Even businesses are suffering

I’ve spoken about Fred (not his real name)many times here and have mentioned he owns a store with his mom. However, not long ago I got some news that has really made me think. They are struggling to keep the business afloat which is increasingly getting harder. Fred has a criminal record that would make it impossible for him to get hired, not to mention his age (53)and that he’s worked for himself for years. His criminal record is mostly minor (mostly speeding but two DUI’s and one possession of a controlled substance from 20 years ago) but as we know even speeding tickets can prevent jobs. His mother is 81 and they live on her social security. Anyway, long story short my dad works at a food pantry in a nearby town and Fred’s sister has been coming into get food because she lives there. She told my dad that she’s been helping out Fred and their mother and the food pantry helps them. We actually have a food pantry in town but he’s been known to give them food in better times so he likely feels weird going there. Plus, people will talk.

This shouldn’t be happening in this country. It used to be the smart people either started companies or worked themselves up. The people at the lower end managed to stay afloat and worked hard to do so. Now what we are seeing is jobs going overseas or being taken by visa workers. I am tired of getting or calling companies only to hear foreign workers while Americans are suffering. Not to mention lamebrain Obama wants to legalize illegals. This will mean more jobs taken by them and more welfare. Fred can’t really get welfare since he is a 53 year old childless man. His mom might due to her age but she owns the business and would lose far more to sell it.

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  1. From 20 years ago?

    This is ridiculous. Give a guy a chance.

    I worked for a company where we had the VP of sales more or les telecommute from the UK. She would come to the States twice or three times a year to see us and work out of our office for 3 months and then she’d go home.

    She was a notorious light breaker — count on her getting at least 2 speeding tickets during her stay here stateside, every time she came here.

    What kind of a store is it? Perhaps they can consider selling an entirely new product or sell a product to an entirely new demographic.

    Is Fred or his mother eligible for food stamps?

    Sign of the sad times — everybody is getting them, it seems.

    (and my friend Bess is still out of work — this is now 7 months with no job. She’s got one of the best personalities going and she’s a beautiful person and smart as a whip….yet nothing.)

  2. Not sure if they can get food stamps but Illinois is weird in that respect. Meaning that because they own a business it’s harder plus Fred being what they consider not in need (mostly disabled, elderly and children and parents)it’s harder. I’m working with them about having the front of the store be where they sell knick knacks. His mom was unaware that dolls of all types are a hot item and I told her to display those up in front. It’s going to be a fun project helping them figure out a way to market themselves. Yes I’m doing it for them but also for my portfolio. Then I can show employers a recent advertising campaign.

    1. What about:

      Gift baskets or candy?

      What about turning the place into a bona fide coffee shop! Bring in cozy arm chairs and bistro tables and repaint the place
      and supply jazz music in the background,

      Make it NOTHING like a Starschmuck’s — turn it into a cool coffee shop and offer wifi.

      I don’t know how large the place is or what kind of ‘wall”age there is but they could also rent the wall space out to artists and let them display their paintings there; charge them a fee to hang plus a fee for Fred and Ma to collect if the painting sells.

      Want something for your portfolio?

      Make something up and say you sold it to a client in Europe.,.. your intentions are good but man, don’t work for free!

  3. I’m working for free in terms of marketing because my portfolio is lacking. I want to reenter the marketing world but my portfolio is outdated. I’m going to throw out those ideas to them but this is a garage so it’s lacking a lot of what would be needed. You wouldn’t know it’s a garage but it is. Before him it was a bike shop. I’m not sure it would work as a coffee shop but I have mentioned using the front for artistic things so we’ll see.

    1. There is a former CB radio shop/catch me all storefront/retail that is now serving as a bakery.

      The customers are coming in in droves.:)

      With some creativity you can transform the space into anything — they are taking all the old jute factories and such and turning them into retail/art/mixed use and giving the buildings catchy names to brand the place.

      Paterson did that with an old jute factory; they now call it “The Art Factory.”

      In one of these other spaces somebody set up a belly dance school — she has perhaps 400 square feet but it’s big enough for an intimate sized class; it’s almost like a private dance lesson.

