return back to 63 degrees but that didn’t happen.

And I am hoping that that temp doesn’t drop any further than where it is right now: at 57 degrees.

WOW.  And %*%)#&# to the bunch of them.

I was more or less told “go soak your head” by the oil provider — they would not come out 2 weeks ago and they would not even bother to tell me what part it is that failed.

I don’t know whether this is because they didn’t feel like telling me what the part and cost would be…. or because they didn’t want me to comparison shop or what — or maybe they just wanted me to go away, being they can now get no more money from me — but all I know is they did not bother to tell me what part it is that needs to be replaced or what the price is (as I mentioned, it had to be the same part that failed 11 years ago and that was  $800+ and change and not covered under the service contract) Last I heard, it was only business to tell the customer what broke and how much it will cost to fix it.

None of this makes sense.

My mechanic didn’t mind that I comparison shopped for a starter, or for a transmission replacement (Jimmy wanted 3 grand to fix the transmission and he was having a friend of his come in to do the work — by sheer luck, the gent who towed my car when it busted down gave me the name of a guy who fixed transmissions. That’s where I went; $900 and what a sweetheart Oscar was. The Nicest Mechanic In the World) What happened here? They’re pissed off I am no longer a paying customer, or what?

(I was told “go soak your head” also by town social services. Isn’t that a mother of a laugh.)

If you are in an apartment and your landlord is at fault, you can report him and the authorities will do something about it. Nobody goes to bat for a home owner who is in financial dire straits. I guess they figure since you own a home, you can afford to take care of what busted.

I was thinking of calling the police department in the town where the oil company does business — say it is a non-emergency — and explain what is happening.

Could they tell the oil provider to get their asses out here and fix what needs to be fixed?

Whatever it is, it is not keeping the temp in here at the minimum for where the temp should be, with the thermostat cranked down to the minimum. I don’t have enough hot air making it through the ducts.

Try to keep the story brief. Haha. This story took more twists and turns than a road in the Alps.

And if I get nobody out here to do something about this…

Jesus. I am so so tired of fighting with all of this.

4 thoughts on “Stuck at 57 Degrees In Here…”the curious case of the oil provider that was…””

  1. So I have to fight for this myself.

    And I have to try to find somebody myself.

    This on top of trying to find a job — yeah, crazy me: *I am still in there flailing away.

    All of this is hopeless. it is a prison and I don’t know how to break out of it. it’s like they don’t see me or even care; they have no interest in me at any interview anywhere.

    And I don’t know why.

    I don’t think it is age, or too much education or that they want “a different type” or “oh it’s subjective…” What’s going on here, really?

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