What about the rest of the stuff?:(

Today I found out the hard way that my benefits do not include a cash benefit. Why it does not, I do not know.

it’s good for food only.

I never knew there were 2 kinds of snap benefits until I got home and read the information and instructions that went with it.

Now what do I do for pet food, sundries, soap and other necessities? Where do they expect you to get them? Food banks do not usually carry those items. I guess they figure people have an income/source of cash also or they are receiving GA. I have neither one.

Today I figured Let me try the mayor and let him know how pissed I am at the head of SS and the admin who works there —- when i got to his office and spoke to his admin, first it was “he is due back in 20 minutes; let me text him” and five minutes later it was “He isn’t coming back.”

Is he *really* not coming back?

Or is it “Tell this pain in the ass I won’t be back”?

Having a hard time figuring out which one it is.

I am also trying to find a way to dig up the cash to get money to pay for a copy of my birth certificate. I also don’t have bus fare to get back to the county building. Yes, that’s how bad this is.

I was supposed to go back today but I had to do research, also:

Give them a list of where I have applied to/submitted a resume to over the last 2 and a half years and how many interviews I got….and what results came from them.

Give them a list of outstanding expenses and how much is in each expense.

And lastly let them know nobody could help me as far as the heat goes.

I should have had this attended to in September — gone to apply for benefits —- after that joke of a job fair I went to.  I don’t know why I let this go for so long — was it denial? Stupidity? What was it? I don’t know.

The clerk at the county (who was an Asian Indian; a pretty good contingency of them work in the county office; how the heck did they get those jobs???) wanted to know how I got by as long as I did on my own.

I am in a real big heap of trouble. I am going to have to call the county and find somebody to talk to to explain what’s going on here with me.

I don’t believe that any of this has happened to me. Is this what life turned out to be for me? Why? I am desparate at this point. I have about half a tank of gas left and wow, what a mess.

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  1. Too bad you don’t live by me. My dad works at a local food bank and they do have things like pet food.

    I don’t know if that Asian Indian is American or not but I’ve seen that a lot where they (the ones who are immigrants)are taking jobs here. It used to be the so called skilled jobs but I’ve seen them in government jobs. I hate it and hate them. We don’t need them and we need to stop allowing them here. It’s bad enough they take our outsourced jobs now our jobs here? This needs to stop but won’t with the clown in charge.

    I don’t know why this is happening to any of us. 20 years ago we’d both be on here talking about our jobs, perhaps complaining about them. Now we’d love to have them.

    At least you got some assistance. Many states are cutting off childless adults. However illegals and those with illegitimate children get more than their fair share.

  2. I see nobody waiting in that county office that fits “my” description: over 50, American, college educated, obviously born here and white. I guess I am the only one in that category who is lucky enough to be there applying for benefits.

    And it is a month to find out if I even get GA. What if they say no?

    I should have taken care of this back in August, when that meeting with Bro and his atty happened. I never should have let this go until the last minute — but then again, I thought there was still a chance I could find a job in the meanwhile.

    I also never had it cross my mind.

    I applied for/sent resumes to 5 or 6 legitimate jobs over the last 2 weeks:

    Company #1: “Direct all inquiries to Mr. Doe’s email…” I did: asked him when interviews were going to be held….no reply

    Company #2: Data entry. Job is filled. I got no call to come in for an interview. My resume clearly stated I have lots of DE experience. Still no luck.

    Company#3: Submitted resume. No reply.

    Company #4: Transportation company; called and L/m, no call back.

    Company #5: Account manager job: no reply no call to come in for interview

    Company #6: HR director. No call to come in for an interview.

    I am not including the physician’s office that asked me for my DOB and made all kinds of strange comments about what contacts I might be wearing — and this is the same place that asked me about HI coverage. (the doc’s dumb wife is the office manager and that is a treat in itself). That conversation got outrageous and I am reporting them to the EEOC and Civil Rights.

    There was also a warehouse job: the job contacts cell phone was inoperable; I called the home office and left a message, along with my number, for the job contact: no call back.

    And an 8th company isn’t going to be here long. I didn’t pursue applying there. They have moved into an odds and ends warehouse building that is not suitable for their business. I suspect they are leasing part of that building — companies like that move out relatively quickly.

    That’s what, then — 9 job “possibilities” that turned out to be an ucked fup mess and a no man’s land??? Not one decent prospect out of the entire pile. Jesus.

    What is it you do when it is months later and you are still home? No offers no nothing; what do you do?

    The doc’s office was paying $10 an hour and no bennies…and they ran another ad yesterday!!! His dumb wife is Filipino and I have had enough of THAT kind of crew — what the Asian Indian is to NWP, the Filipino Contingency is to me. I have had enough of them when I was at the lab.

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