My conclusion: Every Woman For Herself


As you all know, I got no calls back from either town social services, the oil provider or from a social services group who I called that might have been able to help me out with my bum burner motor problem.

My conclusion is ” It’s Every Woman For Herself.”

Nobody’s going to go all out for you when the chips are down. Very sad commentary of the times.

As I said, suppose there was an incident here after I hung up from them 2 nights ago? This is the dead of winter! Do they want to take chances? Evidently they don’t give a hang if they do!

I was tempted to go see the mayor and tell him he needs to keep tabs on those people in SS — but I decided not to. They all tend to cover each other’s asses and I’d wind up looking like the shit and bad guy, if I did.

I will not call them or go there for anything ever again. I *think* today was food day but I didn’t call and ask (I had something else to do and I was gone for most of the day.).

The temp in here is now holding steady at about 64 degrees. I actually got it to rise to 68; I cranked it up and left it there for half a day and the temp rose as a result.

I had an aunt who, if she was still alive, would be 89 years old this year. I will bet you that if she was still around, she could have found a way to replace that motor herself. She could do just about anything and up until the end, she was still pretty with it and sharper than a tack.

,….or if I had a handy boyfriend, he and I could have replaced the thing ourselves.

There are quite a few electrical companies in this area. The motor in it is probably less than 1 hp; there is probably one for the buying somewhere in those stores.

Every woman for herself. I plan on not calling social services anymore about anything — I got the idea that I am a nuisance.

I got that idea about 10 seconds into the first phone call I made to SS. The director of SS lives across the yard from me; she knows where I live and I guess she thinks I must be full of shit about money problems if I live in a house like that,

The oil company doesn’t even call me and ask “what temp have you got right now” just to cover themselves? This is winter and this is also decency. Nobody cares anymore.

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  1. Rather than settle for underperformance by the social service agencies, be a pain in the ass. At least it will get you out of the house and into warmer places than your house. If you truly believe that it’s every woman for herself, fight for yourself. Lots of people are house-poor, and you will find out where you stand with respect to eligiblity for social services. Currently, there is no asset test for food stamps and Medicaid, both of which would be helpful to you, but once unemployment falls below a certain level, the asset test for food stamps will be reinstated. You might as well get what you can while you can. Your greatest asset is time available to put into arguing with them.

    Cranking up the heat is not a solution to your problem, if only because you will use a lot more oil to get the same amount of heat without the fan. You also risk damage to the heater and a potential fire hazard. It would be interesting to know the temperature of your basement versus the normal basement temperature, because it is likely that much more of the heat than usual is being lost by radiation to the basement rather than being pushed up through the ducting by the fan. Are there any social service agencies that handle cooling for the elderly who could loan you a fan for a while?

    If you know the make and model of the heater, it is probably fairly easy to get the schematics of the heater on line, which would help you locate the correct replacement fan and probably how to replace it, depending on the location of the fan.

    1. I will have to think that over carefully — management and his or her footstools all tend to cover each other’s asses and take each other’s side and tend to twist the way thing were worded so that they all look like the sad and innocent little waifs in a Margaret Keane painting.

      I’m fook out of luck until I can get some sort of money in here to start paying for things.

      And I am about ready to call that horrid doc’s office and get the last name of that little lulu who was part of the interview on Thursday. I am going to need it when I file the complaints.

      1. There are regulations that they have to apply, and you should be eligible for some emergency assistance in the form of food stamps rather than bags of food, and probably a small amount of cash. It’s lousy to have to ask for it, but you paid taxes for years to support these programs, and now it’s time for them to help you. It’s boring to do, but look up the regulations and take at least bits of them to your next interview,, either as notes or copies of parts of the regulation.

  2. My birth certificate vanishes when I need it the most. Crud and %&$^$!)(*@!!

    I am not going to drive myself nuts looking for it; I spent the entire day in the “city” — a 4 hour wait in county and then I hit State to find out who in the Dept of Labor I report a questionable employer to.

    This was an interview. Dang doc and his wife (yeah she was the office manager) had the ballz to ask me when my DOB was, among other things.

    Story for another thread. Reporting them to the D of L and the EEOC.

    Still so mad I can scream and I’ve driven myself to tears trying to find that birth certificate.

    I am not going to have a good night at all.

    They are also sending me to a work development program where you more or less have to show them you are looking for work. Haha — great. Wanna see the bunch so far from this year that I have had no success with? No replies from any of those companies, save that physician’s office.

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