      I can’t see how you couldn’t change that store into a coffee house. It would work.

      I have also seen an alleyway transformed into “the world’s smallest bar” — this is in Key West.:) It is big enough for a small bar and perhaps 4 seats at the bar!:)

      1. I don’t think it would work in this town, though he has considering opening a Mexican restaurant. The problem with that is that we have one across the street from him. I do think a bakery would work but not sure if he wants to bake. I know him and his mother often cook but not sure if they will do this. I’m going to mention it to him.

  4. There is a reason for not sending back the illegals.

    And there are many more illegals here that are not of Central and South American extraction. There are Chinese and Vietnamese and many other countries involved, including many from the Middle East and other Asian countries.

    I wonder how many of the “refugees’ from Syria are here legally? How many from Egypt are, too?

    That is another thing: our towns are now busting at the seams, thanks to the inflow of Syrians and Egyptians.

    (These groups have plans on building theuir churches pretty much everywhere — the Coptic church that’s in a very tight residential area wanted to expand the entire campus; not possible unless you want residents losing their homes!!!

    Those are the only churches being constructed in this area — no Catholic churches, no Lutheran or Reformed or Episcopalian, etc — just Coptic Orthodox and Syrian orthodox churches.)

    There is a reason why towns like Passaic are being designated a “Sanctuary” town: there is a reason for letting these cretins come here and live off us and have our school tax roles head right into oblivion. We have expanded the 2 grammar schools twice in the last 14 years and there is another expansion going on up at the high school.

    Our resources are stretched as thin as can be; we are running out of places to live and schools! How many times can we expand the grammar schools in this town? We can’t — there is no land around them to expand upon!

    How much more of this nonsense are we going to take?

    Why is it so permissible for us to accept every single illegal that comes into this country???

    How many of the Orthodox Jews are legally here? I have never gotten the impression most are born here. If they are here illegally, that has to stop too, along with the nice little tax loophole we have: if you need to pray most of the day, you can be eligible to collect welfare!

    Why this country is not a stronghold anymore. How many rules do we break for the people who do not belong here, period?

    1. I agree. We need to stop allowing everyone to come here. I mean didn’t they learn from the Boston Bombing because here was a family who came to sponge off the system, never worked and instead took our welfare and repaid us by bombing and shoplifting. We don’t need more like that. Many immigrants both legal and illegal are coming and changing our system and most are coming from countries without education. While I’m no fan of visa workers (mainly from places like India)at least they don’t sponge off our system.

      Wow if you have to pray you get welfare? that does need to stop. Let’s be honest, those aren’t likely Christian residents.

      1. The Orthodox Jews are the bunch that use davening as an excuse to collect welfare and live off the state and county.

        It’s a well known fact — this goes on in their own home country.

        Most of Lakewood NJ is shot to hell financially — it was a slum before that bunch got there — and this same bunch expects the municipal cops to more or less be their errand boys when it’s Sabbath. Since it’s forbidden to drive or do anything work related, they expect the cops to do things like change a battery in a hearing aid or run to a drugstore to get medicine!

        THAT has to stop.

        And nobody in the township has the guts to stand up to them.


        Cops are there to protect, not do your damn errands.

        1. That sounds like a mess and the abuse of welfare needs to stop. It’s bad enough we have Americans that abuse it, why import foreigners to do it as well?

          1. They look the other way at this mess.

            And it is a mes down there.

            There are tully knows how many yeshivas and religious schools for their kids to attend — 30K students — you read it right — and on Black Friday and Thanksgiving of 2013 they made sure the board of ed sent buses for their kids to get to school. Holiday weekend not observed by them.

            They did not offer to reimburse the city of Lakewood for the double time and a half that it cost the town in money to pay the bus drivers! By law buses had to be provided but you sure saw them take advantage of the township again.

            The OJs have taken over that school board. yet their kids do not attend the public schools. Isn’t that a riot and a half?

            I want to know why we look the other way at all of this.

            And those schools need to be put onto the property tax roles, as do all houses of worship. That’s a law that needs to end. We can use the money.

            This is another thing — I mentioned this also: congregations and other denominations like the 7th Day Adventists are buying up homes — and using them for church run business purposes. Yep, this means another house that is no longer put onto the municipal tax roles.

            That has to go. There is a block in Jersey City that is on a busy bus route — 3 or 4 homes on that street now belong to churches/congregations. Think of the traffic and think of the strain on utilities when it is a Friday or Sunday.

      2. I saw more than one Asian Indian at the county office the other day. So now we have them in the system, too.

        The problem with small businesses on “Main Street”:

        The rents.

        Sky high and prohibitive to a small business person. One landowner usually owns many of them.

        There is also regulations and rules and other entitites — we used to have retailers and butchers and other small busineses — those are all gone.

        Plus this isn’t “the thing to do” anymore.

  5. Btw I just Googled that and that town is offensive. Those Orthodox Jews are taking advantage of the system and pushing their beliefs. They need to be deported.

    1. What if they are born here?

      Thjey have double citizenship — you do if you are jewish — deport all of them to Israel, even if they are born here!

      There was crime off the charts 2 or 3 decades ago. It is worse now. There is a tent city there that they dismantled. Yet this other bunch is collecting money and living off our dime.

      1. If they are born here they need to get rid of the loophole that allows them to get free welfare. Welfare needs to be changed so people like them don’t get it.

        1. I wonder if they are also getting money from Israel welfare roles! I will bet you a trillion American dollars that is so.

          They probably have the money wired over. Where there is a will there is a way.

  6. This tax free assets shit has to stop.

    There are also very large pieces of land that the Orthodox Jews own, these loopy “stand alone” Orthodox groups, in particular… Kiryas Joel in NY comes to mind:


    This is a 1 mile and change piece of land that some rabbi bought out for the sake of what’s more or less “his followers” to live on. “Your own” land??? This is a TOWN and they should be on the tax roles like every other town in the United States!!!

    His followers? This reeks of Jim Jones-itis to me. Nice way to get a cult of personality but that’s another thread.

    (and if this happened in other religions — some priest or reverend or minister broke away and started his own community —- it would be considered a cult? I don’t know what it would be considered but I am sure it would not be permitted by whatever ruling ecclesiastical body there is that rules that religion)

    Think of how much land tax free that is, free from NY state and Orange County, NY tax roles. This is also no school tax and no municipal taxes at all. (Who the heck polices the town? I can imagine what that can of worms is like)

    This should not be permitted.

    And you can bet that these homes are nothing but the very best — millions of dollars gone from the New York state and county tax roles:

    There are three religious tenets that drive our growth: our women don’t use birth control, they get married young and after they get married, they stay in Kiryas Joel and start a family. Our growth comes simply from the fact that our families have a lot of babies, and we need to build homes to respond to the needs of our community. . . . As each successive generation of women becomes old enough to have children, the number of women of child-bearing age grows exponentially. The number of women who marry each year is the approximate number of new homes needed.[8]

    So for every girl — not a WOMAN; she is probably no more than 15 or 16 when she is married off — who marries, there is automatically a HOME???

    My goodness….and who supports this funky bunch? You mean 2 horny kids who are legally given the go ahead to bury it deep are automatically entitled to a brandy new home! My goodness is right…or maybe goodness has nothing to do with it, as the late great Mae West once said.

    Your women don’t use birth control?

    Yay, MEN! Way to go AGAIN!

    And when this bunch of pigs in rut and heat run out of room due to the fact that they are multiplying like bacteria, what do they do next? buy up more land fromt he surrounding area???

    That is exactly what they propose to do, according to Wikipedia. What’s gonna be next after that — the rest of NY state and part of Jersey?

    And more of the incentive thing and grant; this must be a pretty fablulous money tree NY State has:

    A 60-bed postnatal maternal care center was built with $10 million in state and federal grants. Mothers can recuperate there for two weeks away from their large families.[16]

    (This has to do with religious laws and the whole “unclean” thing the men are hung up on. Even still, if you have ever borne a child, you know What you contend with for several months after the kiddo is born. No hospital anywhere keeps a post partum patient for very long — it’s a 2 day stay after delivery and then the new mother is out the door — and even in the old days it was a week’s stay. WHY are we catering to this bunch?)

    And what’s wrong with delivering and recouperating at the local hospital in Orange County???

    I see that the whole town is a breeding ground for Hepatitis A and more:

    In the 1990s, the first clinical trials for the hepatitis A vaccine took place in Kiryas Joel, where 70 percent of residents were infected. This disproportionate rate of hepatitis A infection was due in part to Kiryas Joel’s high birth rate and crowded conditions among children, who bathed together in pools and ate from communal food at school. Children who weren’t infected with hepatitis A were separated into two groups, one receiving the experimental vaccine and the other receiving a placebo injection. Based on this study, the vaccine was declared 100 percent effective. Merck licensed the vaccine in 1995 and it became available in 1996, after which the hepatitis A infection rate fell by 75 percent in the United States.[17]

    This is a wily and conniving bunch. They probably got a nice big chunk of money from Merck while this drug trial was going on. They didn’t do this for FREE.

    Their mikvahs are probably polluted, too. How often do you think they change the water in that thing? UGH — think of how many women are using it round the clock — another nice way to get Hepatitis A.

    The population of Hoboken is about 63K. The population of this enclave is about half of what Hoboken is so this bunch has about 2 more generations to go until they will run out of room. (2 generations to them is about 30 years — they probably marry the girls off as soon as they reach the age of consent and who knows if the “rules” for the age of consent are followed? Ugh…religion may play a role in this, too — who knows? Maybe they go by Biblical law or Christ knows what else. Yuk.

    Let this damn bunch be subject to COUNTY TAX, just like the rest of the taxpayers in the state of New York.

    And you can bet we are supporting them — the median household earnings are under 5 grand peryear? This whole town is on welfare and food stamps…haha, they sure don’t mind living off our country, do they. (somebody ought to see what that synagogue is taking in per year in dues and tithes from the synagogue members — and see how much is really going to Israel in contributions. Bet it is an eye opener)

    Living on welfare yet all the homes are brand new and more new homes are coming? Where are they getting the money to build all these new homes and where did they get the money for such a lavish synagogue????

    Something stinks on ice with this entire picture.

    I am sure many other religious groups own very large chunks of land that are enclaves, too.

    5 years ago, there was a raid and bust; there was a courruption ring that was broken up. One of the arrests was Solomon Dwek.

    They also raided and arrested some of the actors that lived in Deal, NJ – a fairly ritzy town down the shore. Guess what…a jewish enclave there too…and the actors lived in those homes.

    The homes were not modest. You can bet all of this is on tax free land, thanks to the power of religion.

    There are also other ways and means: they sell their homes to their synagogue and rent it back for a dollar.

    Then there are jokers like Jim Bob Duggar – that house alone is a few thousand square feet and I can only guess how much land surrounds that home. This home with its surrounding property makes very upscale towns like Alpine and Far Hills and Mendham look like a backyard and home in MY town.:(

    I will bet the size of that piece of land itself has to be a few city blocks in measurement.

    Have a look at the size of the kitchen of this very modest God-loving man:


    The tax free status of churches and houses of worship and tax free status of any land or home or edifice owned by a religious group needs to end. Living high off the hog; there are many towns who can direly use the tax infusion generated by even the smallest churches and houses of worship.

    How many of these towns are we going to allow? How many of these “break away” groups are going to take their toys and go home and form another enclave:

    And “Their laws” are the law of the land…I find it hard to believe that this town lives in pre-suffragette times, according to this ruling, anyway:

    In 2005 the community’s rabbinical court ruled that women should not operate cars.[7] In a 2003 article Lisa W. Foderaro of The New York Times described New Square as “extremely insular” and said that the community’s residents do not own televisions or radios.[8]

    You are a separate village with a lifestyle that is centered in the year 53 BC and you collect our welfare, our Medicaid and our foodstamps and you want “no” part of us…but then there is this — and come again on how much of OUR money went to THEM???

    Four Hasidic men from New Square, Benjamin Berger, Jacob Elbaum, David Goldstein, and Kalmen Stern, created a nonexistent Jewish school to receive $30 million United States dollars in education grants, subsidies, and loans from the U.S. federal government.[26] The men were convicted in 1999. In October of that year all four men received prison sentences ranging from 30 months to 78 months. Two other suspects who were indicted left the United States.[27]

    30 million dollars that could have been put to better use. Haha — we didn’t even check it out and ensure the school was REAL before we handed ovet the money. MADNESS is what this is!

    There is also one in Quebec — this is 3 of a great many.

    How many more of these asinine insular communities are there going to be? How much more land will these groups buy out, with our blessing and our okay?

    And if a Jewish group bought out land for an enclave, who is to say there wont’ be a fundie Christian group, a Coptic Orthodox group, an LDS group and so forth??? How many more of these groups are we going to cater to and let decimate our local tax roles???

    End the tax free status of religious and non profit groups. The time is over and done and the rule is out of date. There are too many grey areas and too many fools that bow down to groups like these and let them take advantage of the system. Bullshit.

  7. One question to ask is what the liquidation value of the business would be. If Fred’s mother owns the building, that has a value that can be determined. If they are just paying rent, the liquidation value of the business is somewhere around the value of the inventory and fixtures like shelving less any lease-breaking or cleaning expenses.

    If they are determined to carry on the business, they will need to shift into product lines that don’t require them to maintain inventory, such as taking items on consignment or items that sell fast. They also need to eliminate the perishable parts of the business to the extent possible by focusing on pet supplies rather than pets.

    I’m presuming that they have nothing in the way of a budget for renovating the store to some other purpose. If they have a landlord, they might be able to get him to make some improvements as a condition of keeping them in the store, but that is doubtful.

    With Petsmart and Petco, the mom and pop pet store is dead.

    1. I’m not sure but his mom made a comment about a gift shop. They have a lot of collectibles like dolls and I told her they should concentrate on that. His mom was surprised there is a market for dolls but I told her there is and a huge market. All types of dolls, with rare Barbies the biggest market but any dolls being a thing. She has stuff at the back of the store but they are hidden and no one knows. I think a store like that would be a huge seller.

      Oh they don’t sell pets, only supplies and food. They don’t have a large enough place to sell pets.

      1. I can tell you what I think of pet stores that sell “pedigree” dogs. They get them from BYBs (backyard breeders) and puppy mills.

        Don’t buy, adopt.:)

        There is nothing like an old fashioned pet store — what about selling gourmet dog snacks and such?

        1. That’s what they sell now and luckily have a satisfied customer base. They market to more upscale people and sell food and the like. No animals, though his dogs are there.

  8. Are there any steps that Fred can take to seal his criminal record?

    Based on the facts that you have given, the passage of four years from the time that he satisfied his fines or other penalties might be enough to get his record sealed. You have to go through the questionnaire for each offense, but the most serious that he has is DUI.


    He cannot get the DUI sealed, but might be able to get other offenses sealed.

    1. No it’s been only a year or so and one of the cases is still in progress. I know because I looked at the courthouse files (which are free from their site). He also had a charge now dropped of possession of a controlled substance and a lot of speeding tickets.

      1. What about a driver’s reeducation program?

        I’m pretty sure he has lots of points on his license — they give 2 points in NJ for every X mph you are over the speed limit. I think it is every 10 or 15.

        1. Not sure and if I mention it to him he gets upset. He thinks I am this wholesome religious person who is judging him because he has problems. I’m not but he is convinced everyone is. I know we were going to go to a drive-in an hour away last summer but he couldn’t because he couldn’t drive far and he probably wanted to drive.

          1. I wish you’d set your sights on a gentleman who can actually provide you with something.

            There is still lots you can do and other places you can go. Even if you don’t meet anybody you’ll get out there and have some fun.

    1. That is a problem in Europe. I hope it doesn’t happen here but it is in Dearborn Michigan at least. The problem is the more radical Muslims will only accept things the way they believe which is a problem. The moderate ones do their own thing but aren’t very outspoken.

  9. Well, I’d be open to another guy but not sure where I’d find him. All I found on dating sites were single dads and guys just looking for sex. The childless men who contacted me were grotesque and often clingy. So I have pretty much sworn off dating sites. In the spring I may go to a singles group but when I’ve gone to those it’s been a bust too.

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